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Bad news for WannaCry slayer Marcus Hutchins: Judge rules being young, hungover, and in a strange land doesn't obviate evidence

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Re: "while talking to an unnamed associate over a recorded prison telephone line"

why al the down-votes? It's fucking true!

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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Get George Digweed in!

A professional shot-gunner would have no trouble taking out the drone. And the article is wrong about spent shot representing a hazard as anyone who has been down-range on a shoot will testify.

The forward motion of the shot (where the destructive speed is involved) is exhausted in the upward arc and by the time it starts falling is pretty much gone... if it wasn't the shot would carry on travelling on the leading edge of it's parabola, but no matter once it peaks, the speed is gone - and it starts to fall, losing forward momentum all the time. Spent shot, in such a situation, is a rain of tiny pellets (mostly steel now-a-days), no worse than - and in my experience, much less than - a hailstorm. - Been there, done that.

It's a phone with a peel, but you'll have to wait a bit more for retro Nokia

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A particular 8110 ringtone is my choice on my P20pro

What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs

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so... the story of Laputa - castle in the sky will be an account banning tome?

("La Puta" is big swears in Spanish)

This is madness - how do they expect to process language differences, bhenchod?

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook

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What a coincidence!

I, too, have spent years railing against the poor quality of Musician Neil Young's audio

'It's back to the drawing board...' Innocent axions found not guilty of dark matter crimes

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Don't make stuff up so your sums work...

It seems there is a correlation between the shrinking estimates for dark matter ratio versus the increasing ratio of observed conventional matter based on new discovery: Galaxies existing in huge bubbles of hydrogen (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/09/hubble_andromeda_galaxy_gas_halo/), vast webs of hydrogen connecting galactic clumps (http://www.iflscience.com/space/astronomers-directly-image-filament-%E2%80%9Ccosmic-web%E2%80%9D-first-time/).

I never accepted the premise of dark matter "our sums don't add up so we'll invent something to make them". I have every expectation dark matter, as it is conventionally envisaged, will wither to nought as our discoveries, quite literally, fill the void. In the past tow or three years we have discovered extra hydrogen that amounts to a quarter of the mass of the universe that was unknown five years ago... Science will answer everything but it takes a while.

As with all good science, I will be delighted to be proved wrong with the discover of the dark matter particle(s) - and let's face it, we have barely scratched the surface and are infinitesimally distant from the Planck Mass.

Brit moron tried buying a car bomb on dark web, posted it to his address. Now he's screwed

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All these apologists on here! The author did mention Ockham's razor.

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines

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Re: Hacking the Law

"hopefully by taking pictures and automatically uploading them to tailgatingwankers.com"

which of course is a mirror of getafuckingmoveonyoulanehoggingpri.ck

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Re: If I am not driving, then I am not responsible for failure to follow road rules.

It all depends on the vehicle - if it is a driver-less, autonomous vehicle then yes I agree with you.

If it is a Tesla running in auto-pilot (i.e with driving controls and a driving position) then no I don't.

In the latter, you have to be able to take control of the vehicle. Simple as that.

You are blind and cannot drive a "normal" car, therefore the same rules apply. You can jump in a little autonomous pod, but as you could not be expected to take control of the vehicle, a Tesla is out of the question.

Captain Boing

It is simple - you still gotta be a driver

If you own a vehicle with auto-pilot capability, you still have to have a driver in control - the idea being you should be able and ready to take control If you notice anything wrong - and I think that includes exceeding the speed limit. I know the idea is that you can relax a bit but is that really realistic?

If you don't when you should, this is still driving without due care in my book. No need to muddy the waters with "iffs" and "whens"

It should only be an insurance thing if the vehicle is driver-less , like the little pods they are trialing at various cities around the world. So you couldn't allow a little old lady to buy a tesla as a personal taxi if she can't drive.

Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

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wait a minute...

