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Storage BLOG-OFF: HP's Johnson squares up to EMC's Chad Sakac


Still using eMLCs?

HP 3PAR Employee


Is it the ground up design of XtremIO that forces it use eMLC, just like its VNX/VMAX brethren. If it hasn't figured out a friendly way to work with flash, I'd submit it is as legacy an architecture as the rest of EMC portfolio in some sense.

On performance, if XtremIO indeed delivers 500 micro-seconds (for what workload?), it would make it one of the slowest AFAs. By contrast, 3PAR 7450 can deliver as low as 200 micro-seconds for single threaded writes, and routinely delivers less than 500 micro-secs of latency for multi-tenant workloads.

EMC: Kerr-ching! $430m XtremIO gulp's paying off... Hello, $1bn a year


Re: Only EMC's View

nonsensical pure-breds vs. muggle-born argument.. didn't make sense in the Rowling world and doesn't make sense here. After all, an array delivering hundreds of thousands of IOPS consistently at sub-millisecond latencies (as low as 300 microsec for random reads without cache hits and 200 microsec for random writes), with features like Dedup is nothing but an AFA. Care to show Pure/XtremIO "latencies".

I think the best argument would be "if an array delivers six-nines availability guarantee, it CANNOT be an all-flash array"


HP 3PAR Employee

HDS, HP leapfrog NetApp in the land of the MAGIC QUADRANT


Gartner MQ

considers all general-purpose arrays including high-end and mid-range. They call out high-end systems like VMAX, HDS G1000, 3PAR 10000 along with the mid-range arrays.

Read the report here (go to the end of the page to find the link to the report):


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