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LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth

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Re: Better alternatives...

@ a_yank_lurker

Bruce Schneier's Password Safe can run from a USB stick. One of several reasons I find it useful.

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"detect if anyone is anyone"

Oddly enough "anyone" isn't in the OED. Anyon is, but I don't think we are discussing particle physics here.

Wannacry: Everything you still need to know because there were so many unanswered Qs

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This sure beats reading newspapers

Keep it up El Reg.

After stiffing us with Trump, Weiner 'fesses to underage cock shot rot

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Re: He forgot something important.

"Probably not Jesus, though, since Weiner is Jewish."
Er... so was Jesus. And Jesus' weiner :-)

nbn™ needs copper to build FTTN: another 15,000 km of it

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@ vid

It may not have been "commercial" (whatever you mean by that term), but Mrs Git's work colleague has had NBN for 7 years come September. The NTD was replaced several years ago because the original was deemed obsolete. It didn't solve the problem of intermittent periods of no service so not sure what that improved.

The Quigley plan we were presented with immediately prior to the election was for our locality to get FW. A significant proportion of our locale didn't; they got satellite instead. Is that what you mean by an improvement? Given the local topography and the already in-place poles that still carry electricity and telephony, to my mind it would have made more sense to have provided FTTP.

But then the FW node doesn't connect to the main fibre backbone in its immediate vicinity. The connection is via a several hundred metre underground link that a dude from Telstra told me cost ~$1,000,000. Goes with the NTD cost of $600 instead of the $15 Ethernet port that suffices in the civilised world.

I find it endlessly amusing when it's claimed these issues are the fault of the coalition when they weren't even in power.

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"As outlined in out previous correspondence, our normally works fine. ...The new supplier is better, offering unlimited "unthrottled" data at $33/month - Currently Speedtest is showing 86Mbps down and 38Mbs up"
Please don't assume that because you can access such plans that we in the sticks can also. Because of contract I'm still stuck with 50 GB for $39.90 per month. We move to town soon so churning would be pointlessly costly at this point. It will be interesting to discover if FTTN is as bad as it is being painted since that is what we will be offered.

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"You need to get a life oh Pompous one. The FTTP product might not be perfect (and probably far from it) but is at least reasonably current technology. The rest is rubbish built for the last century."
As it happens, it was part of the ALP NBN Plan for us to be put on FW that you describe as "rubbish built for the last century". The Minister for Communications at the time we were told this was to be the case was one Stephen Conroy who as far as I can tell was never in the NLP. What we weren't told was that fully a third of my neighbours weren't even to get FW as there's no signal, so they are inflicted with satellite. We do however get to keep our telephones on copper strung on poles that could easily have carried fibre. Being an ALP initiative, presumably you think this was the "best plan" for us. I don't and would have much preferred FTTP.

FWIW, for many years I was secretary of the local branch of the ALP. However, I don't let this get in the way of my preferring the best technological solutions, nor do I hate anyone who is not a LNP supporter.

I also note that part of the ALP NBN Plan was to remove the privately installed FTTP at Dover (the first such in Australia before ADSL even; it was for ISDN) with what you describe as "rubbish built for the last century".

The big selling points of FTTP were the capacity for speeds of 1 Gbps and reliability. I fail to see either in the real world. YMMV.

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"At least the original ALP FTTP had a decent outcome"
Really? You have experienced the results for yourself have you? You call losing connectivity for days at a time "a decent outcome"? One of Mrs Git's colleagues was one of the earliest adopters and still has ongoing problems. Our FW connection only goes down for 4–6 hours at a time about once a week. At least I get nearly 10 Mb/s these days rather than the 3 Mb/s we had for the first few months. NBN is definitely overhyped and underperforming in my book.

But then what's real-world experience versus being an ALP partisan?

Faking incontinence and other ways to scare off tech support scammers

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"If I'm reading a book I'll sometimes read them a few paragraphs of whatever I'm reading."
What a great idea! I just put Finnegan's Wake next to the phone :-)

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Re: Freak 'em out !

"But what happens when they do want to be your friend?"
Suggest that you will be happy to use a condom?

