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Samsung forgets fingerprints, focuses its eye on YOURS


Re: 1000x more secure my ass

Perhaps it's a 3d image or each eye, or at least stereoscopic. I looked on their site but it was unsurprisingly light on detail.

With 3d images the system could perhaps detect the curvature of the eyeballs, making it harder to fake. Or perhaps the imaging system is looking for details or features that would be difficult to print, say things only visible in IR.

Totally agree with earlier sentiments that biometrics should only serve as a user ID. Never a password.

Confirm identity, not clearance.

Ford: Our latest car gizmo will CHOKE OFF your FUEL if you're speeding


If the gov was really bothered about speeders

they'd have mandated something like this on all new cars sold in the UK. And mandated it is always on when driving public roads, except for situations like overtaking.

I've been thinking this for some years now. The fact the techonology has been feasible for several years now and is starting to go mainstream, yet is not mandated, suggests the government is not really as bothered about speeding as they say.

If speeding is such a terrible scourge on society, surely gov should be taking active steps to stop drivers speeding. The technology exists. They could mandate its use and gradually cuts down the number of drivers that can break the speed limit. But instead, they choose to keep the revenue stream from speeding fines.

I am not in favour of this, btw. Just suggesting the government is being duplicitous in complaining too many people speed yet not forcing the use of technologies that can actively prevent it.

Likewise they could take steps to prevent uninsured driving, drunk driving - far greater dangers to other road users than someone going 5mph over the limit - with what nowadays is cheap and simple hardware. They choose not to.


Ransomware holds schools hostage: 'Now give us Bitcoin worth $129k, er, $124k, wait ...'


Re: Another nail in the BC coffin?

Why bother? They aren't paying the ransom so there'd be nothing to trace. Are you suggesting they should pay up regardless, even though they've cleaned and recovered their systems?

Blockhead fugitive Snapchats himself into police custody


Great police training in Maine, then

Sounds very much like they just stuck their head round the kitchen door the first time. "Nope nobody in here, move on to the next room."

Kinda expect crims to do stupid things. Expect cops, certainly US cops, to properly clear a room so they don't find themselves shot in the back of the head.

Hated biz smart meter rollout: UK.gov sticks chin out, shuts eyes


"The report by the Energy and Climate Change Committee said it does "not believe" plans to install 53 million devices in homes and businesses by 2020 will be achieved."

Did this august body indicate why they think this might not be achieved? Consumer resistance coupled with the knowledge these things are of fuck all use, perhaps?

No, no. Can't be that. Must be that we "just don't get it" yet.

That's a big 4Ker of a cosmos: 3D planetarium to open in Bristol


Re: 100 seats?

Agreed. Maybe the view is most immersive sat half way up the wall or dangling from the top of the dome.



Hmm wait... damn. "Software Defined Programmable City" ain't on my bullshit-bingo card.

Assange™ lawyers demand Swedish prosecution files or no London interview


If I were going to fucking parties for 4 years I'd be pretty smug too, Ferrero Rocher or not. Smug and sore.

Dell denies 'insecure autoupdate app' flings open PC backdoor

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Re: IIRC it's a browser plugin.

Yeah it is on my Dell. Can't speak for other Dell's but having recently reinstalled the OS I can say it wasn't preinstalled.



Bot tipping anyone?

Like cow tipping but from the comfort and safety of your own cubicle.

Fell the soulless automatons and take bets on how long the sucker, sorry, operator, on the other end has to plead for rescue.

Extra points awarded for reducing the operator to tears or inducing threats to fire everyone.


Some jobs you need to be in the office for

Some jobs you don't.

For the jobs requiring physical presence, the bot won't suffice.

For the ones you really can do remotely, the bot is a needless expense that achieves nothing.

Seems to me like another solution looking for a problem.

Won't stop hipster twats using them though, annoying the crap out of everyone who naively thought they'd gotten a respite from the irritating tits when they started working from home.

Swedish city demands £40,000 to repair teenage hacking spree


£40k to change 600 passwords

Were do I apply? I'll do it for £30K in my lunch break.



