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Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!

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> Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter don't kill people - it's their users who are doing the shooting.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Do you know who came up with that idiotic tripe? I do.

And yet, in US states - and countries - that have strict gun controls, the homicide rate is much lower than in those that don't.

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> It's a very difficult balance in my opinion.

Errr, no, it's not. Really.

Welcome. You're now in a timeline in which US presidential hopeful Beto was a member of a legendary hacker crew

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Re: IF, and I stress the IF ...

> Subject to change according to the issues and the needs of me & mine.

Best description of a Republican I've heard in at least a decade.

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I'd like a better understanding of why Beto O'Rourke is running for Prez

I am looking at his presidential aspirations web site and I can't find a single thing about his policy proposals. Or views for that matter.

I see a photo of Beto, a photo of Beto with a little boy wearing a NASA t-shirt, a Shop link, a Jobs link with no jobs listed, and a Donations link. And that's about it.

I expected some minimal information on Beto's concrete policy proposals. What are they? Does anyone know?

I don't think Beto Is Running! is enough. He has never won a single statewide race, let alone a national one.

Disclaimer: I am a registered Democrat, and have been so for many years.

Yelp-for-MAGAs app maker is warned there are holes in its code. Does it A. Just fix the problem, or B. Threaten to call the FBI, too?

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Re: Thank you

> Somebody should remind them that when everybody thinks you're an idiot it's not a good idea to open your mouth and confirm it.

That's not how Trumpkins operate. Sorry to dismiss your otherwise very reasonable suggestion, but logic and/or reason do not apply here.

Liz Warren: I'll smash up Amazon, Google, and Facebook – if you elect me to the White House

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Re: Not Trump again, please

> Bloomberg said he wouldn't stand

Bloomberg would be toxic on any ticket, for any party.

For one, Bloomberg's political career spans all possible political colors: Democrat, Independent, Republican. Whichever brings him the most money.

He is too tied to Wall Street, and particularly to Goldman Sachs. He managed to buy himself a third term as New York City Mayor, although the City's Charter limits the Mayor to two terms. During his third election as Mayor he spent USD $73 per New York City resident from his own money, and he still barely won.

During the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 he ordered the NYPD to brutalize the kids who were protesting in Zuccotti Park, while claiming in the media that insofar as he is concerned, the protesters can stay there indefinitely. There are photos of the NYPD beating up on kids with billy-clubs. This is video showing the NYPD evicting protesters from Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011.

A Mayor Who Puts Wall Street First.

Bloomberg’s One Percent Solution.

Wanna run on that?

You won't get Huawei with this, America! Chinese giant sues US government over 'unconstitutional' ban

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Re: Of course the US government will get away

> with its unconstitutional practices with regard to Huawei [ ... ]

Why don't you show us where exactly the US Constitution grants protection to hardware manufacturers.

Protection from what exactly?

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Because the US Government is somehow required to buy Huawei kit?

Since when?

What about any other country? Huawei now thinks they can sue just about any country who doesn't want their kit?

Oooo, what an interesting precedent this would set. The German Government doesn't want to buy/use the Bedazzler? Sue them!

Fuck off.

Did you know?! Ghidra, the NSA's open-sourced decompiler toolkit, is ancient Norse for 'No backdoors, we swear!'

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Re: why on Earth give this away for free to everyone on the planet

> [ ... ] we used to get the source code to virtually every bit of code that we ran on corporate computers.

No, you didn't.

Microsoft's shit has never, ever, been open source. Neither has Oracle, or Sybase, or Informix, or any of the so-called proprietary UNIX-es. Neither was Apple.

Apple put out a fake open source project by the name of Darwin in the early 2000's. Nothing ever came of it, because it was designed to fail from the outset.

AT&T spent a lot of money in the '90's trying to destroy the BSD's, by suing them, simply because they were open source.

So no, the idea that corporate computing has always been open source is pure bullshit.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster

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Re: Beanie?

> In American usage, "beanie" is more or less the same thing as a skullcap.

Not quite.

