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Only a CNUT would hold back the waves of the sharing economy


Re: Correction

No, it's a tactical use of situational resources. Methinks you perhaps pay too much attention to a-Social Media.

Safe as houses: CCTV for the masses

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All it takes is one jammer ...

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Re: @storax

You're absolutely right.

My bad.


Re: el Reg has lost control of the story

And I apologize to you. Unreservedly.


Thanks for listening

Switching the background to #ffc; has made a world of difference.


As others have noted, the color being used for borders ( #ccc; ) is somewhat hard to distinguish from the background. That makes it a tad more difficult to scan a page.

A similar concern exists with the visited links color.

But with the slight de-whitening, I can now scan the main page again; I can find the articles I want to read. So I'll stop commenting now and go back to reading.

Thanks again for listening.


Re: I'm OK

Glad you like it; it seems that most of us don't.

The anger, I believe, is directed primarily at the lack of response to complaints voiced by the *loyal* readership. As another poster commented maybe 10 pages back: "If we didn't care..."

Most of us are habitually polite and well-spoken. We perceive -- perhaps it's not true -- that El Reg's not listening, so we make noise to get their attention. When the perception is reinforced by the passage of time, we throw smelly stuff. Again, it's a plea that our concerns be taken seriously.

"Give us time, we have to do this right," we're told. But how can we believe? One of the most consistently expressed complaints is that the background is too white, that the site is now uncomfortable to read. Yet the background is *still* #fff;

How hard would it be to tweak that? ·#f6f6f6;? #dfdfdf;? At least they could give it a try and ask "How's that?"

Seriously, nobody here expects them to get everything right the first time. We *all* know that redesigns are difficult. But we do expect them to listen, and we expect a better response.

Hence the many attempts to get El Reg's attention, any way that we can.


Re: el Reg has lost control of the story

You're right about DrewC.

But diodesign deserves all the crap he's getting. The original posts on this thread were *full* of insightful comments, pointers from IT professionals who normally get *paid* for their analysis. What was diodesign's response?

"I'm right, all of you are wrong, and now you've hurt my feelings. If you don't like what I have to say, then I think I'll have to ignore you all. Boo hoo hoo."

<switching focus to El Reg staff>

The colorful and downright insulting comments are meant to *GET YOUR ATTENTION*, and they don't seem to be working. Hence the increase in vitriol.

We're royally pissed off because your truly wonderful site has become neigh-all unusable.

I'll post a considered comment later, but for the moment I'll down vote everything diodesign says short of an abject apology. Who the hell do you think your readers are, anyway? A bunch of neophytes?

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Re: A measureable improvement

"...particularly when you look how closely spaced the characters are compared to the line and paragraph spacing."

¡¡ YES !!




Until you get a front page I can quickly scan again, I'm gone.

It's simply not worth the effort.


Re: I don't wanna look at you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper

Like he said.

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