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When Pissoires Attack!!!!


He is a man! Why is he sitting down?

Holy sh*t! Amsterdam man in pop-up public toilet shock horror

When Pissoires Attack!!!!

When Pissoires Attack!

I read this first in the BBC online and again in The Register and am seriously befuddled. We don't have pop up potties anywhere in the US, and frankly I've never heard of them until this article appeared.

Was the injured man just standing in front of it while it was still below ground, contemplating taking a pee? If so, why was the popping-up unexpected? The unintentionally hilarious video indicates the loo erection happens rather slowly, rising majestically from its underground cave. (God help the poor schmuck who is in a hurry!!)

I wasn't aware that mopeds could go so fast the driver couldn't notice the loo's rise. (unless perhaps he was stinking drunk). How ARE these pop-up pissoires activated? Did the criminally-inclined loo that assaulted the moped move unusually fast? Is THAT why the driver didn't notice?

And are these in the middle of the street? This video indicates a pedestrian walkway, yet the fact that this inconsiderate and/or criminal loo attacked an innocent moped would indicate that the actual vicious pop-up potty had been placed in an inappropriate location. A strange place, IMNHO, to put a Pissbecken.

And in Amsterdam, do people really feel comfortable standing in the middle of the street, whipping out their schlongs and peeing in public? (And do these urinals also service women? Most women are a bit shy about taking a piss out in public. I know I wouldn't use them). I know Europeans are a LOT more relaxed about bodily functions, but I didn't think they were quite THAT relaxed!

So was the moped just innocently tootling along and suddenly the toilet just leaped up and knocked the poor bastard off his bike while sending the bike itself flying, to injure an unfortunate innocent bystander, perhaps already standing there with his fly open? The man was "hit by a moped." What, indeed, happened to the moped driver? Did he survive unscathed? I think the city of Amsterdam bears some liability for its vicious, renegade pissoires.

WHEN PISSOIRES ATTACK!!!! A great theme for a reality TV special!

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