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DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database


Re: Silent single point of failure

It's an Anycast one-to-one-of-many address, not a singular server IP.


Besides, if someone has sufficient access to your network routing to spoof the address and replace it with their own server, then you have much bigger problems to deal with.

Is Britain really worse at 4G than Peru?


Both EE and CTIL (Vodafone & O2 joint venture) have plans to upgrade your Mynydd Rhiw mast to 3G/4G in 2017, but neither appear to have submitted planning applications yet. I imagine the challenge is getting decent backhaul as there is no fibre and probably no line of sight for a microwave link.

'Power equipment failure' borks EE's data services across England


Affected area seems to be east of M1, north of A14 and south of M18. Outside this area 3G data is working fine

Only affecting 3G data connectivity. Calling and SMS on 3G still works. 2G and 4G data working normally too.

Police radios will be KILLED soon – yet no one dares say 'Huawei'


Re: Andromeda - UK based company doing this already!!!

Same here. Have an Andromeda with a multi-network roaming SIM at work. Works great.

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