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NHS England digital boss in hot water over 'puff piece' written about her future employer

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There is no such verb as "to pen"

There is no such verb as "to pen"

Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest fling new bank cards at folks after Ticketmaster hack

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Why is there a picture of Brian Blessed?

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

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Re: Cancelling Flights

Interfering with a tortoise?

Here's 2018 in a nutshell for you... Russian super robot turns out to be man in robot suit

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"that is the world in 2018"

Yeah, I don't seem 2019 being any different.

Lenovo tells Asia-Pacific staff: Work lappy with your unencrypted data on it has been nicked

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Yeah yeah, they take it "very seriously".

3ve Offline: Countless Windows PCs using 1.7m IP addresses hacked to 'view' up to 12 billion adverts a day

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Don't be 3vil

1,700 lucky Brit kids to visit Apple Stores for 'Year of Engineering'

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Re: Huh?

"the engineering department" - aka Foxconn.

Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

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Wah wah waaaaah!

But it will be worth it to regain our sovereignty.

And the NHS will get an extra £350 million a week, remember.

If Shadow Home Sec Diane Abbott can be reeled in by phishers, truly no one is safe

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Stop dissing Jeremy's girlfriend!

ICO poised to fine Leave campaign and Arron Banks’ insurance biz £135,000

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Chuck that toad in the Tower of London

Will of the people my arse

Woman who hooked up with over 15 spectres has found her forever phantom after whirlwind romance and plane sex

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Stop it!

You're giving me the willies

Belgium: Oi, Brits, explain why Belgacom hack IPs pointed at you and your GCHQ

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Spies found spying.

Film at 10.00

Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs

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I didn't see that coming. You've got to hand it to the Cleggster. And he married a top Latina MILF too.

Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi's largest update so far

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Re: E-mail alternative

I used The Bat! back in the day. I contacted their support with an issue once, and they got straight back to me and it was clear they knew their stuff.

The only reasons I use Outlook are because I've got Office anyway and I like the calendar.

Pain spotting: Russia's Aeroflot Docker server lands internal source code, config files on public internet

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More pictures of Russian air hostesses, please.

First it was hashtags – now Amber Rudd gives us Brits knowledge on national ID cards

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Ihre Papiere, bitte.

Brit armed forces still don't have enough techies, thunder MPs

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You're thinking of pheasants.

Activists rattle tin to take UK's pr0n block to court

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Re: Educate, don't legislate!

Personal Protective Equipment?


'World's favorite airline' favorite among hackers: British Airways site, app hacked for two weeks

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Re: a damp squid


Microsoft sharpens its claws to cut Outlook UI excess, snip Ribbon

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Ten years on and people are still whining about the ribbon.

And public folders were deprecated about a decade ago as well.

Winner, Winner, prison dinner: Five years in the clink for NSA leaker

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Sod her

If you can't keep a secret, don't take a job that involves keeping secrets. It isn't for her to decide what remains a secret and what doesn't.

See also: Brian Regan

Everyone screams patch ASAP – but it takes most organizations a month to update their networks

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Re: It depends

You don't have the luxury of time to test anything. As soon as the patch is released, the bad guys can do a delta of an unpatched system and the patch and work out the vulnerability within minutes. A teenager in his bedroom in Macedonia will work out an exploit within hours.

This isn't the 1990s. Many of your servers will be VMs, so you can take a snapshot, a clone or should it go monkey, restore the VM from backup. Microsoft patches are all installed via Windows Installer, so you can roll back very easily.

Idiots argue if you patch systems, you might break something. The truth is, if you don't patch systems, something's going to get broken.

Now and again you might break something by applying a patch. So what? Stuff breaks each and every day in IT, and each and every day we fix it. That's what we do. Stuff breaks, we fix it.

Ultimately you have two choices: patch ASAP or get pwned.

Facebook flat-out 'lies' about how many people can see its ads – lawsuit

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Re: This is another easy win for Facebook

Facebook "does not create 'Shadow' Profiles of people who aren't Facebook users".

They said so themselves in their reply to my GDPR request.

Devon County Council techies: WE KNOW IT WASN'T YOU!

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They need a lesson in grammar too.

