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Just for EU, just for EU, just for EU: Forget about enforcing Right To Be Forgotten outside member states


Re: Information wants to be free

Its totally irrelevant though. In the modern world suppression or hiding of information is becoming more and more difficult. To me it appears to be a futile last ditch effort by global governments to try and withhold certain information that is circulating about on the web from the populations under their remit that they deem inappropriate.

There are so many information sharing platforms about now and they are constantly growing it is impossible to censor and hide data/information by geo-ringfencing. Take a look at kids and they way they use the web ( i know from my kids), data is shared via game chats, application and media is shared by chat apps such as wechat/instagram/whatsapp/line and most of the younger generation regularly use VPN's for media consumption out of region and for torrenting... if the EU is serious about restriction information to its populace then they will need to block all forms of contact outside of its borders that isnt monitored, ban VPN traffic and prevent failbook contacts messaging anyone outside its borders, Russia Tried it a few years ago, it isn't possible. yes you can make stuff fail to appear in a search engine for the non educated masses but it only takes one person with minimal tech knowledge to see a video of 'footballer a' snorting cocaine off a hookers tits that is deemeed a breach of human rights and blatt it to all his mates on whatsapp failbook or whatever and its gone viral in a matter of hours.,


The Right to Suppress your population more like...

How would this even work ? EU retards. This is information control by the EU on

their own population in its early stages... what, they gonna ban VPN's next ??? They say China blocks most the web from its citizens,, they wanna go down that road too ???

Security bods: Android system broadcasts enable user tracking


Wi-Fi network name: , BSSID, local IP addresses, DNS server information and the MAC address

Local IP addresses ?

So you can potentially sniff this information from a droid and gather the above info from all devices on the said Wifi Network? I guess from MAC you could potentially identify what equipment may be running on said wireless network. I could be missing some key point but i still cant see how this could be anything but just an annoying vulnerability that leaks some data which is pretty much useless.

Please correct me if i am wrong


Well..... not great but at least the WiFi password isn't leaked so that's one positive. Data leak yes but major security hole: Not quite. You share more data by using Failbook ! ;)

LG G7 ThinkQ: Ropey AI, but a feast for sore eyes and ears


'kin notch. No thanks

No idea why everyone feels the need to add a notch 'feature' these days and pretend to be 'apple-esque'. Looks retarded.

You're Donald Trump's sysadmin. You've got data leaks coming out the *ss. What to do



Its almost impossible to secure your network from internal employees, they are SUPPOSED to be trusted. Id guess they could go down the line of sending suspects to GB (not the UK) for a weekend break of waterboarding to weed out the moles but that would most likely be seen as too extreme even for Mr T.

Insane blackhats behind world's most expensive ransomware 'forget' to backup crypto keys


These guys just did everyone a massive favour!

If anything this tactic will kill this attack method variant dead in the water. The whole purpose of this type of scam is to fool the less tech savvy into parting with their cash to get their sh1t back but if this tactic continues and the general public begin to believe that they wont receive their precious wedding pics even IF they fork out a few hundred quid then the whole thing becomes a waste of time and the incentive/temptation to pay is removed from the equation.

Well done you thick black hatters, this group of scum just toppled the whole cash pyramid. We just need Joe public to believe that they wont recover their files whether the pay or don't pay and then you have lost your revenue stream. Bring on a few more attacks just like this !

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion


I hope they identify and release details of what caused these devices to randomly turn into pocket bombs.

My guess is a hardware issue with the charge circuitry. I don't know enough about the science behind LION charging but i was under the impression Samsung don't use standardised charging tech in their phones.... Pretty sure my S7 doensn't have/support Qualcomm quick-charge, i think its called Samsung fastcharge something along those lines..... if they have stopped production completely and ordered a full recall i can only assume this is a fundamental design failure that cant be fixed rather than a dodgy batch of components? Anyone wiith the know-how have thoughts/suggestions/theories ?

Pay up or your data gets it, Fandroid


So just to settle this....

Default on android is to block installation of apps from unknown sources.

If you attempt to install you will be provided with a warning prompt about the dangers of installing from unknown sources that are untrusted blah blah blah...

You can then decide if you want to disable the security if you wish to over-ride (also given the option to allow one specific installation before it re-enables). This is in place incase you want to install something you KNOW is secure, its part of the freedom Android offers over IOS...

There are always going to be idiots who are stupid enough to just click away and accept anything, then flame android saying its not as secure because the went ahead and disabled the security in place to prevent this!!!

