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NetApp veep: 'We've shifted 750,000 all-flash arrays'. Er, really?


Software Based Block on Write.

To most of the posters up here hating on NetApp, I find the comments about getting OnTap to work with Flash, quite amusing. You all do realize the OnTap and the WAFL FS is a software based block on write system, which means its abstraction can bound many types of storage technology without really forking the kernel so much. The argument about OnTap not handling flash is moot, especially when you consider we released All Flash FAS heads, and we have been selling the EF line of storage for over two years now. Pick on Flash Ray all you want, the fact is we are already knocking on the johnny come lately of the Flash storage world. and for those of you whom think spinning media is just going to disappear like a fart in the wind, you need to pay a visit to your local data center and see the amounts of spinning disk still out there. No smart CIO is going to squash an Enterprise level storage subsystem because some hot in the pants IOPS marketing firm says hey we can compress and dedup all your data at almost 1/8 of the cost, and by the way unannounced you will take a hit on your writes due to read scheduling for the Flash OS systems (Purity, looking at you...). But yeah sure, pick on the company that turned the industry on its head by giving you multi protocol, Unified Architecture (one box many software based functions) Snapshots that were not copy on write (EMC), deduplication, etc... We will still be around...


Uh, Nimble really should not be bragging at this point. You sell Whitebox'd OEM solutions that are not Active / Active arrays. That do not do snapshots. Sure I'll bite it took us ten years to get Spinnaker to work with OnTap. Which now allows us to scale up or out more than any Nimble Offering. Let's also not forget we offer MultiProtocol, Nimble, yeah not so much.

ONTAP isn't putting NetApp ONTOP


Re: No innovation

What a BUNCH of FUD.

I won't even address the "no innovation" claim, why dont you browse out to www.netapp.com and take a peek at what we've been up to for the last few years. Not to mention we have been handing the industry Certified Validated Solutions based on the Flexpod stack(sold a few of those since 2011), something all the other vendors are still catching up to doing (not to mention vBlock falling flat on it's face). I find it amusing that there are new storage vendors still doing "copy on write" based snap shots? what year is this again?(XIO ring a bell anyone?)

1. Obviously you have never heard nor used OnCommand Systems manager and the new c-mode cli is super slick which allows you to drop in different commands at any place in the cli structure.

2) Not really an upgrade as much as a technology shift for the better, it further removes data silo's which all the other vendors have yet to address completely. It also provides a better mode of High Availability.

"Huge money involved" all the fly by night vendors base out at about 150k to start and many lack the enterprise level features that OnTap provides. The adage goes, you get what you pay for...

3) Every Vendor has maintenance cost, is there a point you are making here?

4) Cisco's IOS is old, yet it is still predominate in the networking world, I guess when something works and its solid, we should just mock it for its integrity?

5) Again all vendors have different licensing agreements, NetApps licensing depends on how you purchase it and many times incentives can be used to negotiate down the costs. Remember, the features that are offered in the OnTap and Snap Manager line are often sold as separate systems by other vendors. Recover Point, SRDF, Data Domain, VPLEX are all different boxes with different interfaces with different OS's. OnTap offers all the same functionality, one box, one system.

7) FAS, AFF, (OnTap Based) EF and E-Series (SanTricity Based) have models that can fit into any environment and price point.

8) I suppose you should mention that to all of the enterprise level accounts that I have done installs and migrations for successfully. Any migration with any vendor is never easy, and if someone tells you it will be seamless, they are most likely a snake oil sales man.

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