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Oh, and another thing, Qualcomm tells court: Apple handed Intel our chipping source code


Re: Qualcomm is desperate

And you know this for sure, if so, how?

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world


Insider edition or not, Windows 10 of any release is not stable enough at all!

I recently had a failure after a Windows 10 update, it failed to install an update, then failed to roll back, then just looped through this cycle repeatedly. Tried several things in an attempt to fix it, and actually eventually managed to get it to boot, but it would blue/green screen after a few minutes. I thought the RAM might be faulty but it seems ok in another PC.

In the end I started with a new SSD on different hardware. All that's installed on this PC is Firefox and Office 2016. But recently it's started crashing instead of waking up when the mouse is moved. It doesn't do it every time, but often enough to be really annoying.

And just yesterday I needed to install Office on a domain PC, and it failed with a really cryptic and long message that meant nothing. Of course, this message only came up right at the very end of the installation wasting more time. Installing Office with admin rights (on a domain PC) no longer works on the current build of Windows 10, you have to log off and log in with the LOCAL admin account to install Office. It's like Microsoft actually hate their customers and are deliberately pushing them towards other solutions.

Typical cynical Brits: Broadband speeds up, satisfaction goes down


I actually like Virgin media...

I have the yearly fight over the price every time my contract is up, but usually end up getting what I want or some kind of beneficial compromise (this year it's a price reduction and doubling of my speed to 200Mb). Aside from the arguments over the price every 12 months, the speed is good and it's actually quite rare that I have any issues - I could count the amount of issues over the last 5 years on one hand (or 3 fingers). We stream quite a lot of content, sometimes a 4k Amazon stream in our living room and two other Netflix streams simultaneously elsewhere in the house, and it does cope quite well.

Two's company, Three's unbowed: You Brits will pay more for MMS snaps


I'm actually happy with Three, I do have to fight every year for a better deal when my contract is up, but that's just the way things are these days with the companies selling these kinds of services. Currently on £10pm for 8GB data (no tethering), unlimited texts and minutes.

These changes won't actually affect many people, except for those that consistently go over their allowances, which means they're on the wrong contract anyway.

I might be wrong about this, but doesn't the receiver also pay when getting pictures via SMS? I thought I read this somewhere. I always tell people to use WhatsApp! if they need to send me pictures...

UK mobile customers face inflation-busting price hike


You just have to shop around, or threaten to leave your current supplier when your contract is up. I just renewed my contract with THREE for another 12 months, giving me 8GB data, with unlimited calls and texts for £10 per month. That includes their feel-at-home (Europe) package meaning I can use my allowances abroad without paying extra. This doesn't include their other package that includes non-EU countries however, but that's fine for my usage.

Punctual as ever, Equifax starts snail-mailing affected Brits about mega-breach


CallCredit Noddle are terrible too.

Call Credit refused to remove erroneous data from my Credit Report depsite me having provided them with all the evidence they had asked for. It was only when I contacted the Financial Ombudsman and they got involved that it got cleared up. I then was paid compensation by CallCredit themsleves, and also Cabot Financial who also refused to stop chasing me for someone else's debt. Simialr situation with Liverpool Victoria, however they repsonded very quickly when I pointed out their error, and offered me £250 as an apology.

Crumbs. Exceedingly good cakes, meat dressing price hike in wake of the Brexit


If people actually thought they would be financially worse off, they may have voted differently, but it's done now, most people will very likely be worse off.

I think any deal the government manages to negotiate should be put to the public at the end of this two year period. If the deal is crap, then why continue down the path to ruin? Of course, there a chance we may get a good deal, but whichever way it goes, at the end of the two years of negotiating, the question should be put to the public again once the terms are known.

Information on smart meters? Yep. They're great. That works, right? – UK.gov


So, on the one hand you have the government urging people to switch to get the best deal, but if you have a SMART meter, in most cases it becomes a dumb meter as soon as you switch to a different supplier. Well thought out, my left foot!

Alert after Intel Skylake chips, mobo sockets 'warp under coolers'


That statement is almost completely false (in the UK at least). Nearly all of Intel boxed processors come with an Intel heatsink/fan. There are some models that don't, but these tend to be the K models or high end models, but the vast majority of their boxed CPU's do come with them.

Now if you'd said Intel don't make their own motherboards anymore, I would have agreed, but even that is not entirely true, they do still make their own server boards I believe.

eBay scammer steals identity of special agent investigating him


Just this week I had an Ebay scammer send me an empty, but "signed-for" envelope containing nothing but a flyer, just so he could then provide "proof of delivery" to Ebay. Nasty and deceitful fellow who I suspect will shortly get his just deserts. Have raised this with Ebay who are now investigating, as it's clear he's done this to others, but am also considering calling in the police as well, but with all the cutbacks, it's doubtful they will do anything about it...

Microsoft Windows Mobile 10: Uphill battle with 'work in progress'


I realise you pointed out the good before the bad, but the way it was presented was in a very negative light, a progress-type report on the work so far could have included all of the criticisms you made, but in a slightly more positive light. It is bad for everyone if the no. of mobile ecosystems dwindles to just two. I run the latest build of the UNFINISHED version of Windows 10 Mobile, and for pre-release software, it's actually pretty good, yes there are some bugs, but mostly minor at this late stage. I would actually go as far as to say that Windows 10 Mobile is closer to being finished and is a higher quality product than Windows 10 for Desktops which is obviously already released!


And the fix for the scrambled screen in this PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE takes seconds to resolve for anyone that can read.

Spotify now officially even worse than the NSA


Uninstalled from my Windows phone

Uninstalled from my Windows phone - end of.

Android apps are flooding on to jailbroken Win10 phones


An app ported properly using the right Microsoft tools apparently redirects calls to Google API's to the equivalent Microsoft ones, at least that's what I understood to be the case... So calls to Google maps are parsed to the Microsoft equivalent, whether that's Bing maps, Here maps (or is it MSN maps now), I don't' know. They keep re-branding things that I'm not sure which is current these days.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 rolls out, but progress is sloooow


To proclaim the imminent death of Windows phone based on using pre-release software is somewhat unprofessional surely. Windows mobile may well die at some point, but to foist an opinion and your conclusion on to the public at large based on an OS that isn't even finished is somewhat sensationalist, but then may be that was the intention.

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks


Stop bigging up Three!

Stop blowing sunshine up Three's backside, otherwise too many people will move over to them and my excellent coverage and performance might be impacted as a result. As you've probably worked out, I'm a very happy Three customer and have been so for many years, I get 4G at no extra cost, and my SIM only plan is only £6.90 per month. Happy days.

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