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One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once


I clicked

But building a nuclear reactor in a shed using materials from (insert_random_shop) and my "enhanced alien intelligence" probably wasn't a good idea.

And M'lud that concludes the evidence for the defense.

Also is a published physics paper on said reactor acceptable as evidence?


Re: Bye bye lots of classic films

And classic science fiction.

namely the episodes of "Star Trek: The Original Series" where Kirk (a) makes a homemade cannon using chemicals found on the planet where he encountered the Gorn, and (b) uses the Corbomite bluff to get out of being obliterated by the First Federation lightbulb ship.

Also "Sliders" where Prof. Arturo fixes a failed atomic bomb to blow up an asteroid, and the plans are actually authentic. And about a dozen other episodes.

Also "Macgyver"... pretty much every episode.

Anyone know the hotline number for reporting suspicious Internet usage? pretty sure that sitting there for hours downloading stuff is suspicious especially with a glazed look on their face and muttering in some strange arcane language about science not normally available to mere Muggles (tm)


I hereby declare

That though my intentions to explore nuclear and condensed matter physics were benign my Internet history is highly suspicious.

Later visits by the authorities seemed to suggest that either they did not understand the very detailed notes I send them or they

simply wanted to prove conclusively that I had something really dangerous up my sleeve. (Spoiler: nope)

The problem is that if merely clicking on a link is imprisonable then (a) they will need to turn a tenth of the UK into

a prison, or (b) ban the Internet. This would tend to support the conclusion that developing interstellar travel

capability is a higher priority than I first thought.

Seriously, what the actual hell is going on?


Boss of venerable sect with millions of devoted followers meets boss of venerable sect with... yeah, you get the idea


Pope vs AI

Would be intrigued to see this happen one day.

Maybe we can arrange a meeting between "Sophia" and Most Holy Father ?

Random: might be some time in 2024.

Phone data recovery


Phone data recovery

Incidentally has anyone else taken apart some phones with TouchID or other fingerprint scanners?

Rumor has it that a certain fruity company got in trouble because as it turned out the sensor still worked most of the time but as the security chip is on a separate physical line even slight damage to the ribbon or corrosion was enough to make it trip if for any reason the phone unexpectedly restarted after the rogue update or low battery or.. etc.

Symptoms: when you run the test if you see even one single red FAIL change it because if you don't, unlock may fail at some point in the future leaving you locked out for good!

Fortunately most of the time it just needs cleaning and reseating.

No thanks to (company rhyming with dung) for gluing everything to everything else resulting in a ruined screen despite extreme care in disassembly to the point of OCD.

The cable shows massive corrosion so pretty sure its history anyway but at least now I know why it broke in the first place and the wrecked screen already had serious burnination and flickered in some modes anyway so it was on its way out.

Also handy: if you have a broken digitizer plugging a mouse in via USB-OTG sometimes works if you use the right kind of mouse. Not my discovery but tested it here and it did work.

You can to some extent fool the chip by feeding it offset RF signals via a copper patch antenna but thats way too much work unless the data is really REALLY vital and there is no other way to get to it, same with touchpads incidentally.

If anyone knows of a way to reliably get the data off a phone motherboard with a burned out PMxxxx IC so there is a battery symbol for 2 seconds then nothing please let me know!

Tried USB, no dice. Also battery when put in another phone DID charge, to 20%.

With sorry Soyuz stuffed, who's going to run NASA's space station taxi service now?


Dirac shield

Rumor has it that a certain group in the US *may* have made some progress but not sure how much.

Their device is based on using positrons in a Rydberg or other highly excited quantum state based on tuned lasers to generate what they are describing as a "Dirac Hole generator".

If it is able to lift a 5mm diameter silicon disk weighing about 180mg against gravity using off the shelf 22Na as they describe then to scale it up is feasible albeit somewhat expensive.

What is not clear is whether CERN's antimatter storage unit can be retrofitted with a conduit to direct the positrons into the drive which is also under vacuum, electromagnetic shielding keeping air out until at >60K feet where power can be ramped down without losing efficiency and other important aspects like radiation shielding of the crew capsule and cryogenic coolants.

It may be less of a problem however as any 511keV gamma rays would be produced upon annihilation with electrons which due to the quantum effects might be several seconds ie >1200 feet away from the craft.

Huge ice blades on Jupiter’s Europa will make it a right pain in the ASCII to land on


Re. Icebreaker

Actually they may well send a nuclear powered submarine probe there once all the bugs are worked out/etc.