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... the scammers ask for Mrs Git by name. I ask: "How do you know Mrs Git?"

Caller says: "I don't know her. I just need to speak to her."

The Git says: "I believe you are her lesbian lover and that it's you who killed her! This is a crime scene and everything you say is being recorded for evidence."


Plutus Payroll clients and staff fell for plausible business model fairy tales

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Re: Question from a Pom

"If you can prove that a mistake has been made, the bank can reverse any transaction but it is a messy process."
Messy=time-consuming. Unless the amount is worth the time consumed... I've been rogered by landlords and clients in the past.

MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech

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Re: MP3 is good enough for 90% of people.

"There are no "steps" or "staircases" in a digital recording."

Why Difference Between Analog, Digital Isn’t What Most People Think

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Re: No, No NO!

"They tests their MkII valve ampr (1% distortion) , their 33/303 transistor amps (0.1% distortion) against the 404/44 (0.01%)setup.

Not one of the golden ears could accurately tell the difference in double blind testing."

It would be interesting to know what music they were listening to. There was a test of this conducted in the USA back in the early 1970s with a doctored Phase Linear amp (IIRC). The listening panel was presented with various music recordings — flute, piano, violin, voice etc — at different levels of harmonic distortion (THD). THD had to be quite high ~10% to be audible on some content, but was clearly audible at 1% on different content.

It's worth noting that THD varies with the output power of the amplifier. Traditionally it was measured at the amplifier's maximum rated output. Class B amplifiers generate high distortion at quite low levels. Most of the time amplifiers are idling along at a fraction of their rated output.

Two other distortions had already become apparent back then. Crossover distortion in the common Class B amps of the day, and transient intermodulation distortion. The first was overcome by Class A designs though these were only half as efficient as Class B and the second by making amplifiers capable of handling frequencies well in excess of the standard 20 kHz which being beyond the limit of human hearing was considered to be more than adequate.

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"Here let me google that for you:"
Here let me google that for you:

"The decibel ( dB) is used to measure sound level, but it is also widely used in electronics, signals and communication. The dB is a logarithmic way of describing a ratio. The ratio may be power, sound pressure, voltage or intensity or several other things. Later on we relate dB to the phon and the sone (related to loudness). But first, to get a taste for logarithmic expressions, let's look at some numbers."
What is a decibel?

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Re: RE: Convert an MP3 to WAV, then recompress to MP3

"In theory, given a miraculously good decoder and very specific fixed rate encoding settings matching the original encoding, MP3->lossless->MP3 could actually be lossless."
The original experiment was done with Steinberg Clean (Fraunhofer codec). I have no idea where the artefacts arose, in the software or the DAC firmware, but they were definitely there. Much to the chagrin of the dude who first told me "digital processing does not degrade the signal".

Reminds me of when the Sugden A21 amplifier was theoretically inferior to its rivals because it had an order of magnitude higher (or more) total harmonic distortion. In the real world it was the best of breed.

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"Given all of that, a decent bitrate MP3 sounds just fine, and is still good enough to hear the imperfections of the vinyl on the tracks I ripped from LPs."
Shush! You'll scare away all those numpties paying $AU60 for virgin vinyl pressings.

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Re: RE: Convert an MP3 to WAV, then recompress to MP3

"Because my dear deluded friend, MP3 is a lossy format. It throws information away every time it encodes."
Precisely, hence my comment that digital processing does degrade the signal, contra the original comment that digital processing does not degrade the signal. It's not me that's deluded.

Also worth bearing in mind that it doesn't take more than two iterations to tell the difference, so no, MP3 is nowhere near as good as FLAC.

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Re: Headphones?

"Why didn't he use a piano?"
He did. He just chose the wrong dude to tell the story :-)

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"and not one word on APE files?"
Because they don't work on Linux (or didn't). Converted all of my APE files to FLAC several years ago with dBpoweramp.

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"So when you get all stressy about the lack of protection from being exploited in this way, am I still to fuck off?"
Frankly I don't get all stressy when I'm being ripped off purchasing "cheap Chinese shit on ebay". I'd rather pay $AU10 for two camera batteries than $AU140 (plus a stocking fee) each from Nikon Australia. I know who I need protecting from; you obviously don't.

