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Verizon is gonna axe its 'unlimited' data hogs


Re: To all the wireless carriers...

It's not a 200GB plan. It's a plan with an undocumented limit. This week they may kick people off at 200GB. Perhaps next week it will be 100GB. Who knows what the limit really is?

Printer security is so bad HP Inc will sell you services to fix it


Re: FTP?

> surely no-one exposes their printers to internet anyway?

Surely they do. How do you think some of the cloud printer services work?

https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/ says:

Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects your printers to the web. Using Google Cloud Print, you can make your home and work printers available to you and anyone you choose, from the applications you use every day. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from.

VMS will be ready to run on x86 in 2019!


Some of the utilities are already available for other operating systems:

DCL: http://www.sector7.com/vxtools/commands/vxdcl.html

EDT & TPU: http://www.sector7.com/vxtools/editors/

The holy grail would be to run pre-compiled applications and translated on the fly without having to recompile them. This would be similar to MacOS when it first came to PowerPC (from 68k) and some VAX code on Alpha (via a translation utility).

I had an application that I compiled on a Vax in the late '80s and ran until 2013, switching from Vax to Alpha and upgraded OS releases, without ever recompiling it. For the last 17 years I ran it, I didn't even have a license to the compiler for the language it was originally written in (Fortran).

Google AdSense abused to distribute Android spyware


And yet we're not supposed to block ads. Sigh....

Mozilla to boot all plugins from Firefox … except Flash


Because not allowing ad blockers adds so much performance, stability, and security back to our browsers. Yeah, right.

Sprint: Our 'unlimited' mobe plan has one tiny limit: High-quality video


That performance sucks

And here I sit with my S6 on T-Mobile at my office - on 4G LTE with WiFi off - and Speedtest reports a download speed of 47.20 Mbps and an upload speed of 18.39 Mbps.

Internet Explorer stars in monster October Patch Tuesday


Our Linux friends did NOT get their systems patched before the bash exploits were in the wild. Some vendors still have not updated their appliances, storage servers, etc. And how right were they? We've patched and you're good to go! Oh wait. Patch again. You're good to go! Oh wait, let's try again.

I be stupid to defend Windows as being more secure than Linux but Linux isn't perfect either.

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