... one paragraph in, checks author... yep - thought so... closes window

Programming in the Middle Ages: Docker makes a lovely pair of trousers

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Farewell Cassini! NASA's Saturnian spacecraft waves goodbye for its Grand Finale

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Crappy article. Littered with typos and inaccuracies... "shuttle" "places place", "Jupiter's moon Titan"...

Does no-one proof-read their work anymore?

must have be a work experience kid's homework

4/10 see me

Equifax mega-leak: Security wonks smack firm over breach notification plan

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... and Equifax sat on the news of the leak for 41 days! so that three senior execs could dump their stock...


Dolphins inspire ultrasonic attacks that pwn smartphones, cars and digital assistants

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Dolphin in (Insert Point of Presence) Pwns Smart Tech With This One Weird Old Trick

<ignores article>

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

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but... but...


OMG, dad, you're so embarrassing! Are you P2P file sharing again?

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crap report

"if you rip music, you use whores and hurt puppies... you don't HURT puppies... do you?"


from my observations, the reason those "older" people who rip music is because they can and they know how to do it. Generation snowflake, while prolific on line, tends to be, largely, technically inept.

I have seen it I have a house full of <30yr olds... There is no way in hell todays yoof are buying their music out of some altruistic mission. For one reason or another, they simply have no other way open to them.

MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech

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when you have been treated unsuccessfully with fake meds... it is still your life. So when you get all stressy about the lack of protection from being exploited in this way, am I still to fuck off?

didn't think so. How big are the wheels on your goal post?

Captain Boing


"... to ensure you don't lose any of it."

you are still aliasing anything between any two bit counts.. step from 14 to 15, what about 14.3? it cannot be _faithfully_ encoded in a digital form .. . you have lost immediately by sampling. In a lab, virtually any sampling resolution could be shown to be different from the original. I get what you are saying but you need to qualify "perceived loss"

If audiophile reckon they can tell the difference if the signal comes through cable with oxygen in the insulator then this matters no?

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"If they think it does, that is all that matters in that context."

bomb detectors, fake brands, homeopathy, cheap chinese shit from ebay...

People need to be protected from being ripped off regardless of what they think

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'

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"land of the free"

nuff said

While Facebook reinvents Sadville, we still dream of flying cars

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what the actual phuq???

I want off this rock

PACK YOUR BAGS! Boffins spot Earth-size planet most likeliest yet to harbor alien life

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Re: I don't get it

@Axman said: "Why do exobiologist/astroboffins insist on the 'goldilocks zone' thing. We are, after all, talking about alien life.


... exoticophiles - things like bugs that use solvents other than water, thingymajigs that operate at cryogenic temperatures utilising superfluidity and superconductivity, gassy bags of ephemeral catalysts floating in Jupiter like skies, organised magneto-creatures feeding off of a star's chromosphere... I could go on and on and on."

Simple. As your comment points out, the permutations are dizzying (and currently unknown to science). However, we DO KNOW it works with the "goldilocks" mix so lets start on a certainty to minimise the task. It happened here so is likely to have happened elsewhere.

Streetmap loses appeal against Google Maps dominance judgement

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@ J.G.Harston

Just noticed - you have a history of slagging off google maps here. Bet you are a fanboi

Captain Boing

what a stupid, identi-kit slap at big corp. - GM is far from a "crayoned mess" ya goit!

People vote with their feet, if GM wasn't fit, no-one would use it and it would die. Everyone slags off starbucks for the same reason - fact: Their coffee is good and appeals to a LOT of people.

GM is the same. I prefer their clean looking profile over Streetmaps dated A-Z look. If I need more streets go to the OS Explorer maps and the times I have used streetview to scope out a destination so i actually know what i am looking for when i get there is a great use of tech... I know that google are not doing this out of some altruistic ethos... in the same way i know TV programs are just something t keep me hooked in-between advert breaks.

Google got big because they are good at what they do. You might not like what they do (they are very creepy) but to keep us hooked they provide some nice trinkets.