Never mind the wheels on my goalpost (whatever that means), how big is your ego that you know more about my needs than I do?

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"People need to be protected from..."
God save me from people trying to protect me. It's my life, not yours. Just fuck off and let me live it the way I choose!

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"85dB has been the maximum level allowed for headphone levels on consumer music equipment for a few years now, well within the 96db of 16bit."
Really? Relative to what may I ask? One mV input, one watt? Decibels are a ratio, not an absolute quantity.

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""but signal degrades every time you do anything with it"

No it generally doesn't in the digital sampling rates you are referring to - a digital copy of a digital copy is identical...And you would normally be using digital processing on it."

Here's an experiment you can try at home. Convert an MP3 to WAV, then recompress to MP3. Rinse and repeat several times. The signal deteriorates at every step as becomes apparent the more often you rinse and repeat.

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Re: MP3 is good enough for 90% of people.

"gold plating rubs off and doesn't stop the corrosion. it just looks shiny"
For the last ten years I have been getting out of bed at around 1 am and having a cup of tea. To avoid disturbing Mrs Git, I plug in my headphones and listen to some music. As it happens, the 3.5 mm jack plug is gold plated. I just inspected it with my jeweller's loupe and there is absolutely no sign of either wear, or corrosion. I suspect you are doing something wrong bombastic bob...

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Re: I use Lame VBR

"Best of both worlds, and so far I've not come across a player that doesn't handle it."
Double din Kenwood in our Subaru Forester doesn't. :-(

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Re: My old teacher...

"On one Stevie Wonder track, on a decent rig, one can hear a squeaking bass pedal "
The first CD I ever listened to was Ashkenazy playing a Beethoven piano concerto on a pair of Stax electrostatic headphones. I found his grunting while he played quite distracting.

"Sometimes good kit, which need not be expensive, is too good for stuff which was recorded years ago that the engineers then couldn't hear."
The engineers listened to the music at a very high volume so they could hear the quieter bits better. Naturally this fucked their hearing and led to a great deal of excessive treble in the masters they created. Now that I'm suffering high frequency hearing loss I no longer need to compensate. Probably the only positive aspect of becoming senile unfortunately ;-)

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Re: No, No NO!


There's nothing like the non linearity of a BH loop and a tranny running out of iron to adequately compensate for the inherent non linearity of the human ear canal. "

Did you ever listen to a 1960s valve amp and compare it to a 1970s transistor amp? Valve harmonic distortion is even harmonics, while transistors generate odd harmonics that are far more noticeable and annoying.

Even today after decades of refinement amplifiers are far more variable than I thought they might be. My Rotel receiver's fancy electronic volume control decided to die after 16 years of service and it's non-replaceable. Being short of readies until the farm sells, I replaced it with a more recent 2nd hand Sony. I'm not a golden-ears by any stretch of the imagination, but it's best described as very ordinary.

As for oxygen-free copper, surely elemental copper is oxygen-free by definition. Copper combined with oxygen is copper oxide. The reason "monster" cable makes a difference is down to Ohm's Law. Bass reproduction requires high currents and the lower the resistance of the conductors, the less lossy the transmitted signal. And it is audible even when you're not a golden-ears.

Virtual reality upstart UploadVR allegedly had in-house 'kink room,' drugs, rampant sexism

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Re: Cultural-Marxist/corporate/globalist "equality" wage-slavery/depopulation propaganda

"One of the previous ACs complained about «Cultural-Marxist/corporate/globalist "equality" wage-slavery/depopulation propaganda».

This sounds like interesting reading.

Can you recommend any works that incorporate all (or even most) of the above philosophies together?"

Sounds like Derrida, Foucault or another post-modernist philosopher. I can't say I'd recommend reading their "work". As the aphorism goes: The only thing worse than Derrida out of context is Derrida in context.

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Re: "monogamous reproduction"

@ Baldrick

"How many of those are cheating on their husband, and how many are partners but not married at the time?"
Google Scholar is your friend :-)

You could also try borrowing Red Queen from your local library; it's an excellent intro to sexual selection by an extraordinarily talented science writer. My copy is currently inaccessible due to being in storage.

