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The Gemini pocket PC is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like

Mark Gannon

Streaming your thoughts...

I'd imagine the Xmind Zen mind mapping tool would work really well on this...except I've just checked and it looks like it's IOS only right now. Gemini could work with Xmind to get an optimised version on Android...would be v. cool.

I still have my Psion5MX in a drawer...looking forward to trying out the Gemini.

Rise of the Machines: How computers took over the stock market

Mark Gannon

Read 23 things they never told you about capitalism...

A great book called "23 things they never told you about capitalism" Ha-Joon Chang should resonate with a lot of the posters here. One of his very well made points is that markets need to slow down; their purpose is to provide liquidity to firms for long term investment...hyper speed trading is about as far from the world of real world companies as you can get. Given the 2008 crash surely everyone should be horrified at the continuance of these trading practices.

US wants trucks mounted with frikkin' laser beams

Mark Gannon


What's wrong with you guys, this is Missile Command...but for real. Fantastic. Even cooler than computers & mobile 'phones for this seventies kid!


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