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Kobo Mini 5in compact e-reader review

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Strange, I managed to activate my Kobo Glo via WiFi, no software or USB needed, pretty sure the Mini would do the same

Sony sparks digi book fireworks with ePub move

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@D@v3: Try waterstones.com for legit Hitchhikers ebooks, got mine from there...

Qnap TS-219P Turbo Nas

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I have one of these, despite the review not mentioning it, it does come complete with support for Macs and Linux, including NFS and AFP, also you have SSH access to the Linux install running the device for any really in depth tweaking/modifications you want to try

Apple 4G iPod Nano

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Shake to shuffle?

I can't wait for the Shake n Vac spoofs to appear on YouTube...

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

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David Copperfield

Not sure where you got the 2.9mb for David Copperfield from, I just tried downloading it from manybooks.net and it came to 958K.

But I've had a prs-500 for over a year and just upgraded to a UK 505 and don't regret it at all

Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

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@It's actually pretty nice

The 505 I thought did appear as two mass storage devices (one for internal memory, one for the card)?

@ Only for XP & Vista users

You also missed that it doesn't support 64 bit versions of Windows (well, the usb driver at least I believe), on the other hand, calibre runs on Linux, Mac and Windows to let you handle the books in an open source way ;)

Simon Dick

It does read PDF

It's always been able to read PDF (I have a PRS-500, the previous model), but the most recent firmware upgrade improved that to reflow PDFs for better reading on smaller screens, and with the ePub support, I gather it supports DRM PDFs too, but they didn't upgrade the 500 so I have no idea myself :)

There's an open source program called calibre which is excellent at converting various format to compatible books, e.g. LIT, HTML, Mobipocket, text, RTF (it doesn't strip drm, you'd have to do that yourself)

Thomson DTI 6300-16 TopUp TV Anytime DVR

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The EPG gets downloaded daily at 11:30am or so, that's why you won't see the full 14 days at first (and series link only works once you have the 14 day EPG downloaded too)


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