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Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers


In a phone interview with The Register, Peter Blum, VP product management at Instart Logic, said there's a battle going on between "quality publishers like The Register" and people who block ads.

Its not Usually the QUALITY publishers.. but its the hundreds of others that push things that

ONE: I don't care about

TWO: are Obnoxious

THREE: Take up so much screen its just a pain


FOUR: take up loading time with dozens of ads and scripts

so the more I can block the better.. I do white list some sites as they earned my gratitude for publishing good content.

Republicans send anti-Signal signal to US EPA


Re: Plausible deniability

Opinions yes.. but policy and how to work around the Pres. That is not opinion, and remember you have the RIGHT to your opinions but ALSO the RESPONSIBILITY of any action you take based on your opinions.

To many forget the responsibility part...

FCC's Wheeler gives passionate defense of net neutrality rules


Re: "going forward"... over a cliff!

yup.. just like here. we got compat..io..n.. wait no just att.. no other services.. i got 3g but from att.. i got uverse.. yup att..

Now i would agree IF and that's a big IF there was real competition.. till then Net Neutrality needs to be in

UK boffins DOUBLE distance of fiber data: London to New York WITHOUT a repeater


Re: Testing

Having worked for a Very large Fiber Optic Provider. Yes it does come in 80Km and more lengths.. to use USA measurements, the spools to be installed for the contract are hooked up together and yes it goes thru the WHOLE thing, to test all the fiber and find out if any is bad, so all that would happen in deployment would happen in the factory even when testing 3500MILES!! of single mode cable running 256 channels at 40+gig/sec per channel with NO repeaters. This has been done and are installed in the world now so this is old news that it can be done.

Now this might be a better way or new to the world, but going across the pond is old hat for some companies that use NO repeaters, I know this was being done 8+year ago, as I was on the team that tested it and help deploy it.

Note for Fiber its not like copper wire , it doesn't radiate EMF like a coil or wire does when voltage/current flows. the problem is noise and attenuation of the light itself from impurities. Better cable now and better head end electronics have made repeaters a non issue. so even in lab/factory if you put one station next to another and run it thru all the fiber its just like being out in the installation.

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