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TERROR in ORBIT: Dodgy rocket burp biffs International Space Station off track


Re: 1,922 seconds?

One thing I've learnt playing KSP is that if you do a big burn quickly in one place, you'll only lift your orbit up on the far side of the planet. You'd need to burn again over the far side to raise it up where you did the first burn too.

On the other hand, a long slow burn can do it all in one go.

'Why don't you buy from foreign sites?' asks Commish, snapping on the gloves



I don't speak a word of German, but the similarities between amazon.de and amazon.co.uk coupled with Chrome translating the pages made ordering a bunch of Carcassonne expansions easy peasy. And far cheaper than their English language couterparts.

Interestingly, the only postage marks on the box were Royal Mail, indicating that there must be enough people in the UK ordering from amazon.de for them to ship everything over together, then post it as normal.

Google Chrome on Windows 'completely unusable', gripe users


Font issues

A recent update (thankfully now fixed) killed the ability for it to render certain fonts on a colleague's machine...

Verdana? Nope, Times New Roman for you

I'll be back (and forward): Hollywood's time travel tribulations


I finally got round to creating an account, just so I could upvote this...


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