US Navy sailors wear caps (a.k.a. skullcaps). I.e. watch cap when you're on watch duty.

A watch cap is a very well defined sailor accessory: it must wrap your noggin tight and keep you warm. It's usually made of wool, it's colored dark navy, and usually has your ship and/or "NAVY" embroidered on it.

A beanie is some kind of shapeless bag of knitted fabric that you put on your head.

Sailors don't do beanies. Only the Army wears those.

Huawei 'to sue US' over federal kit block – report

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Re: Meanwhile watching carefully ....

> If NSA etc have proof of pwnage or attempted such, they should demonstrate.

NSA doesn't have to prove or demonstrate anything publicly.

In fact, it would be completely stupid for them to do so - and they aren't stupid. At all.

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Re: I'd appreciate some insight please

> [ ... ] Huawei is likely to go the same way... only possibly quicker.

Huawei can sue, but they have no chance in hell of winning. It's mostly a PR move on Huawei's part.

The moment the US Government claims National Security, the Courts will defer, and that's the end of the lawsuit.

US Supremes urged by pretty much everyone in software dev to probe Oracle's 'disastrous' Java API copyright win

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Re: Hasn't this been decided in the other direction already?

> Judicial activism is when a judge creates a law that did not exist prior to his rulings.

You would've been better off had you not typed that gem.

Judges don't create laws - contrary to what right-wingers love to claim and believe. Judges don't have that power.

Judges may interpret laws, and may create precedents, in ways that right-wingers do not like. And that is when said right-wingers get all up in arms and start screaming about judicial activism. Problem is: interpreting laws and creating precedents is precisely what judges - and courts - are supposed to do.

I'm happy to notice that you have no problem with appeals courts overruling a jury decision when it fits your narrative.

Some train of thought consistency would help your credibility, you know.

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Re: Hasn't this been decided in the other direction already?

> Then the courts found that Google's actions were not fair (fair use)

And you seem to conveniently forget that it was a jury that found that Google's use of the API's was covered under fair use. That happened at trial.

So what we have here is an appeals court overturning a jury decision.

Normally, right-wingers would scream murder about this. Judicial activism and all that.

'We don't want a camera in everyone's living room' says bloke selling cameras in living rooms. Zuckerberg, you moron

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Does Zuckerberg even understand the concept of 'lying'?

Lying as meaning knowingly not telling the truth.

I honestly don't think he does.

New claim dogs Oracle: After $11m of sales, I was unfairly axed before next big deal – because I am a 64yo woman

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Re: No legacy

> [ ... ] management has decided it doesn't matter if it lasts as long as they live [ ... ]

Margin calls on Larry borrowing mega-moola with ORCL stock as collateral. Must be some really nasty margin calls.

Must free up cash for stock buy-backs. USD $10 BEELION of share buy-backs last quarter alone. The ORCL stock buy-back party continues.

Amazon throws toys out of pram, ditches plans for New York HQ2 after big trouble in Big Apple

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Re: This happens all the time

> $4500 rent on a small apartment vs $200k buying you a large house outside Sillycon Valley is a bit of a no-brainer

So, when are you moving to Kentucky?

You know, there's more than a $200K McMansion to the decision about where one wants to live.

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Good riddance

Amazon wanted USD $3 BEELION in subsidies but wouldn't accept union jobs.

And Bezos wanted his own personal helicopter landing pad to be built in Queens with NY taxpayer money. Because, you know, he can't take the 7 train or drive over the Queensboro Bridge like the rest of us.

Get lost.

It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary

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Re: I've always wondered...

This is awesome. Really, Bob, it is. You're spoiling us.

Let me summarize:

1. The maximum number of packets shall be prioritized. That's 100% of packets. Can't go above 100%, that's the max. Which, of course, in practice, means none are prioritized. But never mind that.

2. Prioritized packets go really really fast!!!

3. When prioritized packets go really really fast, we make more money!!!

4. Capitalism!!! Fuck Yeah!!!

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Net Neutrality Wall: We Must Stop All Mexican Packets!!!

