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Net neutrality: Someone WILL sue. So will the FCC's rules hold up?


Re: FCC is Not The Answer

We have a well established legal system already in place regarding contract law. The proposed Title II regs are unnecessary.


Incorrect, I'm afraid. The regulations would fully enable the FCC to regulate pricing and levy taxes. The FCC is merely promising they won't do this. Unless they change their minds, but surely there is no precedent for government doing that.

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Erik Meijer doesn't work here

Meijer's rant says nothing more than that he is incapable of working in an agile team process. Fine, he's off the team. It would be great to hire lots of Erik Meijers, put them in cubicles and let them write perfect code all day, but we live in the real world where Erik Meijers are rare, so we try to arrange things such that teams having a range of abilities can get actual work done. Agile is a good way to do that in many cases.

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