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A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


I've got a ChromeBook, which runs as well as the day I got it, for all sorts of reasons. In fact I'm worried I will never find an excuse to replace it! However I am often told that it's Ok but not good or powerful enough for "real work". It's triue that my "work" mostly consists of writing and surfing but what is this "real work that people speak of because outside of academia or (real) engineering and science I can't see anything that the average office drone does that requires much more than a basic lappy.

You'll get sick of that iPad. And guess who'll be waiting? Big daddy Linux...


Tablets are dead. The future's Chrome!

Inside GOV.UK: 'Chaos' and 'nightmare' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites


I contributed in a very small way to Direct.gov in the last decade. That was also an attempt to put everything under one roof. All I remember is endless overpaid consultants trying to manage bickering and territorial civil servants from all the different departments forced to join in. They got the horrible orange coloured thing launched in the end. How ironic that the whole exercise has been repeated 10 years later. The difference then was that we were at least spared the digital wank that today's consultants clearly believe in. Case in point, Mike Bracken's "retrofuturism". hahahah!

BT to gobble EE for £12.5bn – BTEE phone home


Any way you look at this, it's not good. BT's dead hand back round the neck of competitive markets. They'll be showing football next...

Sony Pictures MEGAHACK: Securobods pull out probes, analyse badness

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Look out: That data protection watchdog can bite

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