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Android lands on Microsoft's money-machine island fortress


Re: AC is lying or stupid or both

Since it's all Linux kernel vulnerabilities (all versions according to the link you provided), I thought I'd do a comparison to all Windows vulnerabilities (all versions, just to have a valid comparison). Of course,we can only compare the last three years, 2013-present, as that is only as long as Windows 8.1 statistics go from your website of choice.

Linux: 189 + 133 + 25 = 347 total vulnerabilities for all versions of the Linux kernel since 2013, supported or otherwise.

Windows is a bit more difficult as there are multiple versions listed separately.

Desktop Windows (7, 8, 8.1) = 165 + 112 + 120 = 397 vulnerabilities.

Windows Server (2008, 2012) = 155 + 76 + 85 = 316 vulnerabilities.

This is a total of 713 vulnerabilities for all currently supported versions of Windows.

I'm being lenient for Windows here as I'm only including current versions of Windows whereas ALL versions of Linux kernel are lumped together, not just the current versions. I have not included versions of Windows that are still used widely but are no longer receiving security updates: Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003. (This would add another 420 vulnerabilities for a total of 1133)

So while you are correct in stating that there are more than a handful of Linux kernel vulnerabilities, there are far more Windows vulnerabilities; and that is only the vulnerabilities that Microsoft tells us about.

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross

IT Angle

Re: Content and Style

Actually the two latest versions of Microsoft Office can't save in Office 97 format, nor can they read that format.

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