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Europe-wide BitTorrent indexer blockade looms after Pirate Bay blow

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@ kiwi

"Just had a look at the license on a copy of "From Dusk Till Dawn", and has the usual stuff on it including "unathorized...lending, hiring, ...re-sale""
Just checked some of my DVDs and all they say is "Licensed for Home Viewing Only. May not be duplicated." Where are these extra words printed?

Some years ago I purchased a computer game for The Gitling from Harvey Norman. It wouldn't install so I took it back. The salesdroid peeled the price sticker back to reveal the words "For Sale in North America and Canada Only".

"All you have to do is change your regional settings."

"That's going to fuck Excel and Word then! Why are you selling greyware instead of legit software?"

"We only sell greyware! Our customers prefer it because it's cheaper."

Last time I ever shopped there.

BTW More than happy to consider you Kiwis as honorary Australian citizens. After all, there's more of you over here than there ;-)

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Re: Purchasing CDs is too hard...

"My old classical LPs are a key reason I still have a turntable."
I've transcribed most of my extensive vinyl collection and cleaned them up — declicked/descrackled they sound pretty good played from the HTPC. My favourite Wagner though is Jessye Norman singing the Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde (LSO). First CD I ever ordered through local music store when CDs were rare. Still waiting for it to arrive so just as well I purchased from CD Now in the US :-)

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"Amazon US maybe - but was it a credit card issue, or was the seller unable or unwillingly to sell/ship to Europe? What circuit the card was? Never found issues using Visa or Mastercard."
I never have issues purchasing CDs, books, ebooks from Amazon with Mastercard. Just attempted to purchase Fat Freddy's Drop album as MP3 and was told I didn't have a suitable payment method. Same happens when I attempt to purchase software from Amazon.

"If you want to pay cash because you feat to be tracked, better to find a physical shop..."
You're fucking joking, right?

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"actually, physical media are an excellent backup - and sound far better than MP3s."
After a recent discussion here on El Reg I decided to test that assertion. It might be the case that when I was younger and the codecs were less well-developed that there was a difference. I could not detect any difference between SACD, CD, Flac, or 320 kbps MP3. And I'm talking active listening here, not as background.

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Purchasing CDs is too hard...

A month ago purchased Fat Freddy's Drop CD from a UK online store. Three days later the vendor announced the CD had been returned by the postal service in pieces and their supplier was out of stock. Ordered from an Australian online vendor three weeks ago and still waiting for delivery. Should have taken five business days.

A few years ago a major Australian CD retailer was advertising von Karajan's Wagner Ring Cycle on their website. Went to their store in Hobart and was told it was unavailable. When I asked why it was being advertised on their website if it was unavailable was told they had lots of stuff on their website that was unavailable. The Karl Böhm version was available at twice the price!

Why can't I just purchase a license to "pirate" what I want to listen to?

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter

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Re: Arrrrrrgh.

"Doctors should really stop giving [anti-depressants] out to kids like candy."
Or anybody else for that matter. Worst experience of my life being on EfexorX and the withdrawal from it.

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Re: Stupid but?

"I've often been extremely sad, never to the point of suicide"
You've not been depressed then. When you decide that suicide is the solution to your problem, you cheer up considerably. Friends and relatives of suicides frequently remark on the cheerfulness during the period immediately prior to the suicide.

Just like knotted-up headphones: Entangled photons stay entwined over record distance

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Re: Very impressive but a bit sad.

"It's looking like the only viable application for this technology is sending the keys for a private key crypto system in a way that cannot be tapped without showing its been tapped."
Cue May, Trump, Turnbull... proposing laws banning quantum entanglement.

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Re: Wait a second!

"Am I the only one here who doesn't understand this?"
No, understanding quantum entanglement is difficult. As my first year philosophy lecturer put it, "If your brain's not hurting, you're not thinking hard enough". But if you're up for it:

Quantum Entanglement and Information

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Re: May and Trump issue Interpol arrest warrant

"Einstein was one of the few scientists who actually thought quantum physics was bullsh*it...."
Not really. Einstein disagreed with quantum mechanics (Niels Bohr). It was Einstein's work* that gave us quantum physics.

* And his many predecessors of course.

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Re: "(you could think of the direction of a bar magnet)"

"If they're entangled, can they be separated with a big magnet?"
Wrong part of the Internet to ask that. Try putting the question to Schrödinger's cat/kittens.

