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Swiss sausage sizzler 4.0 hits 200 bangers per hour


procine produce?

Great! They've been telling me to eat more vegetables!

IBM turns panto villain as The Reg tells readers: 'It's behind you!'


It's discs. IBM had their own spelling.

Is hyperconvergence about to take over the enterprise data centre?


Forward into the past!

We're seeing the re-invention of the divide and conquer approach: X was too big and too slow to provision, so we're going with smaller systems that are much more agile and that "anyone" can manage. Of course there are more of them, so maintenance time and effort is multiplied (1400 security patch applications, anyone?) and we need more people to do it. After a while, this gets to be a problem. Wait - look! We can consolidate all this little servers into a few big ones. Problem solved!

There's a time-honored tradition of stampeding over to a "new" approach that solves your current issues, without any insight (or memory) that the new approach has its issues, too. Too hard to figure out how to solve your current issues, so just follow the PR/hype and go with something different.

Fun to watch this on its second or third go-around.

IBM swings axe through staff, humming contently about cloud and AI


Experience is cleaqrly overrated

So they lay off the older, most experienced people. Obviously experience isn't important. You'd think that would apply to upper management as well. Think of the salary you'd save there!

OMG: HPE gobbles SGI for HPC. WTF?


More history

Don't forget the merge/demerge with Cray that started their high-end computing.

Twitter: Don't know where hackers got those logins but it wasn't from us


Re: 9-11-1961

Or, if you're European, could mean November 9, 1961,

Hey, Atlantis Computing. What the heck is this in your EULA?


I've asked vendors why, and they say they're protecting themselves against users who don't know how to use their product, run a benchmark, or tune it properly. They publish their own benchmarks, because they know how to use their products. Of course, they can't publish benchmarks of their competitors products, but you can bet they run them (even if the EULA says they can't).

So when we see an ad about performance, it refers to a competitor's published benchmark.

Of course, unless you run benchmarks as your company's workload, a benchmark isn't really all that useful anyway.

Clear April 12: Windows, Samba to splat curious 'crucial' Badlock bug


Solaris 11 has its own implementation as well.

And don't forget all the storage array and appliance manufacturers that use Samba in their products. It's probably going to take a while to get upgrades for them and then get those applied!

Yahoo! kills! search! APIs!, games! and! Astrology! site!


News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle

Sounds like USA Today. Will they use USA Today's colors for each section?

FCC clicks off the safety, fires at America's great cable TV box rip-off


Anyone remember Bell system DAAs?

Sure sounds similar. When you wanted to attach non-Bell equipment to the network, you had to have their adapter (DAA) so you wouldn't damage the network. They made that stick for about 8-10 years, as I recall.


Intel and Micron's XPoint: Is it PCM? We think it is



I wonder if some of the chalcogenide magnetic properties are being used. Doesn't look like it from the diagram, though.

Where will storage go over the next 15 years? We rub our crystal ball


And the other areas?

With the impact of cloud on storage products, there's the related impact on on-premise servers and server networking, and the follow-on effects to systems and reseller staff. (Personal/workstation device type networking will still be important!)

Sounds like a major dislocation for folks working today, especially those starting: many of their jobs may not be needed over a relatively short horizon A look at that would be a very interesting article.

NEW, LOVELY, UNTOUCHED - a second EARTH waiting across the stars


Dress codes can be fun!

Many years ago, I worked for a major computer company. The manager at the east coast support center decided his staff (never seen by customers) need to look more professional, and sent a memo declaring that everyone must wear a tie.

And they did.

You never saw so many spiffy headbands, belts, armbands, and so on. Needless to say the policy didn't last very long.

SanDisk flash array launch signals imminent AFA battle


I also had the Fujitsu Eternus DX200F and the Nimbus Gemini F4xx/6xx on my list.

Samb-AAAHH! Scary remote execution vuln spotted in Windows-Linux interop code


Samba isn't just used in servers!

Many NAS-enabled arrays use Samba, just check the log files. They run Linux and use its facilities. Expect a whole lot of "firmware" updates to your arrays! Of course, they're can be hard to get to from the outside, but still ...

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