And Honduran and Guatemalan packets too.

Basically, all the shithole packets. They are invading Our Country. Must be stopped at the border.

Norwegian packets are fine, though. We need more of those.

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it

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Fair Disclosure Request

Would Dr. Uht be willing to disclose any associations that he may currently have, or may have had in the past, with Intel Corporation?

Google is your friend.

I've heard of coincidences. I just never met one in person.

Grumble Pai: FCC boss told by House Dems to try the novel concept of putting US folks first, big biz second

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I doubt Pai is smart enough ...

... to understand that the House Of Representatives can really make his two remaining years as FCC Chair toxic.

Yes, I am assuming that The Great Orange won't be re-elected in 2020. Bai-bai goes Pai.

Pai seems to be the type of arrogant idiot that believes themselves to be untouchable, simply because they are - at this very moment - in a position of power. This type of idiocy has been the hallmark of the Great Orange Administration.

Judge denies Oracle's requests to add to JEDI cloud contract sueball

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Oracle thinks they can sue their way ...

... into being something more than a failed me-too.

Boffins debunk study claiming certain languages (cough, C, PHP, JS...) lead to more buggy code than others

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Re: One more time.....

> A good programmer can write FORTRAN programs in any language

I am not sure that was meant as a compliment.

Apple: Trust us, we've patented parts of Swift, and thus chunks of other programming languages, for your own good

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Re: probably a misguided move against GCC and GPL

> Er, Apple could modify GCC themselves and offer it up under the relevant GPL.

They could, but they won't. Because Apple hates GPL.

The main motivation behind LLVM was a non-GPL compiler with non-GPL runtime libraries.

So, yeah, thanks for your input.

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probably a misguided move against GCC and GPL

Now that they patented Swift, GCC and the FSF won't touch it. That leaves Apple and Apple LLVM in complete control of Swift.

They'll welcome free (as in $$$) contributions to Swift and LLVM from the Open Source LLVM community. But not a competing implementation.

Not sure how interested GCC really was in a niche and marginal language such as Swift in the first place.

Gotta love the Apple double-speak about we patented it for your protection. Yeah, right. Asserting patents has one, and only one purpose: to sue the crap - or threaten to sue the crap - out of anyone touching your turf.

Defensive patents? Apple is famous for threatening everyone with patent lawsuits.

Remember Sun's Looking Glass project? Yeah, long time ago. Sun abruptly canceled the project with no explanation. Rumor has it that Scott McNealy canceled it after receiving a phone call from Steve Jobs. The topic of said phone call was Looking Glass. I wonder what was discussed.

The Apple Mac is 35 years old. Behold the beige box of the future

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Re: Typical el Reg

> Surely Apple must be doing something people like?

Yup. On iPhones, Apple hasn't been able to break above the 17% market share since 2013. Currently stuck averaging 15% market share:

Apple iPhone market share.

On Laptops, it's worse. Stuck at 10%:

Apple Laptop iOS market share.

I'm guessing selling over-priced crap isn't all what Apple would like us to believe.

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Re: Typical el Reg

> Re: "Assuming their pockets were deep enough." and other such comments.

[ ... bla-bla-bla corporate boo-hoo-hoo nobody-loves-me snipped for brevity ]

Go tell your boss in Apple PR or Marketing that corporate whining about not feeling loved isn't going to go over that well. In fact, it might even make things worse.

Apple's core competency is, and has always been, selling over-priced crap. There is nothing about Apple's hardware or software that is manifestly better than the competition.

If Apple's kit was indeed better, it wouldn't have to spend so much money and effort in maintaining a cult of brainwashed fanbois an ecosystem.

IBM HR made me lie to US govt, says axed VP in age-discrim legal row: I was ordered to cover up layoffs of older workers

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Re: Sued Into Oblivion

> Hopefully some Club Fed time for Ginny and her cabal of slime.

That would be very appropriate, and nice, but I doubt it will happen. Barbie-doll-looking CEO - with brains to match - is too cute to jail.

