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Hot on heels of 2.0, Vivaldi 2.2 adds tab session management among other goodies

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How do users show passwords? The old method doesn’t work any more.

25% of NHS trusts have zilch, zip, zero staff who are versed in security

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Re: Gosh, another bit of government-related IT waiting for disaster to hit it

You’re an optimist. I give ‘em a year.

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You don’t hack a fax, you perform a DDOS attack. Send it lots and lots and lots of spam faxes, run them out of paper and ink/toner/whatever.

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What’s the pay like? As long as the location isn’t somewhere like Hull or Slough, if the pay is acceptable I’d take the job. I suspect that the pay will be... suspect... unless the powers-that-be get appropriate reminders.

Pirate icon ‘cause, why not? Hoist high the Jolly Roger! Avast ye scurvy NHS swabs, and prepare ye to be boarded!

China on its way to becoming the first nation to land on the far side of the Moon

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@MyffyW: Re: One step at a time

That would be because the real plan is to put him on Mars. And leave him there.

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@Wellyboot: Re: One step at a time

Ah. So they're starting the Very Long March, are they?

Why, yes, the Mao jacket is my coat, thanks.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

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Wrong solution.

Right solution? INVADE. And show the cheeky buggers who's boss!

"Come cheer up, me lads, 'tis to GLORY we steer, to add something more to this WONDERFUL year".

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Re: Lyca Customers

The Catholic Church will object, they own that trademark.

OneDrive Skype integration goes live aaand... OneDrive falls over in Europe

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Re: But Don't Forget!

Hmm. I haven’t used my OneDrive account in at least three months, probably closer to four. [checks] Nope, nothing seems to have been ‘purged’. Maybe I’m special.

US told to quit sharing data with human rights-violating surveillance regime. Which one, you ask? That'd be the UK

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Re: I am confused

British soldiers have never found themselves accused of torture

Oh, yes they have. See further 'Crawnpore Well' and results thereof, to start. Look up what the 'dirty pig' means, or what 'blowing off the muzzle of a gun' means. That was mostly Scots troops, mostly Highlanders at that. (Colin Campbell was the very last British field commander to personally lead an assault wave, sword in hand, in the second relief of Lucknow. With, of course, a boy piper playing "Cock o' the North".) 80 or so years later, see what happened after troops of the 14th Army, particularly Sikhs and the Nigerians and Kenyans in the African divisions, but including several Scots and English regiments, found out what the Japanese had been up to in Burma. (Lots of Japanese really, really, REALLY regretted, briefly, having used Sikh PoWs for bayonet practice. And others found that murdering Nigerian and Kenyan PoWs has serious, if brief, consequences.) If you can count Canadians, see what a certain Canadian unit from Normandy to the end of the war (hint: if you were SS, it was better to surrender to the Russkies than to the Canadians, all the Russkies would do would be to kill you, the Canadians were pissed and stayed pissed for a long time). Certain British units adopted the Canadian attitude after liberating Bergen-Belsen. Sensibly, no-one in higher authority lifted a finger to stop any of this; they'd probably have been shot. (Some American troops, on liberating another concentration camp, took one look and grabbed all the SS they could find and stuck them against the nearest wall and machine-gunned the lot. An officer tried to stop them; he was hit over the head with a rifle butt and would have been shot himself except that some of his troops defended him.)

OpenStack 2018: Mark Shuttleworth chats to The Reg about 10-year support plans, Linus Torvalds and Russian rockets

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Re: Beardbait

Bah. I wanted a real beard. Like this: (click on the pic, the site is being orc-like.)

A little phishing knowledge may be a dangerous thing

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Re: "nothing like me at all"

It's exactly like you. You want to play with phishers. Don't. They do this for a living, they are better at it than you are, they will win.

No it isn't. And phishers are useless skiddies and will lose. And you're absolutely no fun at all.

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Could you help us all out by providing your email address?


Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality

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Re: Why would anyone tolerate this?

I use Outlook on Windows, Mac, and iOS for business email, 'cause we have Exchange Server around here and every ever so often Something Happens(tm) which causes other clients to hiccup. I use Thunderbird on Windows and Apple Mail on Mac and iOS for personal email. There is no Thunderbird on iOS, and Thunderbird on Mac is even more neglected than Thunderbird on Windows. I'll be replacing Thunderbird soon enough, preferably with a cross-platform Mac/Windows client. I have been testing Edison on iOS; there are a few issues, some of which are allegedly being addressed. We'll see.