There is no such verb as "to trial". Something "is either on trial" or it "is being tried".

Can we talk about the little backdoors in data center servers, please?

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"an antiquated NEC CPU core that was popular in optical drives back in the day"

So what? Don't knock an IC just because it's old. It may be the perfect choice for the job. Plenty of Z80s still in use running vending machines and so on.

Anyway, iLO2 is obsolete, if you're running beige DL380s with the word Compaq on the front, you've got other problems to worry about.

Top Euro court: No, you can't steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact)

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Re: Prepare for...

You agree with the principal? The head of the college?

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"The European Court of Justice has determined that a website must get permission from the copyright owner of an image before it use the picture itself"

Yeah DUH

It's called copyright.

The internet's very own Muslim ban continues: DNS overlord insists it can freeze dot-words

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Inshallah, brother.

Politicians fume after Amazon's face-recog AI fingers dozens of them as suspected crooks

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Amazon should go back to selling books.

Code of conduct claims new Texas Instruments CEO after just six weeks

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Poor sod. Did you know you're not allowed to slap a bird on the arse anymore? Not even if she's bending over.

Micro Focus belches as it struggles to digest HPE Software

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His name is Kevin Loosemore?

Ticketmaster breach 'part of massive bank card slurping campaign'

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"El Reg asked firms named in the research to comment"

Ooh... let me guess what they're gonna say.

"We take the security of our customers' data extremely seriously, la la la"

AAAAAAAAAA! You'll scream when you see how easy it is to pwn unpatched HPE servers

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"get patching"

Do we get the BIOS update for free? Or do we have to "prove entitlement" and sign up for a "support agreement"?

Asking for a friend.

And in current affairs: Rogue raccoon blacks out city power grid after shocking misstep

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Gemini goes back to the '90s with Agenda, Data and mulls next steps

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It syncs with Google and Apple servers

Fuck Google, fuck Apple

you can ask the Gemini voice assistant to "Ask Alexa what is the time?"

Or I could just look at that thing on my left wrist.

Euro bank regulator: Don't follow the crowd. Stay off the cloud

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Well who'd have thought it

Next week: How to suck eggs

Not API: Third parties scrape your Gmail for marketing insights

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When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?

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If you lie down with dogs

you get puppies.

Google leaps on the platform formerly known as Firefox with $22m splurge for KaiOS

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Nokia 8110 4G is due out on 4th July, I really, really want one, but I'm damned if I'm going to let Booble anywhere near me or my data.


IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'

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Re: They walk among us

He is a living god. The Yaohnanen tribe, who inhabit the South Sea island of Tanna, believe Phil to be the son of a mountain spirit, a divine being.

Man Belong Mrs Queen Baylis, Matthew (2013) Old Street Publishing. ISBN 978-190869964-0

Ticketmaster gatecrash: Gig revelers' personal, payment info glimpsed by support site malware

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Yesterday someone tried to buy £500 worth of stuff using the credit card I bought a couple of tickets through Ticketmaster with. Credit card company was on the ball and blocked it.

German researchers defeat printers' doc-tracking dots

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Re: Did it really sink Reality Winner?

" fingering her"?


Happy birthday, you lumbering MS-DOS-based mess: Windows 98 turns 20 today

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Anyone else remember the IE 4 Channel Bar?

No, I thought not.

The hits keep coming for Facebook: Web giant made 14m people's private posts public

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"chief privacy officer" ?

Softbank's 'Pepper' robot is a security joke

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There's nothing like a Pepper™

Ongoing game of Galileo chicken goes up a notch as the UK talks refunds

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I voted Leave

But only because I thought it meant "leave things the way they are"

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It'll be worth it

We're going to regain our sovereignty. And the NHS will get an extra £350 million pounds a week, don't forget.

Finally: Historic Eudora email code goes open source

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I used it for quite some time but gave up because it couldn't do Cyrillic if I remember correctly.

I then used The Bat! which was very good, but once you've got MS Office and start using Outlook's calendar there's no going back really.

TalkTalk ups the (dis)satisfaction ante as UK folk wake up to borked email

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Re: Oops, this is what happens when you try to login


How did you get Outlook to do that?


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