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1,000mph ROCKET CAR project dogged by beancounters


example of bean count failure

Can you work this one out...

multi million production facility has a million pound machine that is vital to its operation cost £1000 per minute when it doesn't run and is therefore regularly serviced. a vital part on this machine costs £10,000 and lasts for 5 years.

spare purchased when machine installed and put in stores(doesn't deteriorate)....

Enter the bean counters who each year rite off a part of the cost of this part until after 4 years it has no value and is thrown away and removed from stock.

9 months later the machine is broken and has to stop for 3 weeks as the new part is made and shipped.???????

Don't know about you guys but this doesn't seem to add up to me.

Perhaps a friendly bean counter can let me in on the secret!


Re: Common Sense Prevails

There would be no new things if people with vision didn't attempt the impossible. this kind of project in isolation doesn't make sense but all of the collateral knowledge gained is what helps us move forward with new technology.

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