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Intel left a fascinating security flaw in its chips for 16 years – here's how to exploit it


'minus' one ring to rule them all

Apple and Samsung are plotting to KILL OFF the SIM CARD - report


Re: I'm not seeing any upside to this....

"there's no reason to assume"



Re: About time

"You do a million things every day with your computer that are secure. And you're not constantly using mangled paperclips to swap little plastic cards"

You dope, the reason you can do all those million things is precisely because of that secure little-plastic card. It's your secure identity. Not your phone.


Re: About time

"Apple, etc. can make phones meaningfully smaller, thinner, lighter"

Last I checked the trend in phones was to make them bigger and heavier ...

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


I think the metaphor is appropriate but misinterpreted.

One of the key attributes of rugby is that the team is composed of specialists who co-operate within a rigid structure, and the emphasis is on team play. You can get by on a running/kicking game or if you've a heavy front line just steam-rolling the ball, but the best teams master the continuum between both, and thus draws in the entire team to the simple goal of getting the ball over the line.

The actual "scrum" itself is where play restarts. Your scrum-half (not sure if this is the scrum-master or product owner - I feel the latter is more like the coach) puts the ball in, you all push and squeeze a bit the ball is released and play continues.

I think the scrum itself is meant to be the standup, though many other aspects of the process (refinement, retrospectives, sprint planning) create this "pressure cooker" scenario, where the team comes together in uncomfortable yet intimate circumstance (anybody ever played lock?) as a punctuation between plays.

I suppose the process could have more appropriately been called "Rugby" (glaringly absent from the metaphor is the opposing team though), but I guess Scrum was more catchy and is probably the most

salient attribute of the sport to an outsider looking in.

Meerkats helped Ofcom unlock White Space spectrum-hopping


Dynamic Spectrum Allocation

Reading between the bands here, this is no different from regular spectrum allocation except the range is contentious.

As we all know, bands are allocated on a fixed basis, by a regulator, which eases administrative burden since you either "own" the spectrum or you don't. But it doesn't necessarily lead to maximum utilisation.

This technology sets a precedent for "leasing" time slots in spectrum in realtime, and perhaps in the future a more dynamic spectrum marketplace, where bands and slots can be allocated, or even aggregated to suit the best needs of the application!

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