That should happen, of course, but that means they'd have to admit they screwed up. Which is never gonna happen.

Far better to say "we were hacked" because Joe Public believes hackers are scarey evil monsters. Saying "someone found our unsecured, unencrypted password database and showed us what a bunch of morons we are" doesn't have the same ring.

Heads have rolled. Sadly, as ever, the wrong ones.


Well said. Sadly this is the way it always goes down. Fail to implement proper security, and when someone does "hack" the system send the "hacker" the bill for daring to point out the incompetence.

Philae's either screening Rosetta's calls or isn't home


@Uncle Ron: Reading comprehension

My, aren't we tetchy.

Seems like everyone else grasped the distinction. Perhaps try comprehending an article's content before firing off shouty comments?

Russia's Putin IT spend in reverse gear, fast


To paraphrase Red Dwarf:

"Things to remember: Stop milk, pay papers, invade Crimea."

Invasions ain't cheap you know. Something's gotta give, and what power-mad ex-KGB nutjob needs working IT anyway?

Another GDS cockup: Rural Payments Agency cans £154m IT system


Design by committee and this is what you get

40-plus suppliers designing the front end. How did they expect it would go down?

As ever too much focus on pretty pretty, no focus on the thing actually doing what it's meant to.

Way to chuck away another half billion quid, GDS.

Ark of the Government deal confirmed, joint venture established


Re: where to start...

Don't worry. It'll be examined by top men...

NORK internet outage was payback for Sony hack – US politician


"I think the French broke the overnight build, can we invade Calais ?"

Damn you now I've gone and spat a (unfathomably) popular brown flavourless sugar-free fizzy drink everywhere.

Watchdog slaps American Apparel's youthful naked arse

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We can all sleep safe in our beds tonight knowing another company has been chastised for not breaking the law. Thank you, ASA.


Family Guy

Shades of the PTV episode...

"Gentlemen, we got 20 calls about the David Hyde-Pierce incident. And as you know, one call equals a billion people, which means 20 billion people were offended by this. Needless to say, something must be done."


Not seeing the problem here. Swimsuit adverts show similar views and aren't banned.

Some people have too much time on their hands, clearly. Have to wonder about those who look at an obviously adult model and see underage.

Facebook unveils P2P moola-to-mates payment feature


Oh Hell No!

No No No No No

FB payments: See Icon ---->

My self-driving cars may lead to human driver ban, says Tesla's Musk


Re: let alone a (what's the collective noun - Johnny Cab?) collection of them.


Internet Explorer LIVES ON, cackle sneaky Microsoft engineers


Re: IE8. sympathy please

I know where you're coming from. I have some GM workshop manuals which I have to view inside a VM running XP, and I had to install IE8 to read the damn things. Anything newer wouldn't fly, wasn't compatible.

Then I discovered that MS has gone out of their way to make it impossible to download the older IE versions from them, so I had to download from one of those installer archives, file hippo or some such stupidly named thing, and hope it wasn't infested with crapware.

Large private bodies are just as bad for this legacy crap as public ones.

Galileo! Galileo! Galileo good to go after six-week recovery effort


Small satellite, or a really big LED bulb?

Body of the satellite looks exactly like my GU10 LED spot lights in that pic

Google Glass DIED from TOO MUCH ATTENTION, Captain Moonshot admits


Re: He missed the main problem...

Nah, it's not a stupid idea but they clearly either didn't think things through enough, or didn't care about the consequences, prior to such a widespread release. And they didn't do enough to curtail undesirable use after the fact.

Context is key, and there are many use cases for this kind of AR. Just the majority don't involve being sat in a bar, or acting like a selfish thoughtless arrogant twat. Or both.

Samsung puts eight-core processor IN A WATCH



Eight cores in a watch, just because the chip happens to be low power?

Nothing to do with willy waving about how much grunt their watch has over the competition, then. No sir. All about the low power use.

I mean what the hell could you need to do on a watch that'd need eight different things running absolutely concurrently, instead of task scheduling like a single core device has to?