In order to melt the ice it would need to get up to some 200C for several hours and the best way to do this would be something like a small plutonium source (238Pu) and a heat exchanger.

Astroboffins may have found the first exomoon lurking beyond the Solar System


Not allowed to call this one

Moony McMoonface.

(gets coat)

Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials



Maybe relevant but it looks like a lot of "old" laptops might have had evil BIOS chips.

The specific affected part numbers are 25L16 and 25L08 and symptoms include sudden failure to boot and other strange behavior but it can include clock shifting and corruption of hard drive/SSD.

One thing which is very strange seems to be that the laptop responds to certain inputs despite displaying all the symptoms of BIOS corruption. How hard would it be to "imitate" this failure for information gathering purposes then mysteriously fix itself when the right key combination is entered by a technician?




Hi, has anyone run into "dead" BIOS's on laptops etc?

I had some success back in the day doing crisis recovery but it rarely lasted.

Maybe the chips wear out?

Seem to notice it more on 25x08 and 25x16, the higher density ones seem better.

Had one the other day where it sits on a flashing cursor and nothing else.

Interesting fault though, often can't get into the BIOS at all which almost suggests some

form of malware.

I had this happen on a lot of older "mini" netbooks including the AOA110, AOA150 and others such as the NC10 and NC130 as they all use similar chipsets.

Other affected machines: C650/660, etc invariably using DDR2 or DDR3 memory.

thanks, -A

Project "Backstep"


Project "Backstep"

Hi all,

Anyone interested in a copy of this, as managed to recover "something" from old notes suggesting that to send a signal back in time is a lot simpler than first thought.

Essentially the method is to set up the SDR receiver and datalogger beforehand, continuously record the signal and aim the transmitter at a region within the thunderstorm that is likely to produce positron clouds and thus has a chance for a CTC to form for 1-5 seconds as the positrons decay.

It only really needs a couple of Watts RF if done right, even a simple dish with 1/4 wave antenna should work but for safety it is better to ensure that any signal generators send short bursts of data only with a very simple pattern such as short number sequences which can show up on the SDR as a frequency comb distribution.

If someone else stumbles across it they will get gibberish.

I am not precisely sure but some RF anomalies such as long duration repeats may be linked to this effect.

Intriguingly I think this happened once by accident a few months ago, got some sequences suggesting various events that did in fact occur (eg Shape of Water winning Best Picture).

AI beats astroboffins at sniffing out fast radio bursts amid the universe's clutter



Could the aliens be using a nearby galaxy (more likely several) as gravitational lenses to re-focus and boost the signal?

Think "Gate Bridge" here.

Also relevant: its possible that the "Wow!" signal might have been sent in the same way, possibly from Trangulum or even further afield.

If you think about it using this method means you can ping multiple galaxies from one antenna on say a rotating planet which would be a good way to say "Hi there!" without risking repercussions, due to that most inconvenient speed of light delay.

A boss pinching pennies may have cost his firm many, many pounds


Re. Warranty Denied

Haha. I have heard of folks buying *used* drives off Ebay for DR purposes before sending a drive off for "proper" recovery (frowned upon by official DR companies) but this is a whole new level of assclown.

In fact I am in the meerkat for a used ST9750420AS if someone has a spare, this particular one seems to have a board fail. 9RT14G-500 0001SDM6 Spins but no activity, no clicks, nothing.

Has some important data on it but mostly just web browsing. I'd like to get it back one day if possible but to be honest its not worth £600+ though may one day be handy for verifying my physics notes circa 2015 preceded official discovery by about three years.

Very fortunately it was backed up to a mirror so was merely an annoyance.

A flash of inspiration sees techie get dirty to fix hospital's woes


RE. Re. $Deity mode

GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. (remove final period) does work.

What I don't understand is why it shows SDR# is causing 90% of the errors.

Anyone have a theory? machine is pretty old but program does work fine most of the time.

Drama as boffins claim to reach the Holy Grail of superconductivity


More information on bipolarons

Essentially a bipolaron is a quasi-particle believed to originate from electron interactions with phonons (lattice vibrations) which are themselves a quasi-particle of probabilistic origin where the electron orbits are distorted into a resonance.

In fact HTSC is a manifestation of quantum effects on a macroscopic scale.

I am now working on a variant of earlier work, please feel free to contribute.