As you head off to space with Li-ion batts, don't forget to inject that liquefied gas into them

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Re: "Regularly in American Midwest...and colder. Seen -30 to -50 F "

"Do they do Li Ion batteries for trucks and farm machinery already?"
Volvo manufacture hybrid trucks and busses that use Li Ion batteries. Probably not worth using for starter motors given how inexpensive lead-acid is. I believe that where low temps are a problem that farm (and other) vehicles are stored in enclosed sheds at a sufficiently high temperature to allow the vehicle to start. I deliberately chose to live where 0 C in winter is rare.

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Re: Use a liquid instead of a liquid?

"aren't all liquids liquified gases ?"
Not if they're liquefied solids.

You wait ages for a sun, then two come along at once: All stars have twins, say astroboffins

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Re: Is it possible that they joined?

"In Section 4, we discuss the spatial relation of the binaries to their host cores. We find that most relatively wide binaries, with separations exceeding 500 au, tend to be aligned with the long axis of their parent cores. In contrast, the relatively tight binaries, with separations smaller than 500 au, have no preferred alignment. In Section 5, we test simple evolutionary models for the observed populations of embedded systems, both single and binary. We show that the observed populations are best recovered when all stars form initially as wide binaries. Finally, in Section 6, we summarize our results and propose future studies that bear on the question of binary origin."
Emphasis mine.

Even if a galaxy the size of the Milky Way directly collided with a similar galaxy the chances of two stars colliding is very small. See: Collisions and Encounters of Stellar Systems What makes galactic collisions interesting is what happens to the interstellar gas.

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Re: Statistics

"With the number of stars in the universe, I have a hard time believing that every star has a twin."
You won't be surprised to learn then that the paper proposes no such thing. Indeed, the word "twin" occurs exactly zero times in the paper. What Sadavoy and Stahler propose is a solution to the problem of binary star formation.

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"Not having read the paper, but I suspect the model (or an improved version) would give a clue as to where to look for the twin."
Not really. The paper is about star formation and QI IFF you're an astronomer. Sol is ~4.6 billion years old. Tracing even an approximate trajectory of a star over that period of time is fraught. See: n-body problem

The author of this paper proposes further tests that have the potential to falsify the theory presented.

FOIA documents show the Kafkaesque state of US mass surveillance

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Re: To Constitute or not to Constitute...

""At least communism you knew where you stood!"

Yes, normally in a field."

Friend has shown me a film made in The People's Paradise. I already related the shot of the really old dude pushing a breast plough. There was also a piece about a woman with TB who had to sleep in the goat shed for 20 odd years just in case she passed the disease on to her children. Hopefully I will be dead by the time this sort of thing comes to pass in the West.

Brazilian whacks Intel over 'exploding' Atom smartphone chips

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no evidence to suggest that the overheating issues... were caused by our product

True! The overheating was caused by allowing electricity from the battery to flow through the chip.

It came from space! Two-headed flatworm stuns scientists

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Videos of two headed flatworm

Flatworm regeneration:

Two-headed planaria

Whenever you think you've sussed The Rules in biology, somebody discovers an organism that breaks 'em.

Telstra to hang up on 1,400 more workers

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"Under the former fibre-only build, the copper was to be retired completely."
Except it wasn't "fibre-only", we have FW and Satellite for our nearby neighbours less than a kilometre from the fibre backbone running from Franklin to Geeveston. The copper remains intact for the POTS.

Australian oppn. leader wants to do something about Bitcoin, because terrorism and crypto

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A lot depends on one's own stance. As one of Geoffrey Blainey's students once remarked: "When you're to the left of Pol Pot, everyone else is right wing!" Still, you do have a point... When I resigned from the ALP, I wrote in my letter: "If you ever hear of anyone starting a Labour Party in Australia, please let me know because I'd love to join."

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“things we simply do not know enough”

That's never sufficient to prevent politicians having an opinion on such things...

Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma

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Re: Amongst all this music...

Not to mention hits and misses!

Oill give it foive!

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Re: If you've had a child with encopresis...

What I have is an incontinence problem. Happily I wear my Depends while pissing myself with laughter.

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Re: 4'33" by John Cage

"It's crazy how repressed our social norms still are, especially for women."
Never stopped my mother, but then we were working class. Her refrain:

"Where e'er you be on land or sea

Always let your wind blow free."

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Re: as we have started down memory lane...

Mike Hayes of Prickle Farm fame used to relate a story about cleaning out the septic tank on the day of a wedding he had to attend. He fell in and no amount of washing could remove the stink!

