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Hey look! Microsoft's workforce isn't all white men


Re: Global and local, black and white.

The other problem is how those identify themselves on reports, without being citizens. ie: Visa status workers. I've seen conflicting reports (sorry can't find links tonight) over this.

I've worked for a company that 'in-sources' staff from Asia/Europe to the North America region. Some stay for months, others years. When they internally tally staff, they look at the staff in the region at the time. However, the good ole US GOV only looks at resident status, skewing results one way or another.

I bet if we look at Microsoft/Google/HP/Apple/Foxconn/etc, they all are dominated by their respective HQ population bias. That's simple sourcing of staff.

I do remember seeing a similar report in our local paper last year, in regards to staff levels in teaching & nursing... surprise, skewed to 80%+ white female. Do we want those numbers to follow statistical #'s as well?

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