The intriguing discovery of Br doping in graphene is believed to be causally linked to HTSC in that it might be a precursor so we now have the graphene equivalent of a Mott insulator.

Ever seen printer malware in action? Install this HP Ink patch – or you may find out


PC Load Fist

Otherwise known as the "12 pound CLUE HAMMER repair technique"

I have a nice collection of dinosaurs here, scared ze missus when I went "Full Arnie" on the unfortunate victim printer and amazingly enough this unstuck it enough that it printed fine.

Its still working!!

Did you know that cats love printers? You can always tell because the guts are *totally* clogged up with icky cat hair, kind of like a trichobezoar but less messy.

Same with laptops but they normally do not survive this treatment.

First low-frequency fast radio burst to grace our skies detected at last


Uh, am I the only one

580 MHz is the sort of frequency that might be used for an interplanetary radar.

Low frequency, far away from the hydrogen band and a quiet area of the spectrum.

Tech team trapped in data centre as hypoxic gas flooded in. Again


Re. biggenbang

Around the time of the previously mentioned KABOOM my mini seismometer went off, consisting of sample of pyrolytic graphite hovering over four small magnets in a Halbach array.

Went to check on something else and the graphite was sitting on the window sill.

Catch is I was hundreds of miles away.

Any ideas?

Laptop scrapping


Laptop scrapping


What useful parts/scrap metals can I get from in old laptops?

These are ancient dinosaurs pre-i3 so aren't worth much as complete machines by the time you factor in shipping and handling.

Thought about stripping off the copper alloy coolers as there is quite a lot of Cu in them.

At this time of year I can plate it out for nothing using solar.

Maybe the CPUs, Wifi cards etc are worth something?

Nuking media


Nuking media

Hi folks.

I have found something interesting, there is a second hand market for used SSDs and memory cards if they do still work.

I usually just zerofill them but has anyone got a tool that checks the wear leveling data similar to the SMART on a conventional hard drive? I have yet to see anything like this but no doubt the manufacturers use it in production.

Thanks in advance!

Batteries are so heavy, said user. If I take it out, will this thing work?


Re: Hmmm :(

Very fortunately the contacts can't be reversed.

I have a dead "tough" Olympus here (u1020?) if anyone has a use, MB is fried.

Display etc are fine, pretty sure its an easy fix but symptoms are that it turns on then immediately off with "Low Battery" even with a new charged tested battery.

Also a more recent unit, this one has a bad screen and no sadly they aren't interchangeable.

£29 is a big chunk of change for such an old camera so its cooling its heels in "BOFH Hell" in a cement-and-plastic overcoat next to my unlicensed nuclear accelerator.

Opportunity knocked? Rover survives Martian winter, may not survive budget cuts


Day 5,601

"Wheeeeeere iiiiiiissss eeeveryboddddddy... "

Curiosity SYSLOG X10820

Contact lost with Earth on 29 June 2019, Mars SOL *5601

Something isn't right here, has there been some accident or catastrophe back on Earth?

Last data packet said nothing was wrong so switching to backup protocols.

Attempting data packet burst ID "(WHRARYOU00)" on classified backup frequency 11.025 GHz

to report "Finding *888, possible evidence for fluorescence on wavelengths associated with DNA base pairs U and A, not corresponding to terrestrial life patterns or known calibration data stored"

no reply

Awaiting input.

Do computers have NDEs?


Do computers have NDEs?

Hi all.

This may sound a bit esoteric, but what happens when a PC "dies" but then gets brought back by HDD cloning, component repair etc?

I'm talking full non bootable here, not just a simple restore from last known good.

Had a machine here like that, one day after strange problems it just failed completely.

Concluded that the HDD had failed irreparably and after various attempts ended up getting it cloned by a third party despite it not working properly (booted on similar MB but unable to copy user data)

Somehow (we don't know how) the 1TB drive did copy just barely and was useable afterwards but obviously had some problems.

Still using it now!

Data corruption seems to show that something bad happened during a routine update but based on the corruption pattern it was not merely a normal failure.


Bloke sues Microsoft: Give me $600m – or my copy of Windows 7 back


To be honest

W7 x32 may be old now but the hardware itself will run x64 fine.

I used 10 for a while on two of my machines but it really does suck, hard.

Problems that on W7 are inconvenient on 10 are totally catastrophic.

OS should *never* hard crash when a USB device is unplugged safely or otherwise.