Maybe they'll pay some minuscule fine, just for show, and promise they'll never do that again. Yeah, right.

Google to yoink apps with an unauthorized Call Log or SMS habit from Android Play Store

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No giggling?

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay past giggling.

Senator Wyden goes ballistic after US telcos caught selling people's location data yet again

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Re: The bigger issue

>My main concern other than privacy related is military members carrying around cellphones that transmit their location and other data.

Their info will be slurped and sold just like everyone else's. Which is, indeed, a major OPSEC problem.

If Congress was in any way serious about the collection and sale of PID, including location tracking, they would make the practice illegal based on exactly what you mentioned. But they aren't serious.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…

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Re: Good article. Assuming TheRegister is clean with our data.

> People got dropped before the ACA, and people will get dropped after the ACA.

The other fact that right-wingers love to conveniently ignore is that the ACA mandated a minimal cost-to-coverage ratio.

Translated into Trumpkin Language: the so-called insurance plan that you think you had and loved so much was, in fact, a scam. The monthly premiums and the yearly deductibles were too high, and the coverage offered was too restrictive and limited.

The ACA did indeed made these so-called health insurance scams plans illegal. Meaning, under the ACA, and for every plan offered, the insurance company must provide a standardized minimal coverage ratio to your out-of-pocket expenses for said plan.

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Re: Good article. Assuming TheRegister is clean with our data.

> More worrying is that they will happily copy and paste even the most complete bollocks if it matches their perceived world view, and steadfastly refuse to even contemplate that any mainstream news article could be correct.

Which is why I would suggest that it is pointless to contradict or challenge a Trumpkin's world view.

Trump feeds them what they want to hear. That's all that matters to them.

They are inherently incapable of critical thought on their own, so they need an authoritarian figure to tell them what to think. That's why they'll only listen to Faux News or Infowars. These outfits tell them what to think, and the message is always delivered with authority.

Whenever facts and reality contradict the authoritarian narrative, it's a leeb'rul conspiracy. Self-reinforcing feedback loop.

This has been tried before in politics.

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is: 1. More ad revenue, and 2. Good PR. Lots of love – Mark, aged 34½

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> she types in google.com, then searches for 'gmail'

How about going to google.com and then clicking on the link aptly named "Gmail" that can be found in the upper-right-hand-corner of the Google page?

Apple iPhone X screen falls short of promises, lawsuit says

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Re: You can't measure an iphone screen

> few people can count accurately past 1000

You're counting the pixels wrong.


Oracle takes its gripes about Pentagon's JEDI contract to federal court

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Oracle Complaint Translation

> the government has introduced "unduly restrictive requirements"

Translation: It has to, you know, actually work.

> which will "cause Oracle significant competitive prejudice".

Translation: Ours doesn't work.

> A key component of this "second generation cloud" [ ... ] is the bare-metal server [ ... ] which would tackle the "incredible vulnerability" of running sensitive cloud-control software and customer-provided code on the same computers [ ... ]

Translation: We want you to buy a lot of servers from us. And then we'll audit you for license compliance and extort more money from you.

Angry Googlers demand bosses pull the wings off 'Dragonfly' censored Chinese search engine

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Google is "a company willing to place its values above its profits"

I can't stop laughing.

Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe

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Re: Why?

> A US court in California has no jurisdiction over the UK [ ... ]

It's a Silicon Valley lawyer. They all believe that Santa Clara Superior Court has jurisdiction over the entire Universe.

Facebook's CEO on his latest almighty Zuck-up: OK, we did try to smear critics, but I was too out-of-the-loop to know

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Facebook is committed to fighting disinformation ...

... by spreading disinformation about those who dare question Facebook's commitment to fighting disinformation.

Did I get that right, Zuck?

This is why I don't have a Facebook account and this is why I refuse to interview at Facebook, in spite of having been contacted by their recruiters several times this year.

Sorry, Mr Zuckerberg isn't in London that day. Or that one. Nope. I'd give up if I were you

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Delay, Deny and Deflect

And thus begins the Facebook circular firing squad on the C-Suite floor.