Hitler ‘ransomware’ offers to sell you back access to your files – but just deletes them



I got a fishing email from 'Samtander' last week where the crooks couldn't even spell the bank correctly in the email subject.

Surely if these people invest the time crafting these packages to socially engineer us folk then maybe they should use spelll check ?

Yes that WAS a deliberate typo. )

£8 BILLION is locked into UK.gov's failing IT schemes, El Reg analysis reveals


I have some questions.....

Having never worked directly for Govmt bodies (by choice) i assume at some point in the past they did all their 'computa tech stuffs' inhouse?

Why was it all originally outsourced? Was cost the primary reason? Is it still cheaper ? Did they have monumental fails before it was outsourced?

Do they even give a shit?

Tinder bans under-18s: Moral panic averted


Re: think its because of crime

Im pretty certain if you were intending to to commit a 'sex' crime you would not want to get caught and you avoid the app like the plague, using tinder is not a great start.

I doubt many women would entertain going anywhere alone with someone they met on tinder who didn't have a photo online or turned out to be not the person in the photo they posted!

If your hookup gets a bit frisky and things get out of hand then theres a nice mug shot to hand over to the cops. Yes yes i know that people can set up fake FB accounts / details but it takes a very smart individual to have an online presence and interact with legitimate honest individuals and then cover their tracks unless they have quite a comprehensive technical knowledge (most of the readers here? ;) ).

The number of crims that cant explain why they alibi locations vary from from cell tower location data never ceases to amaze me.

The hardest crimes to solve are the random and not premeditated ones

The hardest crims to catch are the ones that are totally off the grid, no phone no internet presence no social networks.

British Airways, IT staff job cuts, an outsourcing biz ... you get the point


Went through a similar situation at my workplace. Welcome to 21st Century IT. Outsourcing purely to reduce costs generally works, but like with most things, cheaper means lower quality.

If you pay peanuts, you WILL get monkeys.

Outsourcing has its place and if done correctly works very well. In situations where the decision to outsource for purely financial reasons (bean-counter bonuses) it normally ends up being a complete fail.

Locky ransomware is spreading like the clap


Re: docm's deleted

Agree. Infection vector for this latest malware is email + Social engineering. .docm can easily and should be banned as an attachment from external addresses at the very least.


Re: BitCoin... seriously?

Sorry but what a crazy tangent to go off on. You suggestion is the equivalent to asking for cash to be banned as criminals exchange it for drugs an you can't see a paper trail that can be retrospectively analysed by a bean counter at anlater date.

Spotify mulls Swift change of policy – we can stream Taylor, but we'll charge


Re: One day the millenials will ...

RE paying and having nothing to show for it: I believe prostitution proves that this is a successful and proven business model.

Huawei Q3 shipments soar, expects to shift 100 million mobes abroad this year


I assume this is mainly due to the 6P Nexus device which has received some Awesome reviews?

Other phone manufacturers please take note!......

Customers want devices with non of their 'bundled shite' and 'overlays' and lack of software updates when they want to push their next devices

Huwawei have always been a small player in the mobile phone world with modest success until fairly recently. It takes manufacturers a good few handsets and years to build up a good reputation and following ( and lot less to lose it ),

They stuck their necks out and managed to secure partnership with Google to provide one of the Nexus line phones and they did well! Pretty much instant demand and sticks them in the spotlight for the next year at least. I can see good things to come with their mobile fortunes, i just hope they can make them pretty damn fast to keep up with demand

Carphone Warehouse coughs to MONSTER data breach – 2.4 MEELLION Brits at risk


Encrypted or not?

So,,,, this just news-fodder for the media or was this a serious data breach/theft?

If all that was stolen were encrypted card details then thats as much use to criminals as an igloo in Australia....

I will admit that having details stolen due to a breach is embarrassing but thats why important data encrypted in the first place!

What gives? Are CFW not telling us something? Encrypted data isn't any use to anyone unless they have the means to decrypt it, why didnt they announce that whilst data was taken it was safe and inaccessible and therefore 'no need to panic'....or was it the media that failed to mention that...?

Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP



LARGE, ROUND and FEELS SO GOOD in your hand: Yes! It's a Nexus 6


another Meh...

Would have preferred a device half way between the Moto x and the Nexus 6 size-wise with a 1080p screen and a pricepoint half way between too.

QHD on a 6" screen is just a battery hog, 1080p would have been much more sensible for a Nexus, just my 2c. Will look at it and consider the purchase but most likely will hold off.

P.S all you phablet haters, take a look at the Z3 compact, bought one for the wife and they really have carved out a nice niche market for 'sensible' sized phones

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