Flaky firmware and user rights to repair


Flaky firmware and user rights to repair


I am in the very unfortunate situation of having a "lemon" Freesat box which randomly crashes normally in the middle of a long film etc.

It has been used more than usual (ie on for 5-6 hours at a time) but not my fault.

Symptoms: can't get "Dave", several other Freesat channels and sometimes won't come out of standby and runs hot (45C+) also external hard drive never worked to the extent that it picked up the drive and tried to format then failed miserably.

Retailer claims that the drive "isn't big enough".. Uh, WTF?

I tried to update the firmware according to manufacturer instructions but nothing works, can't even get it to recognize any pendrive plugged in. Batteries in remote are brand new and tested.

Suspect it might be hardware but it was discounted a lot (down from £109 to £94) so it could have been an older model which never got updated

Is there any legal recourse I can take to force H*m*x into releasing a patch, as this is *really* annoying to effectively waste a week's salary on this junk.

Superconducting neural nets and sentient hardware


Superconducting neural nets and sentient hardware


Seems that in 2017 there was a similar discovery, but using light propagation in place of resistance changes directly between large populations of artificial neurons.


Could this be a monumental step towards truly sentient machines?

It appears that Moore's Law has run out of steam and due to bugs like SPECTRE its now far too complex a problem to be resolved using conventional methods.

A possible construction might be a submicron (28nm) 2-D chip which is large enough not to be significantly affected by quantum effects, with the 3-D silicon/germanium funnel memristor arrays between them and interconnected through TSVs.

This would be "programmed" by the previously mentioned superconducting system which lays down the simpler pre-sentient pathways so that it does not have to start from scratch.

Heating would be far less of a problem due to the very high efficiency, as the whole brain might only need to run at <0.3V and areas not used can be turned off as needed.

Irony: a conventional laptop with a 3D-M array in place of its DDR4 chips might be able to organize and store information far more efficiently.

Perhaps even fix SPECTRE/Meltdown/etc on the fly by compensating for the performance loss incurred by breaking branch prediction.

Death notice: Moore’s Law. 19 April 1965 – 2 January 2018



No wonder Bitcoin went into full MELTDOWN.. investors probably realized that the current generation of miners had indeed hit the wall and they would not get any smaller without yields dropping to unacceptable levels. Last time I checked Bitmain had run into significant problems making the chips any smaller than 9nm and even Nvidia has decided to try and limit supply of their cards to miners.


I would be concentrating on using current GPUs for deep learning and in fact there are commercial products available targeted at inference (cough Movidius /cough) and other custom chips for certain types of data but the more Tflops the better. A relevant piece of information is that the units in hospitals are often 2GB ancient cards due to the licensing and certification despite them being very primitive by modern standards.

Sick burn, yo: Google's latest Pixel 2 XL suffers old-skool screen singe


In related news

I am after some S6 (not edge) screen assemblies, also one for an S7.

Not bothered if the glass is cracked slightly or screen is burned to hell and back as I only want to get these working for development purposes for my SPECTRE/Meltdown patch.

If anyone has a spare panel for these please let me know as its really hard to develop code when you can't see the screen.

Obviously if someone can help I'd send them a copy of said patch for third party testing.

message to anarchy 2012 rat hotnail dot co drat uk

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs


My data points

Did fresh 10 install on Phenom X2/8GB 12800 DDR3L/C650D machine with brand new SSD.

So far it seems to be working fine but did notice that the damnable atibtmon.exe error is back after one round of patches.

Could there be a connection?

I have yet to try it on an older system as it is in pieces due to the lack of a working graphics card and my 40" monitor being tied up with fecking This Morning!

(cough multipath hack with 3D glasses so I can use the TV at the same time /cough)

My older system is a Core 2 Duo T7300 running Intel/W7 x32 so shouldn't be affected.

Also two netbooks both Intel Atom based.


This is why

If you use Windows always have a hot swap drive in reserve in case the system gets totally broken.

This got me out of trouble more than once when for no discernible reason a routine KB update hosed my system (black screen during startup).

Yet installing the same update on a fresh install then the hot swap drive worked fine.

Maybe undetected malware/drive corruption/etc ?




Hi all.

Can anyone help please?

I have some ideas for a patch on Android devices abandoned due to age (ie Note 4) as discussed it should work by flushing unused areas of the chip with PRNGs effectively dummy data to prevent an exploit using speculative execution or other memory overflow variants exfiltrating data.

This is mainly because it seems a shame to simply discard hardware, a slight drop in efficiency would be a small price to pay and I can probably optimize it for Space Paranoids (tm) mode or just basic usage.