I suspect though from the era of publication and my failing memory that it was married women. De facto relationships were considerably rarer in them days than today.

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Re: Sounds like a fun place to work !

"Maybe it was microdose of the 250 microgram type

.. I always find the term microdose a bad choice for LSD as typical strength tabs are in the low hundreds of microgram range."

Back in the day (early 70s) when acid was the latest thing, we managed to acquire some perfectly formed small pills rather than the usual crude ones or blotting paper. Analysis by a friend at UTas indicated they were exactly 100 µgm doses and likely from Sandoz. I believe a microdose is usually 10 µgm.

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Re: Sour grapes

"The event in question was described as 'mandatory', which means that it was an event at which the company is almost certainly legally responsible for the employees in attendance. If one of the employee at that party tripped and hurt themselves, the company would be responsible for costs and could even be sued. "
I guess that means an unwanted pregnancy would be the responsibility of the company — support payments and all that.

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Re: Sour grapes

"Has anyone complained about women discussing who they got off with at the weekend? None of the women ever discussed who they fancy?"
Back in the early 1970s we put a microphone in the toilet before a party and recorded some very interesting conversation among the women. One remark in particular stood out: "My boyfriend said fucking Wendy was like sticking a telegraph pole up a pinhole!"

FWIW there was no conversation recorded between blokes since by and large men don't take their mates with them when they need a slash. Nor do I recall much in the way of intimate sexual detail being discussed by blokes anywhere. It was mostly talk about cars and motorbikes.

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Re: Sounds like a fun place to work !

"monogamous reproduction"
That's what women want men to think. As Matt Ridley pointed out in The Red Queen some 25% of second children born in UKLand are not the offspring of the woman's husband.

Google DeepMind's use of 1.6m Brits' medical records to test app was 'legally inappropriate'

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Re: Google

"I do not like the way reality is being defined by the glorious and righteous flames of quasi-religious hatred.."
Have an upvote daggerchild...

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Re: There's a more interesting ethical question than just "the rules"

"Would it have been ethical for them to have ignored the fact that people needed treatment and not told those people?

If it was me I would preferred to have known and been treated."

Beat me to it. Have an upvote!

Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant

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"The only evil ones I'm seeing is MS for not supporting this OS and NSA for doing such a shitty job of securing their shit. "
Er... MS has supported XP and issued a patch for the vuln as recently as March 2017. A bit harsh to blame MS when it's lusers opening attachments with a payload that cause the problem.

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Re: So you're blaming a commercial company for not patching a 13 year old OS?

"Why would anyone buy a jack of all trades system, with a life of a decade or so to run expensive equipment meant to last thirty years with a specific requirement?"
No alternative. Hospitals use hundreds of devices "monitoring equipment, alarms, compounders, radiology, things of those nature" that were designed to specifically run with XP. There are zero or close to zero that run on other OSs. You can't purchase what doesn't exist.

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Re: Inevitable

"Windows XP is nearly 16 years old now..."
Almost legal then :-)

Warm, wet, mysterious... sound familiar? Ah, yes, you've heard of this second Neptune, too

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Re: "Does the Sun Have a Surface" by Dr Pierre Robitaille, on YouTube

"We have been systematically lied to about everything."
Do you include yourself in that statement Faux?

Huge flying arse makes successful test flight

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Re: Gasbags

"Git you beat me to it!"
No I didn't! Susan Vash beat us both to it!

Fancy a relaxed boozy holiday? Keep well away from Great Britain

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Re: Fucking stupid stuff

@ Lars, you'll have to remind me. My 66 yo brains aren't up to it. I can recall being inordinately pleased with my then new Fiskars axe and some mention that a pair of scissors I purchased in 1974 or 5 were also Fiskars.

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Re: I imagine if that the tobacco industry were to cease operation...

"Does your imagination extend to imagining the reduction in lung cancer and other smoking related illnesses that would accompany the tobacco companies ceasing operation?"
Does your imagination extend to a hospital system already underfunded? The anti-smoking campaign has been quite successful with the knock-on effect of reducing government income. And here's the result:

Facebook image of 95 year old woman on hospital floor in Hobart

The solution of additional taxation for non-smokers to compensate is wildly unpopular of course. The do gooderesses want to eliminate sources of government revenue and demand more government-funded services. It's a crazy world.

