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Apple sued by parents of girl killed by driver 'distracted by FaceTime'


I'm not a legal eagle, just a humble IT bod, but I can't see how is this the fault of Apple, there is only person at fault and that's the driver of the vehicle who was not paying attention to the road.

Prez Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election meddling


Even *if* it was the Russians that leaked the information

Not that I believe it for one minute, but just for argument sake, lets say it was the Russians that leaked the info on Clinton.

The US public should be thankful that they exposed Clinton for what she is, a lying, cheating SOB. Doing the job the main stream press should have been doing all along, you know, investigative journalism, exposing corruption to the public. Instead we had the main stream press going bat shit crazy over Trump and kissing Clinton's nether regions for the past 12 months.

Is Apple's software getting worse or what?


Re: little to do with apple


I totally agree with you, that's one of the major factors that made me decide to move away from development all together.

For too long now, there has been a drive primarily by manglement, to race to the bottom, don't worry about quality or whether it works, we will fix it later! It seems to be more about getting it rushed out of the door instead of doing a proper job in the first place.

Man accused of $180k ass-based gold smuggling scam awaits verdict


I just think he was the Golden boy, who was looking to obtain the Golden Globes award.

Mines the one with the Golden Ticket in the pocket.

Microsoft dangles code candy in front of iOS devs


Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

The OSX tooling (XCode) is free.

FBI backs down against Apple: Feds may be able to crack killer's iPhone without iGiant's help


Re: precedent

I too am dyslexic, you need to think of it as a gift rather than pain in the arse. Revel in the fact that your thought processes with language are different to others and that gives you an advantage in being able to solve problems a different way.

Don't make excuses for it, just get on and write what you want to write, and change the spelling from phonetic to standard english at the end of every paragraph (Well that's how I do it!). :-)

You watch, someone is going to pick this apart too, go ahead, I don't mind a bit. :-)

Apple hasn't announced the new iPhone 5SE and pundits already hate it


The problem with Analyists

Is that they can spout any rubbish and when the time comes for the product launch and they are found out to be talking bollocks, they inevitably come out with some other crap to justify their previous remark, such as that the market has changed.

They are all a bunch of overpaid, useless Berks.

Five Eyes nations must purge terrorists from the web, says Theresa May


A slippery slope indeed

Who defines what an extremist is? Who defines what an extremist message is?

I wish this Tory government would disappear up it's own self absorbed collective rectum!

Is that an extremist view and should it be magically wiped from the web. OK, it's a daft point as the moderators could delete it anyway.

Engineer's bosses gave him printout of his Yahoo IMs. Euro court says it's OK


Will this mean the death of BYOD

Thinking about this, will this mean the death of BYOD?

Not that I have ever been in favor of this anyway, but it does bring up the possibility of some legal issues with regards to employee devices being used for work purposes.

For example some unscrupulous employer, could demand access to a personal device under the guise of "Just checking on your work".

Just a thought.

Whatever Android-ChromeOS mashup looks like, it's gotta be better looking than this


Re: Are you kidding me ?

Congratulations you win the pedant trophy of the day.

Come in Internet Explorers, your time is up. Or not. Up to you



But, I thought that IE6 was the browser to beat all browsers and you would not need another, well that's what MS told us at the time.

Did North Korea really just detonate a hydrogen bomb? Probably not



I farted in bed this morning and the fallout from that was larger than expected. :-)

The Register's entirely serious New Year's resolutions for 2016



If you are going up market, what will become of the Reg's standards?


I don't want to see the Bulgarian Fun Bag, go the same way as the lb.

You ain't nothing but a porn dog, prying all the time: Cyber-hound sniffs out hard drives for cops


Re: Sounds Expensive


I have downvoted you as using the "Won't somebody think of the children." argument bugs the hell out of me. As it is not a valid argument that trumps all others.

As for the story itself , I can see good and bad uses for a HD sniffing dog.

Good - Finds data hidden by criminals.

Bad - Finds data hidden from the prying eyes of a authoritarian regime.

Conficker is back – and it's infecting police body cams



Damn my Dyslexia, I first read Martel as Mattel, and thought "Are they buying toy Cameras", in the light of what's happened, perhaps it's not too far from the truth.

Capita: Call centre workers, can you fall on your swords? Please?


Get out while you can

My advice would be to get out while you can, grab the money and don't look back. I left in 2009 and have not regretted leaving for one second.

Microsoft wants LAMP for wireless mobe charger


With a fricking Lazer presumably.

So, Microsoft are going to burn their competitors?

"Microsoft Research has put forward the idea of charing mobile phones with a beam of light"


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