I am not saying they would not exploit their position to further their own cause - just like vauxhall or ford recommending their own parts when you get your car serviced. It happens all the time.

My hole is a private thing – see for yourself

Captain Boing

Alistair Dobbs - yawn

OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision

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"not at all"? so when faced with map or no map, you would prefer the latter if there was only google. Exactly.

google maps I have found to be very accurate and the map data is subject to much tighter correction/alteration than anything else, and street view is excellent for showing me what I am looking for when I get to a new address (mainly UK or Canada).

Really, John, don't stand on the sidelines and sneer - get involved, make a difference.

Captain Boing

hmmm... has a long way to go. it seems it is uni-directional, you don't have a lot of scan around a particular point , and even some goyt has used his approach/departure from heathrow plan to "add" info. IN THE DARK!!!

Like most crowd-sourced stuff, it comes from a loving place but it will degenerate into mediocrity and flame-wars

I don't like Mondays, Pokemon, Twitter or Facebook – Sir Bob Geldof

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Seriously? these rock-knob luddites (geldof & bonio et-al) just need to STFU now and collect their royalty cheques. It was reported that one African rapper turned down Band Aid 30 because Africans are sick and angry with their continent being constantly portrayed as a starving dust bowl when the truth is far from it.

The original Band Aid is a classic example of townies "helping" country-folk (its a metaphor guys) The BBC world service found, in 2010, "evidence, compelling evidence, that some of the famine relief donations were diverted by a powerful rebel group to buy weapons". This article is a hard read to anyone (self included) who misguidedly gave money http://www.spin.com/featured/live-aid-the-terrible-truth-Ethiopia-bob-geldof-feature/ and it is widely accepted that Band Aid aided and extended Mengitsus war, but now with heavy battle weapons purchased from the Russians with Live Aid money (my money!) to provide him the best equipped army in Africa at the time. And... added 10 years or so to the war which now could not blow itself out.

Would YOU start a fire? TRAPPED in a new-build server farm

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or... like me, get yourself an automatic centre-punch. *click* and it shatters enough for you to just knock a way through. Great for car/coach/train windows too. About the size of a chunky pen so easy to pop in your tool wallet

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Re: Design flaw

no more star trek for you. :o)

Ten years in the clink, file-sharing monsters! (If UK govt gets its way)

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everywhere will catch up sooner or later... there's money involved, if only perceived.

Captain Boing


Big business pulls strings of government

Romania suffers Eurovision premature ejection

Captain Boing


you have to pay to be in that shite?

No wonder Israel and Arsetralia are allowed in, their cash is the same colour as everyone esles right?

I guess i always knew this was a scam just the numbers blew my gourd.

Ad slinger Phorm ceases trading

Captain Boing

what a bloody shame!

my heart bleeds

Rebels defeat the Empire (again) by giving BB-8 an API

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Re: dude. you need to grow up

"I suggest you change your handle to Captain Boring..."

ooh, my aching sides! you are very late to that party. Your wife will be overjoyed you aren't a 15 second wonder at everything.

Captain Boing

not intentionally, tubby. Haven't been near a Jizney product since Aladdin

Captain Boing

dude. you need to grow up

grown men playing with toys have issues. in another world you would be one of these odd chaps with a cap riding behind a tiny little train just trying to fulfill a childhood dream. let it go.

I hope your BB8 treads in dog poo

Neil Young yanks music from streaming services: 'Worst audio in history'

Captain Boing

what a ponce.

crackly vinyl, squealy AM, hissy tape all beat a 192K (or even 128k for that matter) MP3 or OGG. don't think so dickhead.

your music sucks anyway

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'

Captain Boing


I have been shouting about this since I was at BT way before 2000 and asking what we were doing about the "Geek's Millennium".


Astroboffins eyeball MONSTER GAS HALO hugging Andromeda Galaxy

Captain Boing

There'll be a similar buble round most if not every galaxy. Nuf H?

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Re: Why should Apple be worried?