Sheryl Sandberg appears to be toast at the moment. That might change, though. She might have photos.

From the NY Times article:

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, has overseen an aggressive campaign to fight critics and ward off regulation.

And she wants to be Prez.

Sheryl, honey, you just don't know when to stop.

Stack up on popcorn, this one's gonna be fun to watch.

Empire state of mind: NYC scatters palm leaves for Bezos' cloudy web shop juggernaut

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subsidy of USD $48,000/job over 10 years

That's the amount of NY State + NYC subsidy per Amazon LIC (Long Island City/Queens) job promised.

Back-of-the napkin math: for a USD $150K/year paying job, the state + city tax collected amounts to around USD $12,000/year.

Yes, taxes in NY State and NYC are high. Contrary to popular belief, we don't mind helping out the less fortunate with HEAP grants in winter, our unemployment benefits include a decent health insurance program, and we have good social and assistance services programs for the elderly.

So NYS and LIC (Queens) have figured out that they are subsidizing the first four years, but it's all green after that.

We shall see.

Russia: We did not hack the US Democrats. But if we did, we're immune from prosecution... lmao

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Re: Wikileaks and Trump?

> if people are exposed to fake news and shrill politics and outright manipulation for long enough, people will become more 'street smart'

Sadly no, they won't.

Listen to the bullshit Trump is spewing and watch his 32% of followers eat it up, in spite of the fact that he's been demonstrably lying to them since the day he took office.

Google vows to take claims of sexual assault, harassment seriously, just like privacy

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Re: women at the company make 99.7 cents

> Worstall did some good work on this [ ... ]

There. FTFY.

And I'm quite sure that if Google reported that White Google Men were paid 99.7 cents on the dollar compared to women, you'd be screaming White Male Reverse Discrimination Wah Wah Wah! at the top of your lungs.

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women at the company make 99.7 cents

99.7 cents is less than 100 cents last time I checked.

Unless, of course, employment at Google requires a degree of physical strength that would be impossible - or extremely unusual - for women to achieve.

Like bench pressing 245lbs, 10 reps, for example.

Somehow I doubt that the Men Of Google (2019 calendar?) can bench press 245lbs, 10 reps.

Mything the point: The AI renaissance is simply expensive hardware and PR thrown at an old idea

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Supreme Court raises eyebrows at Google's cozy $8.5m legal deal

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Re: The Bret thing

> take this shit somewhere else

Uh-oh. The School Principal is here. He's kickin' ass and taking' names.

Behave, or he'll tell Mom and Dad at the next PTA.

I'm shaking in my boots.

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Re: @ST The Bret thing

> Dude, quit trying to be a lawyer.

For your own sake, stop posting dumb shit. I don't think you realize how illogical your entire argument really is. Save yourself from further embarrassment.

Brett Kavanaugh didn't lie because I say he didn't lie. That's your entire argument, in a nutshell.

Never mind the fact that he was indeed caught lying, repeatedly, under oath.

That's the problem with right-wing Trumpkins. You are incapable of constructing a logical argument based on facts. It's called post-truth. Meaning: your prejudices, opinions and biases overrule facts. And when you're caught in this fallacy, you always resort to the victim grievance fallback.

Try something new for a change. Maybe it will work better.

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Re: The Bret thing

> I don't remember anything about him caught in a lie and I check BBC news

The fact that you don't remember anything about Brett Kavanaugh being caught in a lie does not mean he wasn't caught lying once, or more than once.

It only means that you don't know if he lied or not. That's not exculpatory, which is the obvious intent of your post.

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cash-strapped Harvard University, Stanford University [ ... ]

Stanford is really cash-strapped too. Its Board of Trustees sings l'Internationale at the start of every meeting. Hoping for a better day.

We're Zuckers for a sequel: Brit MPs' battle to grill Facebook boss continues

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Re: Zuck just doesn't give a...

> [ ... ] he's either just a front man or the "not knowing" is a act.

He's the frontman for the collective "not knowing" act ongoing at Facebook, in the Executive Suite.


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