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MIT demos picowatt radio for Internet of Things


Re: Is saving 10nW worth it?

anything to help add to deployment lifetime is a step in the right direction. 10nW over years of deployment can add up, especially for low-duty-cycle devices. how much it adds up to depends on a lot of other factors, though. getting deployment lifetimes over 1 year is still a big challenge for a lot of "IoT" systems, which can make a lot of good ideas unfeasible.

Powering the Internet of Stuff – by sucking electricity from TREES


IoS? Where've I heard that before?

"The popular press keeps banging on about smart thermostats and wearable technology, as though that were the Internet of Things..."

Surely The Reg would never stoop to such silly pooh-poohing when they of course know full well the difference between the cambrian explosion of networked measurement systems that is upon us and a toaster that tweets.

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose



or some networked thingy for the home. looks purdy...

Greedy datagrabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies


bad security in IoT has one important cause that bad security in the "normal" internet does not: scarcity of resources. encryption is computationally intensive for embedded microcontrollers that otherwise need to do very little processing. and encrypted data adds a lot of overhead to protocols designed for embedded networks, which increases power consumption a ton (not important for mains-powered devices, but very importany for battery-powered ones).

just thought I'd add that here, since it's very rarely mentioned. of course, imo lazy/cheap development is still probably the biggest reason why security in the space is so dismal...


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