Ironically a BTc/Monero/etc miner by design might be a good starting point as it would pick up certain problems so a given core or cores can be "blacklisted" before it brings down the entire system.

Any ideas?

At last, someone's taking Apple to task for, uh, not turning on iPhone FM radio chips


Re: It's an age thing.

Is this why Oakleys used to say "Thermonuclear protection" ?

Everybody without Android Oreo vulnerable to overlay attack


How to fix this

We need to know, a choice between knackered data and "theoretical" risk isnt much of a choice is it?

Living in space basically shoves a warp drive into your blood stream


Re. infection

Actually I thought about this and it seems that part of the problem is that internal changes can be caused by a sterile (or very low bacteria) environment.

If so then simple custom probiotics might solve many issues, also using magnetic fields seems to help somewhat.

It may be that you only have to expose some of the body to gravitational acceleration and if so then this reduces needed field strength by an order of magnitude, within the range of permanent magnets.

Extreme laptop hacking


Extreme laptop hacking

Hi all.

Just finished my mod on the C650D, now using 44% of the CPU and no apparent slowdown.

Before it was throttling even at 19% load on the Phenom 2.

Mod: replace existing 0.4A with a 0.5A fan containing double the blades.

Had to do some plastic butchery and modify the casing with fragments of a broken Ipad screen light spreader as they were just the right thickness.

Now for the warp drive: can I mod the BIOS so it does the following.

1) replace fan table with something a bit less primitive

2) have it boot from the internal SD as well as HDD and "BIOSBoot" so if all disks are unreadable the laptop still runs somewhat and contains a failsafe that can rebuild even onto a totally wiped drive

3) backs up all FATs, etc to failsafe storage *2 so in the event of malware the drive can still be salvaged.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones


Re: Please tell me

M$ seem to be really good at backing the loser: Surface,Windows Phone, HD-DVD, etc.

On the flip side HD-DVD modules are perfect for hacking PCB etchers and other DIY uses and a good way to get into UV lasers.

I made a 3 output PSU from my external which was useful for about maybe 2 years.

Fans got "recycled" to fix a pricey monitor with a bad IC, if you kept it cool no glitches.

What they should do is rebrand not simply abandon the technology. HD-DVD is still used for archiving (security through obscurity?) and Surface tablets are finding medical applications as cheap HD screens for hospital use or so it seems.


Please tell me

These will just be securely wiped, and then reinstalled with custom firmware (abandoned = open source) and given to the needy? 36000 phones for the poor would go a long way.

I had this idea a while back as M$ did the same with Atom netbooks which still run Lubuntu perfectly well.

ASUS smoking hashes with 19-GPU, 24,000-core motherboard



Methinks that GTX1080Ti would be better for playing Crysis.

Also how much faster are these specialized cards?

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired


Bad chips!

I know why they broke: seems that the fault is a high density 8 pin flash chip similar to a laptop BIOS.

Problem seems to be that the timing is off and inadequate failsafes exist so portions of the memory are written incorrectly.

It was a trade-off between not having to wait for 1 hour+ for a "routine" update and having a bricked TV once in a while, usually it can be recovered but not this time.

Irony: reflashing 8 pin chips is quite simple with the right kit and I am working on a project to repair just this sort of failure using an internal "remote flash" rig that backs up firmware on the fly.

see this, someone else's project.


New project "Logan"


Re. Project Logan

Was reference to Logan St Clare.

aka Sliders.

I think this could work, at least for medical imaging and a compact MRI-like device that could image a sample several feet away with a superconducting magnet cooled with a closed cryocooler.

If higher temperature materials are feasible then a handheld "remote control" could actually scan for anomalies just like a real tricorder.

Ai breakthrough "could lead to 2018 Singularity"


Re. Skynet

Open letter at the moment about AI weapons.

But yes I think there needs to be a discussion about laws prohibiting certain types of "killer robots" certainly incorporating a version of Asimovs "Three Laws" from the get-go.

A robot should have the right to refuse a human order if in its own judgement the action would result in substantial loss of life and violate international law.


RE. Re.

I am aware that a lot of Kurzweil's writing is speculative science fiction, but up until maybe 2007 256GB on a fingernail was so ludicrous that people would question its existence by 2016.

The "wall" for memory chips was believed to be 4GB/in2 but this has since been revised.