I do not use Microsoft Mail, or whatever they call it. I do not use Google Gmail client. I do not use Yahoo mail. Apple doesn't care what users do with Apple Mail. Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo do care. Deeply. Microsoft doesn't appear to be slurping Exchange Server. Yet. I think. In theory Apple Mail can access Exchange Server accounts; Thunderbird can't, unless IMAP is turned on, as Thunderbird doesn't speak Microsoft Weird Mail Thingie(tm). In practice, Microsoft tweaks Exchange Server regularly and just by accident the tweaks might, just might, break Apple Mail. Not every time. Just often enough to be Very Annoying(tm). If Microsoft would stop doing that, I'd use Apple Mail instead of Outlook on Macs and iOS. The two facts may be connected, which is why I only think that Microsoft isn't slurping Exchange Server.

Japanese cyber security minister 'doesn't know what a USB stick is'

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I noticed that recently.

Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

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Then imagine the border issues that will throw up, especially since that border hasn't been real for centuries.

I'll simplify things. The Antonine Wall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonine_Wall sounds like a good starting point.

[exists, pursued by a large hairy individual wearing a skirt and carrying a claidheamh-mòr. http://reelgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/King-Fergus-Brave.jpg]

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Re: Just build a wall down the middle of the Channel

Oy! None of that! You can’t just chuck your trash into the sea that way, it will be washed away by wind and wave. If it hits France, that’s good, but it might wash all the way across the Atlantic and we just can’t have that.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here

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Re: The T2 won't even boot macOS

Yes it will. You haven't turned the external device boot on. Turn that on and yes you can boot from external devices.

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Re: Let not the truth get in the way of a good hatchet job

Except (if I am understanding the issue correctly) when secure boot is disabled Apples T2 chip prevents access to several bits of hardware including the hard drive / ssd.

Kind of hard to install anything on a drive that cant be accessed.

Except that you do NOT understand the issue correctly. You can, should you so desire, boot into the recovery mode https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255 and then launch the startup security app https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208330 and disable secure boot while at the same time allowing the ability to boot off an external device.

In short, yes you can boot a new Mac with a T2 chip from Linux. You can even boot it from a live CD/DVD/SSD/USB thumb drive/whatever. The local tuxers are completely, utterly, totally, incorrect. Apple is NOT locking Linux out.

Somehow I don't think that El Reg will retract this story. I really don't. I have lost considerable respect for them. I really have.

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Re: Look before you leap!

You’re not the first to point that out. The wild tuxers infesting this forum simply don’t care. They will go on and on bashing Apple because obviously Apple is at least as evil as Microsoft or Google.

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Re: Let not the truth get in the way of a good hatchet job

It’s el Reg. They hate Apple.and have for a very long time.

Bloke jailed for trying to blow up UK crypto-cash biz after it failed to reset his account password

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Re: surely trying to kill someone in a business quarrel isn't terrorism?

Every time I see 'suspect had bomb-making materials' I sigh.

I have, right now, in my house, the following:



foam packing stuff

cooking oil (coconut derived)

cooking oil (olive derived)

cooking oil (other)

potassium permanganate

sulfuric acid

nitric acid

laundry soap (powder)

laundry soap (liquid)

fertiliser (several types)



high-quality paper

hand soap (bar)

hand soap (liquid)

chlorine bleach

a large assortment of insecticides and herbicides

I can, with only a little effort and some glassware, make the following items using the above:





several different plastic explosives

at least three different nerve agents

mustard gas


and more. Making a bomb would merely require packing some explosive into a container with/without extras to generate fragmentation, plus a timer (a clock or a watch; I've got those, too) or a remote detonator (a cell phone; those could be set to alarm and function as timers, too). Most of the explosive creation methods would be easily in the reach of anyone who has passed high school chemistry. Making sarin or napalm or nitroglycerin is easy, and making TNT or plastic explosives isn't that hard. Look up PETN and/or RDX. (Bad idea if you're actually intending to blow something up, unless you use someone else's account to do the looking up.) (PETN is derived from 19th century chemistry; it's trivial to make today.)

