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Democrats need just one more senator (and then a miracle) to reverse US net neutrality death


Re: Posturing for votes

So this is how jaded we've gotten? A critical issue, a situation where the Senate is close to flipping, and for trying to get to the goal line, the Dems effort "likely become little more than political grandstanding and point scoring in the hope that it will have some small impact on mid-elections in November".

I, for one, am happy they are trying. The rest of you can go rot.

As McAfee runs for US President – we ask a crucial question: Will Reg readers back him?



Drug addled multimillionaire running for office? Think the Republican party has that kind of candidate covered in droves.

Are virtualisation and the cloud SNUFFING OUT traditional backup software?


Re: Nope...

Just to pile on, the article suggests that purchasing Veeam or similar is an either/or vs. the "big players". In my experience, this isn't true, at least for the larger shops. Rather, the niche tools are gap fillers where VMware support is subpar; TSM's being awful, as an example. In fact, I've come across several examples of Veeam "backups" being vacuumed up into the larger backup ecosystem as the final resting place. Efficient, that (not!).

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