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Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven

RC Robjohn

If people are going to comment that Dr Who is nonsensical and implausible perhaps they need to get a good nights sleep. Wake up - this is fiction! It has always been fiction and is not meant to be realistic. If Danny became a Cyberman and slaughtered everybody including Clara then the episode would end abruptly and Dr Who as a series would end. I have watched it for many years (too many) and could pick an unrealistic moment from every single episode. I will pick one nonsensical occurence at random; whenever the Daleks come across the Doctor they always pause and he is allowed to speak - is this realistic? No. I know this will happen every time but it does not take away my enjoyment. The reviewer slates the series (for reasons best known to themself) which I think has been pretty good and when the Doctor propelled his Tardis along using his fingers in the last episode well that was a touch of genius. Take any Sci fi series and it would not be hard to pull it apart. Star Trek for example. How did Kirk always survive whilst the poor security men in the red tops always died? Maybe because it is not real??? I was not a fan of Matt Smith as I never really felt he got to grips with the Doctor but Capaldi is very good.

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