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@jake Re: A note to USAian authors

ITYM 'massive inferiority complex'.

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME

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It's been a really long time since I've installed anything prior to WinXP, so you could be right. What I have is a PDF containing a very long list of activation keys for various Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, Apple, other vendors' products going back to the early 1990s. There's a stack of old CDs and DVDs and floppies, most of which were converted into ISOs or similar for archiving purposes. We have some ancient hardware, including a (still working!) Apple PowerMac beige G3, complete with (still working!) floppy drive and (very, very, very dead) Iomega Zip drive, 192 MB of RAM, and an amazing 4 GB of hard drive, plus some old Apple B&W G3s, and several (still working, by some minor miracle!) Dell DeskPros (with 425 MB hard drive, 64 MB RAM, and 66 incredible megahertz of 486DX2!) (There's a reason why we still have DOS, Win 3 and NT4!) The ancient computers are attached to just as ancient hardware of various types, some of which cost upwards of $150,000 when new (one cost over $350,000!) and management insists that we get all our money's worth out of them. Tech support? What's that? No-one at Apple knows anything about G3s running OS 9.x and 10.2.x, no-one at Dell knows anything about a 'DeskPro', and some of the companies which made the hardware are dead, dead, dead!

You youngsters, have respect, those computers are older than you are!

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I have DOS 6, Win 3.x, Win 98, Win 98 SE, WinMe, Win NT4, W2K, and WinXP available in multiple languages in ISOs. The DOS and Win 3 ISOs can be used to create floppies, if you have a floppy drive around. The Win 98 and NT4 ISOs can create both floppies and CD/DVDs. The others can create CD/DVDs only.

I can even supply activation keys, if required. (Note: I suspect that none of them will actually work any more, as Microsoft probably turned off the activation servers years or even decades ago, but they're actual legit activation keys...)

Microsoft hates me.

Stairway to edam: Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier

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Back when he was still married to Diana?

ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee

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I see that the serial downvoter is alive and well...

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I would invite him to a landfill. And leave him there.

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Google logins make JavaScript mandatory, Huawei China spy shock, Mac malware, Iran gets new Stuxnet, and more

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Re: "uranium subterfuges", O Joy

'Tequila', eh? So you're saying that the Trumpanzee is correct to blame the Mexicans for, well, everything?

Vlad disapproves, too. You should be drinking vodka. Russian-made vodka, of course, so that the Shirtless One can get his rake-off... ah, 'taxes and duties', that is.

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Re: So not, Google

Google ate my gmail account recently. I was told that they "could not verify" that I was the "owner of the account". Basically, I had that account since 2005 and very rarely logged in using the web interface. This last time I tried to set it up using MS Outlook. Apparently Google really hates it when they can't get all the info they want.

I'm now, temporarily, on Zoho. I will have my very own domain with its very own email shortly.

And I use DuckDuckGo and usually have JavaScript turned off. Bite me, Google.

Nikola Tesla's greatest challenge: He could measure electricity but not stupidity

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"women are sadly underrepresented on bank notes"

Oh? Really? I haven't been in the UK in <mumble> years, but when I was last there I seemed to see that pretty much every bank note had a pic of a certain person named 'Elizabeth' on them. Is s/he not a woman? And if not, has anyone notified Phil the Greek that he's married to a guy? He is a sailor as well as being a Danish/German Greek, and so might not have noticed.

This one weird trick turns your Google Home Hub into a doorstop

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Page or Brin?

Both. They’re too bloody cheap to get more than one account, and are too arrogant to realise that accounts are free, so they share one.

