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UK national mobile roaming: A stupid idea that'll never work

David Hickson (Fair Telecoms Campaign)

Re: fair telecoms campaign view

Our view is that the Minister has made a very strong case for their to be (in effect) a single network, and that is unlikely to be achieved by rival operators both competing and co-operating. We favour the model of a single network operator, pressured by competing service operators and consumers to keep up with what technology can provide, but subject to a degree of regulation which is not possible in the present situation.

There are already only two companies managing the operation of the 4 networks, and there is a possibility that the formerly 5 MNOs could soon become 3.

I can understand why some would see the objective of a network offering fair coverage for all citizens as being fundamentally flawed, however that is the principle laid out in the consultation to which we offered a response. Obviously there will be limits on the extent to which it could ever be achieved, however that does not mean that the objective should not be taken seriously.

David Hickson (Fair Telecoms Campaign)

fair telecoms campaign view

The fair telecoms campaign submitted its response to the DCMS consultation - interested readers can refer to it via http://tiny.cc/ft_single_mobile_network.


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