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Woo-yay, Meltdown CPU fixes are here. Now, Spectre flaws will haunt tech industry for years


IBM Power Processors Also

Also includes IBM's Power processors


Shazam! Apple chucks £300m at Brit what's-that-song app – report


It's going directly into the HomePod!

Take off, ya hosers! Silicon Valley court says Google can safely ignore Canadian search ban


No matter how you swing this, it comes down to Google protecting revenue over copyrights. If some decided to advertise a competing search service as Foogle, Uoogle, Coogle or Koogle on Google, Google will act swiftly to removed or reject such content!

Donald, YOU'RE FIRED: Rogue Twitter worker quits, deletes President Trump's account


Twitter's new AI seems to be working too well!

Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships


Magnetics propulsion - just follow the new magnectic north lol

No one still thinks iOS is invulnerable to malware, right? Well, knock it off


Why did this article even make it onto the reg?

IBM to launch cheap 'n' cheerful Power server for i and AIX userbase


Re: S812

You might have better luck calling IBM sales or customer service where you can receive a custom quote. When it comes to IBM i, the cost of each machine is never the same.

Microsoft: It's TIME at LAST. Yes - .NET is going OPEN and X-PLATFORM


Somewhere, some hacker, virus developer is drooling over this great news !

Google vows: Earth will vanish in 2015


Google's 1st Black Hole!

Darn we are witnessing the first man made black hole!

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'


So that explains the multicoloured iPods:)

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