Leaked memo: No internet until you clean your bathroom, Ecuador told Julian Assange

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After trials, of course

He's flat-out guilty of bail jumping. He'll be in rent-free accommodation while being tried for that, slightly different rent-free accommodation for a while (3 months? 6 months? A year? Something like that) after being found guilty, then he'll be in rent-free accommodation in Sweden until his trial there. No-one is gonna let him out on bail again, he's the definition of 'flight risk'. Even if found 'not guilty' in Sweden (it is to laugh...) he's looking at months to years in rent-free government accommodations. Not quite up to the standards of his current rent-free government accommodations, to be sure, but rent-free government accommodations none the less. And, guilty or not guilty, the Swedes will almost certainly put him on an aircraft to Oz when they're done with him. If the US wants him (not likely), there will be an extradition request waiting on him as he steps off the aircraft, and he'll be on another aircraft bound for more rent-free government accommodations while he awaits trial in the Federal system. Which is severely backlogged, so he'll be waiting for quite some time. If the Feds wanted to be cruel, which is what the Feds do best, they'd keep him parked in some county sheriff's stockade awaiting trial right up to the limits allowed under 'speedy trial' laws, and then cut him loose. And deport his ass to Ecuador. He is, after all, an Ecuadorian citizen.

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dumping Julie on another embassy

I'm sure that the various Nordic countries, with their proud traditions of granting asylum, would be happy to help. Hmm. Norway. Denmark. Finland. Sweden. Oh. Wait. Possibly not Sweden.

Or perhaps, oh, Australia.

Cabinet Office: Forget about Verify – look at our 3,000 designers (and 56 meetups)

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Re: You've lost me at B Ark.

StuntMisanthrope, your real name is Lola and you have a dark brown voice and drink champagne which tastes like cherry cola.

That 'Surface will die in 2019' prediction is still a goer, says soothsayer

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And Microsoft's killing Surface won't push lots of former Surface users into Apple's delighted arms? I can see it now: Tim Cook extending a warm welcome to the Surface refugees. "We think different"(1), he says. "We won't shaft you the way that Microsoft just did (2). And we're cheaper than Surface (3). And we don't spy on you the way Microsoft did(4)."

(1) "We make money on hardware."

(2) "We'll shaft you in a different way."

(3) "Amazing, isn't it? They really were more expensive than we were. We gotta raise prices."

(4) "We don't care that much, and, besides, we can easily get the info we actually want without going to their extremes."

Take my advice: The only safe ID is a fake ID

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Re: A different name for every site?

You would end up with sons called "Opening Batsman" and daughters called "Big Tits"

And this would be a problem, why, exactly?

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Re: Silly first name.

Alexander maybe properly Eskandar?

Only if you're aboard the Argo/Yamato trying to save Earth/Japan from the villainous Gamilons/Americans.


(For just how crazy the original idea was, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Ten-Go)

Pixel 3, 3XL, Slate tab launch: Google emits swanky iPad botherer while tarting up mobes

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The _base model_ is $599. That gives 32 or 64 GB SSD (https://store.google.com/product/pixel_slate_specs isn't clear). The base iPad 6th generation is $329. $559 ($40 less than the base Pixel Slate) gets you 128 GB storage and both wifi and cellular. Yes, the Pixel Slate has an Intel processor instead of an ARM processor, but it's a _Celeron_. If I want a portable device with a Celeron, Dell has swarms of them in the $250-350 range. (No, I don't want a portable device with a Celeron...) And it doesn't have cellular connections, or at least the product specs page doesn't show it if it does. I use my iPad with a cellular connection (T-Mobile) a lot more than I use the wifi connection. My iPad has 128 GB storage. The Slate with 128 costs $999, or $450 more than my iPad, also known as enough to buy one of those Dell laptops. And have change. One of the things I use my iPad for is to tether my (elderly) laptop, which has a (older) i7 and which cost $700 when it was new. To get an i7 I'd need to spend $1599 on a Slate, and would still need something to connect to a cellular net, or be forced to use 3rd-party, untrustworthy, wifi. And a i7 Slate would have 256 GB storage, where my laptop has 1 TB. Why on Earth would I be interested in buying a Slate?

And one more thing: to ask the question posed in El Reg's comments section about certain Microsoft products: can I reformat it and put a Linux distro of my choice on it? I can't do that with my iPad, of course, but I can do it with my laptop. After certain recent revelations about Google, I am quite reluctant to use either Android or Chrome OS.

Google now minus Google Plus: Social mini-network faces axe in data leak bug drama

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Re: To be replaced by...

Too late. G++ is already a thing, and there would be massive confusion.

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Re: Whoops.

But will they ever get over her being from Yorkshire?

Could be worse. Could be Scots.

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Hmmm.... translation, please?

