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Rand Paul: I'll filibuster the hell outta the Patriot Act, fellow Americans


editor on vaca

"although many Republican and Democratic senators are set to supports its renewal"

I are noticed this!

Apple to devs: Watch out, don't make the Watch into a, well, a watch


Re: A mite unfair...


Apples are good to eat

An Apple a day makes the grammar go away.


Fruits for the market

I buy my apples in a fruit store.

The time is everywhere, no one cares what any company thinks they can control when they don't.

I've never bought **anything** from Apple. When they first-first started out I price-compared them to real PCs and never looked at them again.

Apple is the proof we are all going to hell; that is is Apple doesn't co-opt it first as a marketing delaying tactic.

Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'



I make that noise on the marble thrown now and then...

Microsoft scrambles to kill Live.fi man-in-the-middle diddle


only if

Your Sirius.


1994...forever M$.

Until they issue an actual Working OS, they will forever remain M$; I never refer to them any other way, just like the Republicant Party.

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime exhibition – blurs scientific interest with grotesque curiosity


Never been to D.C.?

We have museum in Washington D.C.; you've heard of it, the Smithsonian something - anyway, the Pathology Museum there makes this article look like Rainbow Unicorns' lunch.

Acres and acres of pathological trauma to the human body - George Washington's teeth (and other parts...), what happens when heads and helicopter blades meet, axes to the brain, poisons, smoked lungs, tape worms, rooms full of dead babies, and that's only part of a horrific childhood memory of a church trip to the nation's capital in 1962...

What were they thinking! "try the medical museum, it's great!" I haven't slept in over 50 years!

This article is the just what I needed to take a nap. Thanks.

One BEEEEEELLION sensitive records went AWOL in 2014

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HOLY SEA SNAILS! Their TEETH are strong enough to build a plane


...so the first thing they think of is...

...a racing car...

...these boffins; anyone know where it is that they grow them?

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