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Quantum of Solace trailer teases fans

Bryan Roycroft

The Man with the Quantum Solace

the films title is already purfect for a theme song

get shirley on the blower... of we go, cough, 'the maaaaan, the man with the quantum SOLACE'

what do you mean bond has brown hair.. what the blue blazes does that have to do with anything... did you not see that ally mcbeal where that black kid sued because she wasn't allowed to play annie in the play annie? there's a lesson in there for all of us

anyway.. he kicked ass, it had the least retarded femail lead, second best stunts.. all the bonds are good... each brings something different.. otherwise.. sure connery is still looking well.. he left cause he didn't want to get too typecast? as what? a scot? fat chance of that happening


Western Digital tear it up with 2TB HDs

Bryan Roycroft

750 gigs?

I think they've had a 1tb one out for about 6 or 7 months, dual 500gig


US gov's flying laser hit by delays, problems

Bryan Roycroft

clearly they've never seen star trek, hooyven glaven!

Humon lazers are never any use against superior foes, only our humanity and ingenuity can yield us victory

anyway, if you look at the previous studies, this technology is rubbish, it just doesn't work, atpmosphere people (even with that adjusting theing they use in telescopes), it might work in space though, but some hacker will take control ala undersiege 2 and destroy the pentagon unless steven segal can stop him, which he can't as he's fat now

the ruskies will develop a mist based shield to defeat it, I'm going to start work on it straight away

you americans should start work on how to defeat people with ak's and rpgs before worrying about no existent missile threats, digital battlefield my arse

you can't even filed bin laden, bring Matlock out of retirement, he'd be able to find him, or jake and the fat man

a tip, he's working in the kebab shop in Stoneybatter



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