If Sammy really wanted to increase battery life why not create a new chip on the same 14nm process with, I dunno, say a dual core 1GHz? Seems like plenty for a watch. Nah. Can't slap anyone with your dick with those specs.

Eight cores is trying to win a pissing contest. Nothing more, nothing less. The endurance gains are incidental.

US military CANCELS US$1.6 BEEELLION VMware deal


Re: The Continuing Fall and Fall of Empires and the PNAC. Sieg Heil

"What the flying f*ck are you wittering on about you cretin!"

New to these parts, huh?

Aged 18-24? Don't care about voting? Got a phone? Oh dear...



Da yoof don't care about voting because whatever shower of shite gets in the outcome for them is the same. So they can't be arsed, don't see the point, or simply don't give a shit. Or they're too cool for all that intelligent crap and would rather be down the pub lining up the Stellas.

Either way, spamming them with a barrage of texts is not going to improve voter turnout. Piss them off? Yeah. Get them to vote? No chance.

Google MURDERS Google Code, orders everyone out to GitHub and co



Since when does the end of 2016 count as immediate? It's not even becoming read-only for 5 months.

Devs don't care about cloud-specific coding, right? Er, not so


Sweeping statements

"Who doesn’t now consider themselves to be a cloud developer and a mobile (served from the cloud) developer?"

Me. And everyone who works with me.

I find all this cloud buzz rather pretentious. Some things have a place in the cloud. Many, many things should be as far from the cloud as possible.

Should online pirates get the same sentences as offline ones?


"“I’m a musician,” explained one interviewee in the report. “Since 2000 I have seen an estimated 75% drop in sales and income. I have no doubt whatsoever that the well-known practice of downloading from pirate sites is the cause."

This presupposes the drop in sales is not simply due to the artist becoming crap.

And yes I know they went on to talk about take-down notices, but that could easily be for singular uploads that very few people actually torrented, hence the potential loss of income via that channel could be way lower than 75% of year 2000 earnings.

People tend to exaggerate if they think it will benefit their case. Simples.

Rosetta probe to try contact with Philae lander on Thursday


Bit confused...

Why do they need to send it wake-up commands if "it will turn on, heat up further and attempt to charge its battery" when receiving more than 5.5W and internal temps exceed -45 degrees C?

Sounds like "turn on" in this context means going into a standby mode.

The voters hate Google. Heeeeyyyy... how about a 'Google Tax'?


Re: Hmmm

Not sure why you got downvoted for this, Tim. Maybe the typos? Have an upvote from me.

Guess some people can't accept the reality of the situation. As things stand, no laws have been broken, therefore no action can be taken against the multinationals.

Perhaps the way around all this is to legislate that all sales in this country must be done by a company registered in this country. That way all sales to UK clients occur in the UK and are therefore taxable at UK corporation rates. However IANAL and expect that runs contrary to some trade treaty, tax agreement or whatever. And all EU countries would likely need to enact a similar law at the same time to be effective. I dunno. Just putting it out there.

UK Gov SciTech advice bureau suggests keeping Tor alive to reduce street crime


"POSTnotes have no official status, but are intended to “anticipate policy implications for parliamentarians” and “help parliamentarians examine science and technology issues effectively.”

Anyone think parliamentarians actually read any of these?

Have to wonder given the crap that floods forth from Westminster about anything science or technology related.

Perhaps POST should include some pretty pictures or popup models in their report. Or a wad of 50s in each copy.


Funny (but not the 'ha ha' kind) how the sensible reports are always unofficial and have no power, no weight behind them, whereas the reports that shape policy are written either by incompetent morons with zero grasp of the subject at hand, or by people who stand to gain from the recommendations made in said report.

'Rowhammer' attack flips bits in memory to root Linux


Re: Re. RowHammer

Surely it'd be easier to replace the power supply than battling manufacturers for an NDA. For a few quid you could continue your glorious endeavour, rather than blaming your inability to proceed on lack of an NDA...

Is there a cure for cancer sitting at the back of the medicine cabinet already?


