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EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections

Mel Carnahan

Pastor Ted Haggard, Border Inspector

Don't forget the anal cavity searches.

Burned by a MacBook

Mel Carnahan

No pun intended

These things aren't Made in Japan. They're designed in some California sprawl wasteland and built somewhere where fish contain more antiobiotics than hospitals. The same thing happened to my Macbook Pro. Stop your whining and buy a new one. No matter how you look at it Windows is far worse and there is no other real option for a Linux or BSD pre-loaded and software-supported notebook on the market. So the hardware is a writeoff. You're paying for the free software. And free software is worth paying for.

It's people like you who drive up the cost of Macs. Buy a new one and stop whining. You can't run a business without multiple redundant computers and backups anyway.

Nokia N800 internet tablet

Mel Carnahan

Handheld Linux Multimedia Computer

The perfect UMPC replacement. The e-mail client supports multiple accounts but not multiple inboxes. Otherwise, this device stands above almost all other mobile gadgets. Pair it with a bluetooth phone and build on Linux instead of a weak, proprietary phone operating system. My Nokia smartphones crash but this Maemo device never has more than an application glitch. Would be nice to see a port of Firefox and Thunderbird but it's hard to see how even the iPhone or any phone will provide a higher resolution internet browsing experience than this device. Still difficult to find in the shops, though.

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