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Giffgaff admits to billing faff, actually tells folk to turn it off and on again

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I got a whole penny back. Made sure they paid it into my paypal account. Not sure how much they'll pay for that transfer.

Get NAS-ty: Reg puts claws to eight four-bay data dumpsters


Doing your business in the long grass

My HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer with 8GB, OpenIndiana and Napp-It delivers >100MB/s (>800Mbps) read and write performance off a three disk RAID0 striped volume of 2TB drives. I've set up ZFS snapshots every hour and send nighty ZFS snapshots to a remote server for DR.

The box cost £150 with £50 cashback, OS and NAS software was free. The £300 I saved from buiding the box myself was spent on a second server for backup purposes and drives.

So, yes these DIY boxes aren't in the same league, there in a league above the ones listed.

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