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Light the torches! NSA's BFF Senator Feinstein calls for e-book burning


Re: Next week...

To James O'Shea's comment:

We all have around the house potentially lethal stuff like kitchen knifes, axes, rat poison, bug sprays, tobacco (nicotine is one of the most poisonous things if in the right form!!!), cricket bats, hammers, nails, razor blades etc. How can any Big Brother control those items?

Than, those members of the public with particular skills like self-defense, martial arts, weaponry knowledge, driving licence, flying licence, train and tube driving licence and so on, are presumably dangerous at a certain point. How can ANYONE prevent ALL OF THEM do something stupid?

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Spot On

After many years of trying everything on the market I can state the following:

Agile like Communism is a very nice theory... nothing more!

In practice, a very small number of projects are gaining by applying Agile instead Traditional management and those projects would have been just fine managed by a Project Manager instead of the 'self-managed team'.

The only method working so far, only because is addressing the core issues of a company is Fast-adapt, which so far has not reached the Mainstream.

When a certification in a method is around £1500 I doubt if there is more gain in using it or in selling it?

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