Intriguingly my old Samsung Core 2 laptop seems to have a lot more processing power than first thought, those "wasted" 64 bit circuits are apparently being used despite running in 7 x32 mode.

Looks like this is why only 4GB is allowed, it would compromise the custom modded BIOS.

Once tried 7 x64 in error and it had issues, perhaps this has been fixed now?

The idea of using a quantum computer to "juice up" existing hardware is intriguing and worthy of further study.


Ai breakthrough "could lead to 2018 Singularity"


Not overhyping this honest but my 2016 estimate of 21/2/18 at 7.02 am for the Singularity might not be entirely inaccurate.

I have actual data here suggesting that a quantum computer could achieve some level of self awareness in conventional non-quantum hardware (eg DDR3/4) and this model shows that mapping out the memory to locate regions of maximum beneficial instability would work.

A conventional annealing setup probably wouldn't be enough, this would require the 50 qubit system but still a significant advance if the GTX1080Ti cards with 12GB RAM were used.

32 cards giving a total of 384GB RAM and running at maximum output would have the same intelligence as a two year old in certain tasks such as image recognition.

The DDR4 modification of address line randomization is a non issue as the algorithm is not in fact random but by design entirely predictable and I am in the process of modifying the system to work around it.

Those Movidius AI "sticks" might also be handy for a lower budget version as they are based loosely on Bitcoin miners which only recently became public knowledge and explains >8 month delay on release.

In this case 4 1080Ti's would be needed with a custom rig containing two AMD 1950X 18 core chips and 2C/4S per node, maxed out at 128GB RAM.

Hacking for fun and profit


Hacking for fun and profit

Hi all.

Has anyone else figured out creative uses for off-the-shelf electronics?

Current projects include:

Hacking BT headsets to turn them into UARTs

Modifying infrared thermometers, scales etc to add the missing USB output

Hacking TVs to enable features such as selective backlight (ie stealth mode) and

retrofitting LEDs to CCFL models, RGB backlight for high contrast/3D mode.

Capacity testing/reconditioning of batteries using old PS4 hard disks as a dummy load

add your project(s) here

Where there's smoke there's a Galaxy Note: Refurbished Model 4 batteries recalled


Re: Re. NFC

Yup, was aware of 4.0

The reason I think they used NFC is that most older phones do not work with BT tiles, their intended market seems to be holidaymakers who often use (in many cases) burner phones so if they get damaged/lost then its inconvenient but not catastrophic.

We had this discussion at the Hackathon last year!

The right time to drink coffee



Peak for me, I have no idea why.

Maybe due to some circadian clock issue, it is hard to know.

Cancel your summer trip to nearby Proxima b. No chance of life, room service, say boffins


New physics

We don't yet know exactly how Jupiters field is generated.

It is possible that a super earth might have a far stronger magnetic field than Earth for the same reason; as the geodynamo could contain radically different mixes of metals. Earth has nickel iron but it could just as easily be nickel iron cobalt, or have elements heavier than uranium which are even more effective for generating a truly monstrous field.

I did some preliminary calculations suggesting that an earth sized planet is far below the minimum size for an effective field but suggesting we might be the exception rather than the rule.

in fact aliens might ignore us because their astronomers are concentrating on systems with large rocky planets with a certain key metallic signature in the stars spectrum.

Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts


Re. Pi

Probnably better off using the PCBs from relatively recent (eg Note 4) smartphones with cracked screens, they are quite a bit faster than a Pi 3 for the same or less power usage and can be substantially improved with a little heatsinking.

I tested this with an S4 Mini and S3 Neo, both power up with the screen unplugged and USB available so there shouldn't be any problems here.

Irony: that "old" smartphone is actually 24* as powerful than those early Pentium 133 machines and added bonus is that its onboard Wifi/Bluetooth can often be repurposed for intra-node communications.

Lack of range is not an issue and transmit power can be turned right down so the chips don't overheat.

Forget Iran and North Korea. Now there's another uranium source



Certainly fits the data, though the catch is no black holes smaller than maybe 3.8M0 have been seen.


Would the hypothesis work with micro-black holes as you might see at an advanced state of decay ie maybe a Jupiter's mass or less?

Flash fryers have burger problems: You can't keep adding layers



Maybe. I did wonder if this might get around interconnect issues, provide chip power using 13.56 MHZ around the edge on each chip then offset chips similar to how microsd are made. Advantage is a bad shorted chip can simply be ignored not doom the whole tsv stack!


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