@wake up bef...zzzzz

just another frothy-mouthed, phlegm-speckled, knee-jerk "leave Britney alone" post from a rabid fanboi. Does anyone care about anything you ever say, ever? Even your nick is fanboi.

each to his own.

Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO

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it doesn't necessarily have to be anyone in your "sphere of influence". I have fielded calls already where others (customers, not family or friends) have been gifted new devices and feel empowered to call me outside of office hours during the holiday for help setting up their mail etc.

Man asks internet for $1k for pebbles. INTERNET SAYS YES

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I like meths. Could you advise on the different qualities to be had around the globe? I stole some off a whino in New York and I have to say it wasn't a patch on Halfords in Bletchley.

Captain Boing

difference is ice floats so the cooled drink is "convectively cycled" Stones would ensure just the bottom of your drink was cold... not a problem if it is a shot of something strong I 'spose but no good for general use unless you were stylishly swilling whilst leaning on the bureau or huge fireplace staring moodily at the drink before striding off with purpose... memo to self... must drop the poirot box set from netflix.

Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX

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Re: Pfffttt

you couldn't spell "pfffttt" for starters

Google Chrome on Windows 'completely unusable', gripe users

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Wah! who knew? I have been unimpressed with the childish "Snap", "Nope" etc in Chrome for a while and just last week it went completely potty on a win7 machine i5 + a stonkabyte of disk and ram. Even after a few reboots to tame the bleedin' thing... dumped it and went back to FF. That said I have it on a number of other machines and it is fine... bit bloaty (huge working sets) but meh. So very hit n miss

Bond villains lament as Wicked Lasers withdraw death ray

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All these down-votes on comments mentioning using these on creatures - from now on, anyone who has had their Sensoyumer Gland removed is not allowed to comment, k?

No-one is seriously suggesting it guys! You don't need to stamp your little foot, Jeez!

Captain Boing

Re: I like toys but...

There is a limit for car headlamps but I think it is specified in Watts (based on a conventional tungsten filament incandescent design). I have KC Daylighters on my 4x4 for when I use it off-road and there is a warning on the box they are not road legal. As we know from 11watt LEDs in our kitchens, Watts != light energy in those terms we are used to and HID lamps can generate much more light for the same power. I think the kits you get to retro-fit conventional headlamps are illegal - I may be wrong, but this might be because they require a different focusing. The the lens has a different design on factory fitted HID lamps - probably to throw more light on the road and not to the sides for exactly the reason the OP bemoans. I have also seen damage done to the poly-carbonate outer on a set of Seat Agora(?) headlights that were converted by a boy-racer - this manifested as a round white "smokiness" directly in line with the internal reflector. Ironic.

My HOUSE used to be a PUB: How to save the UK high street

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I see most of this as the evolution in retail. Years ago, people used to take a jug to the farm gate and get their milk, then it changed with the Milk Marketing Board cornering the dairies and making it so you buy your milk from them. Now we buy it with the groceries and the milkman is crying coz he is part of a moribund business model.

It is a shame to see these things happen but they always have. If I think hard, I can see a time when the big supermarkets would like to close all their stores, save on rent etc and supply everyone online via a fleet of vans operating direct from the warehouses. I am such a hypocrite - i love the "high street" but I shop online and in supermarkets primarily because the high street is so inaccessible what with daft traffic schemes and punishing parking charges.

It seems the big supermarkets are missing one bit of information as they try to fathom out their demise - consumers are a lot more savvy than they used to be... they don't want to pay 55p for a turnip (you know who you are) and they are being made aware of how badly the supermarkets bully their suppliers - I definitely punish Tesco because they screw over the dairy farmers and pay a price per litre of less than cost... but then I buy milk from supermarkets... told you I was a hypocrite. Would I stop buying mil if the price had to go up to pay a fair price to the farmer and a slice of profit for the retailer? of course not. But it isn't working like that - the greedy bastards want all the price as profit. They are the architects of their doom - it has been a long time coming, but then they have been taking the piss for a long time.


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