Pompous Git Silver badge

Re: Not sure...

"the IEA is funded by British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, and Japan Tobacco International."
Australian Labor Party Treasurer, Wayne Swan told us that each Australian smoker funds two hospital beds through the tobacco excise. I imagine if that the tobacco industry were to cease operation there would be even fewer hospital beds for the sick.

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Re: Fucking stupid stuff

Hello Lars, the question is: "who determines how much is too much salt?"

"As for salt, it's certainly easier to add it to your hearts delight than trying to delete it."
Keeping salt out of your diet is easy peasy. Just eat real food instead of food-like substances.

Warning: Campbell's Pea & Ham Soup may contain traces of ham! The Pompous Git's pea and ham soup contains lotsa ham so it doesn't need added salt :-)

Low calciferol levels are a problem even here in sunny Australia. The nanny do-gooders determined that sunlight was bad for you so there was a concerted government-funded campaign to get as many people as possible wearing hats and sunscreen.

"Around one third of Tasmanian adolescents and adults are vitamin D deficient (<50 nmol/L) in summer and up to two thirds are deficient in winter and spring (van der Mei et al., 2012). "

Oddly enough, The Git is calciferol-deficient even though he's a very keen vegetable gardeners. So he supplements with 1,000 IU per day in summer and twice that in winter. The idea of adding any cod liver oil to food alarms me! Yeeeuchh!

PS. Scissors? That went right over my head I'm afraid.

PPS. Anchovies, fish sauce, oyster sauce, fermented black beans... Way to go...

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Re: Fucking stupid stuff

"Too much salt is not good for you"
Another bloody salt policeman! Back in the early 1970s I swallowed the bullshit and gave up salt. Then I began suffering from dizzy spells, cramps and headaches; fortunately not seizures and coma. After a blood test, my GP recommended salt tablets because I was suffering from Hyponatremia. I still have the bottle of salt tablets. It occurred to me I was ruining the flavour of the food I cook and paying well over the odds for the salt I still needed to ingest in order to survive.

In the early noughties I was diagnosed with hypertension and the doctor advised me to eliminate salt from my diet. I asked why and he gave me the usual claptrap. I asked him if he'd looked at my blood test results and he said he had. I suggested he look again and tell me what the sodium level in my blood was. "Oh, you are on the low side of normal". Needless to say I went looking for another GP.

NB I don't do sugar unless it's fermented ;-)

It's 2017 and Windows PCs are being owned by EPS files, webpages

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Re: I tried Linux once

"Linux users really can't take a joke..."

The Lunix Shop

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Re: It's 2017 and software companies still write business software for Windows only

"the quality of most [Linux] desktop applications is far below the Windows and macOS ones."
For some unusual definition of "far", but yes, not as good as.

Example 1: The windows versions of Firefox and Chrome have the option to print in monochrome or colour in the Print dialog box. The Linux versions require you to click six times to invoke the Printer settings dialog box and click twice more to change the setting.

Example 2: On windows, Nero Vision required me to click six times to make a video DVD for a friend. The Linux equivalent took more than 60 mouse clicks, and required typing the track titles manually because, unlike Nero Vision, it didn't default to using the filenames. Then the application only created an ISO that needed to be opened in another application in order to burn the DVD. Less than five minutes versus the best part of 30.

That said, for the best part of 18 months I used Cinnamon Mint as my main OS and wishing windows was as smoo. But switching between w7 in a VM to get my work done and back to Mint for recreation eventually persuaded me back to w7.

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Re: The Booby Prize Goes To

"Adobe is sun-dried mud.

The software lives up to the name as it does not hold water."

So what do you suggest publishers use instead of InDesign and Postscript?

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Re: Yes, a constant stream of vulns --

"Never had a customer take the Linux option."
Probably because you didn't give them the chance to use Linux. Last dozen friends/relatives who wanted me to fix their w7 problems have been shown Cinnamon Mint using a live DVD. All have said go for it and none have come back for support.

Wish it was that easy for me [sigh]

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