Re: @Gordon 10, I sincerely hope

Ok downvoters - prove me wrong. No business purposely puts themselves out of business. And just because it's called a "charity" doesn't mean it is not run to keep the directors of said charity in lucrative employment.


@Gordon 10, Re: I sincerely hope

Very likely. But stop for a second and think what happens to all these cancer charities if a cure is found... boom they go out of business overnight. It's in their own interests to keep finding new treatments but never find a cure, and if they discover a cure then cover it up before anyone outside hears of it.

Hated smart meters likely to be 'a costly failure' – MPs


"aims to install smart meters in 100 per cent of UK homes and businesses"

I can personally guarantee that will fail.

A "smart" meter in my home? Over my rotting corpse.

Canadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffed


Dude stop giving them ideas

Bad news: Robo-cars will make you work billions more hours. Good news: In 2040


Re: Population Growth Rate

"As such, the number of mechanics, etc. necessary to maintain the vehicles will not decline."

Bingo. It's a fallacious argument to say all those jobs will suddenly disappear when cars can all drive themselves. Smells like FUD to me.

There will likely still be the same number of vehicles on the road. Probably many more than now. All those vehicles will still need to be maintained.

Grease monkeys will definitely have to retrain for the new technologies, but the role won't disappear.


@Larry F54; Re: Having cars that will park themselves will also free up space in cities

Just because you're happy with random strangers in your car, or a significantly longer commute while you drive around picking up people you work with, does not mean anyone else is

And don't try the argument of "people car sharing could drive to the home of the person driving the commute" because that doesn't deal with the amount of traffic on the roads, just moves it around and worsens local congestion.

Not everyone lives in close proximity to their work colleagues, and there's a dozen reasons why work colleagues might be unwilling, uncomfortable, or find it outright inappropriate to car-share with other workmates.

IMHO the way to reduce traffic on the roads requires multiple synchronous, complimentary solutions.

Removing the need to commute in the first place would be a good start. Not every job can be done from home, but many can with common technology and the right managerial mindset. Tends to be the overbearing micromanagement types that are most resistant to the idea of remote working.

Stagger school start and end times perhaps, for different schools in an area or even different year groups in the same school.

Stagger work hours so there's no big peak morning and evening rush.

Stuff like that.

Saying people should car share is simply failing to address the issues at hand, and will not make the impact you thing it will

Tired of IoT hype? Internet of SLUGS and SPIDERS is the reality


Re: "Better seals are being installed to keep the slugs out"

So, what... they're going to use elephant seals instead of Weddell seals? How do the seals feel about this? Someone call PETA!!!

Privacy? What privacy? EU's draft law on your data is useless, say digital rights orgs


Re: good for goose


"The council said “the right to the protection of personal data is not an absolute right” in the text."

I'm sure they will continue to say this when their own very personal and private data is on the line...


Re: It would be interesting ....

There should be a legally binding requirement of full public disclosure about such interests for anyone taking public office, with severe criminal penalties for taking the piss.

IBM sued for talking up semiconductor business it couldn't give away


Re: Worthless chip manufacturing plant??

Could probably have made your point without resorting to blatant sexism

Telly behemoths: Does size matter?


Re: are you sure ?

Sounds about right.

As a young un my we had no TV until the mid 80s. Remember having to go next door to watch stuff like the A-Team and Knight Rider. Well, I was 10. Over the next few years me and my brother acquired a 12" portable each for our bedroom as my Dad's business writing programming books grew.

Fast-forward 30 years and our three kids each have a 32 in their bedroom, we have a 42 in the lounge and another 42 in the master bedroom. Scarey amount of crap telly watched in this house.

Ads watchdog: Er, what does woman in her undies have to do with ‘slim’ phone?


Re: Overtly sexualising women

"You seem to have missed the memo. A woman is only allowed to be sexy when she intends to be in a self empowering way especially relatively to a man"

Not only that, but to a specific man.

Any other men had better not find her attractive and make unwanted advances, because they would be.. well.. unwanted, and she'll take offence.

But don't ignore her or indicate she's unattractive either as she'll, yup, take offence.


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