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Re: Presumably Google have enough metadata

They know what really happened at a certain party in the early 1980s involving a [racist stereotype] drunk Irishman.

Brit startup plans fusion-powered missions to the stars

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Re: Interstellar fuel

That’s been thought of, by writers as varied as Aurthur C Clarke and Lois McMaster Bujold, passing through certain stories.

'Incommunicado' Assange anoints new WikiLeaks editor in chief

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How to leave an embassy

I have a solution to the problem.

1 the Ecuadorians tell St. Julie the Ass that they have a way of getting him out of the embassy without being arrested by HM Gov. It involves the co-operation of the Brazilians. Basically, the Brazilian navy, as part of the first shakedown cruise of their new fleet flagship, PHM Atlântico nee HMS Ocean, will send a helicopter to winch him up from the balcony and fly him to the assault ship. He will then have a nice sea cruise back to Brazil and will be turned loose in Rio, hopefully in time for Carnival next year. I'm sure that St. Julie would particularly like the thought of using an ex-British ship to evade getting his collar felt by PC Plod.

2 at the appointed time a SH-70 Seahawk helo in Brazilian colours arrives over the embassy and St. Julie is winched up, to be greeted in Portuguese. The helo flies on out towards the Channel, where it sets down on a large amphibious assault ship flying the Brazilian naval jack.

3 as soon as St. Julie sets foot on deck, he is arrested by some US Marines, the Brazilian jack goes down and the US Navy's jack goes up, and a large decal on the SH-70 is removed to reveal US Navy markings.

4 St. Julie enjoys a nice sea cruise to the Caribbean. After a stay in south eastern Cuba, he is handed back to HM Gov, and after a stay in the finest gray-bar hotel in Britain, to the Swedes, who can now use him for his finest purpose: polar bear bait.

Ecuador and Brazil get some nice presents for their trouble. The poor bears might get indigestion.

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond

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All Greek to me

Alexa is derived from Alexander/Alexandra, Greek or near-Greek names which can be translated into Ye Queene’s English as meaning ‘defender of men’ or ‘repeller of men’, depending on context. Works for me. I’m repelled.

Brexit campaigner AggregateIQ challenges UK's first GDPR notice

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Serious question but how are the ICO going to enforce the GDPR against a Canadian company?

Assuming Canada wants to trade with the Eu in future - quite easily.

Oh? The ICO is going to take the whole of Canada to task over the action of one company? Really? And when the Canadian PM tells the Canadian High Commissioner in London to have a polite (they're Canadians, they're always polite, even when they're telling you to rotate on a cactus) word with the MayBot, about what Canada will or will not buy from Britain if the ICO takes any action at all against the whole country for the actions of a single company, what do you really think the MayBot will do? Back the ICO, or ruin the relationship with one of the pillars of the Commonwealth? Things will get awfully lonely after Brexit...

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how are the ICO going to enforce the GDPR against a Canadian company?

The only way that they could do anything would be if the company, from any jurisdiction outside the EU, had assets inside the EU. If the company, any company, does not have assets inside the EU there is absolutely nothing they can do unless and until the company, any company, either has assets inside the EU or does business with some entity inside the EU.

In this case the company is Canadian and does not seem to have assets inside the EU and is not currently doing business with any entity within the EU. The ICO has zero leverage. They cannot compel the Canadian courts to do anything, which means that they cannot enforce the fine, or, indeed, anything whatsoever. Our Canadian heroes could, if they so wished, stand on a ship outside of the territorial waters of any EU country and make remarks about farting in the ICO's general direction and about how the parents of the ICO rep were funny-smelling rodents, and there would be nothing that the ICO could do about it.

I suspect that I see the reason why the ICO failed to mention this (non)action.

As one Microsoft Windows product hauls itself out of the grave, others tumble in

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Re: Wait until the last sentence

Of course they are. It took 'em literal decades to get close to what Apple had since day 1 on Macs (hint: command-shift-3 for the entire screen and command-shift-4 for a window, with really difficult to learn sub commands like hitting the spacebar to select a specific window) and so they must tweak it. And break it. Because they're bloody Microsoft, and the'M' stands for 'Mighty' and the 'i' stands for 'incompetent'. Three guesses as to what the 'c' stands for.


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