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Zucker for history: What I learnt about Facebook 600 years ago


Culture & Empire

Reminded me of Culture & Empire by Pieter Hintjens.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


Hang on, Mozilla

The only hope i see for Firefox is to hang on till the next disruption displaces one or more of the current rulers (Google, Apple) and promotes Firefox.

India to launch moon mission in March 2018


Re: Lunar rover design

More likely, a modified Range Rover.

For now, GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge


It's 2017

and we are still interpreting/debating GPL. Greed wins.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU


A telling sign of the times

As Britain exits a weakening EU, India -- its erstwhile biggest and most lucrative colony -- enters SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

UK web host 123-Reg goes TITSUP, customer servers evaporate


In related (hoax) news


India to educate 60 million more village homes about tech


"The world's most-populous nation..."

Not until 2022.


How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


Re: Windows 7 on a P4 (Unsupported PCs)

I hope they don't automatically download Windows 10 on unsupported PCs.

Boffins feud over Indian PM's Silicon Valley visit



A comprehensive rebuttal to the academics' open letter by Minhaz Merchant:


Looking forward to getting Windows 10 the day it ships? Yeah, about that...


> but the URL explaining *which features will be available* is not yet active

It is now:


Massive police 'heavy equipment' robot drags out suspect who hid inside television


Maybe they are testing/training on the equipment in reasonably controlled environments?

Indian phone buyers decide home is where the heart is


Re: Is it about national pride, or about language support?

It's about price, features (including language support).

Planning to upgrade your Lumia to Windows 10? NOT SO FAST


How to move offline maps to SD card

@Eddy Ito -- I used 'Storage Check' app to 'move' my maps to the SD card. This app has been replaced by Storage Sense, which unfortunately does not have the moving maps to SD card feature.

See here for details: http://www.windowscentral.com/how-move-offline-map-data-your-sd-card-windows-phone.


- Storage Check does not show up in the Store. Use the download link given in the above article to install it.

- You need to delete your existing maps on the phone, and then download them again after switching their location to the SD card.

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