First house we lived in in Australia the night cart used to collect the full can and replace it with an empty one. Mother wrote a letter to the local paper in UKLand. They refused to print it on the grounds that life couldn't ever be that primitive, even in the colonies.

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Re: Forgotten already?

"Not one mention The Butthole Surfers?"
Turd comment... So to speak ;-)

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Re: What did Rome do for us

There's a scene in Aristophanes Frogs where Dionysus meets Aeacus a security guard in the underworld. Aeacus believes Dionysus stole his puppy, Cerberus, so he's really pissed off. Aeacus tells Dionysus that the hags of hell “are going shred your blood-soaked kidneys,” whereupon the immortal deity Dionysius falls flat on his face cowering in fear. Dionysuius’ next line is: “I shit myself!”

Will that do?

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We're not saying we're living in a simulation but someone's simulated the universe in a computer

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"I am skeptical of science/research that doesn't really DO anything to change anyone's life, but then, much of science research is exactly that. Asking pointless questions, getting some answers, and writing a research paper that means nothing."
Wrong time frame. It seems to take a while to sink in. Example: Heinrich Hertz's research into radio waves didn't instantaneously result in television; it took fifty odd years.

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Re: That is not science..just a waste of time and resources!

"However then you would have no electricity which also means no computer so you wouldn't have been able to post your comment."
And we'd be stuck watching television by candlelight!

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Re: "The universe is made up of about 23 per cent dark matter and 72 per cent dark energy"

"Contents may have settled after packing"
Bonus 50% extra space at no additional cost!

Who will save us from voice recog foolery from scumbags? Magnetometer!

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Re: Quad

Or the Heil Air Motion Transformer...

Golden handshakes of almost half a million at Wikimedia Foundation

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Re: High School Math question

Far from it in fact. But the question then arises as I hinted at in the previous comment: "Are the folks we are discussing representative examples of Mammalia?"

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Re: High School Math question

"I recall seeing a recent artilce somewhere saying that it takes about 12 seconds for mammals to do a wee, irrespective of size"
Esme, I consider myself to be a member of the class Mammalia and I suspect that you're underestimating the time to wee. Due to my advancing years, I suffer from hardening of the prostate gland and this makes weeing a more protracted process; more like 60 seconds to completion, ignoring the last few drops of course. Then I also have congestive heart failure and that means my day starts with 40 mg of Frusemide, a dieuretic, closely followed by two very large mugs of unsweetened black coffee; also dieuretic. So on a bad day I might wee four or five times in the first hour.

OTOH these times may not be applicable to weasels, rats, or indeed members of the class Reptilia.

Donald Trumped: Comey says Prez is a liar – and admits he's a leaker

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Re: The nub of the biscuit.

"As I recall, all of the US intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. The CIA, the FBI, the NSA: all agreed that it happened."
Well that's grounds for suspicion right there. "Everyone" agreed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass "distraction"... For some reason this reminds me of old Russian saying: "I read it in Pravda so I know it's not true."

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@ gerdesj

Upper case thorn is Alt 0222 (Þ) and lower case Alt 0254 (þ) on a Windows PC. Law is late Old English (ca. 1000 AD).

Feeling old? Well, we're older than that: Newly found Homo sapiens jaw dates back 350k years

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Re: Must be fake news

"Is that like an Orgasmatron but comes in fives?"
An oblique reference to Mrs Palmer and her five daughters perhaps...

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"I am not too sure burial practices go back that far."
Earliest known burials go back ~100,000 ybp.

Mystery Lingers Over Ritual Behavior of New Human Ancestor

Meteor swarm spawns new and dangerous branch

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Re: Interesting use of statistics... "lies, damned lies and statistics"

"Noah forgot to put the 19 mega-fauna on board? Heh! Heh!"
It's hard to figure out how he got any fauna from North America, Australasia or Antarctica on board.

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Re: Interesting use of statistics... "lies, damned lies and statistics"

"homo sapiens arrived ate all the large animals and then decided to switch to a healthy vegetarian diet once they had eaten all the meat. The problem is that there's no evidence to support it - homo sapiens was around for tens of thousands of years prior to the extinction and then, in one year, ate everything?"

Here's what the evidence suggests:

"The late Pleistocene witnessed the extinction of 35 genera of North American mammals. The last appearance dates of 16 of these genera securely fall between 12,000 and 10,000 radiocarbon years ago (≈13,800–11,400 calendar years B.P.), although whether the absence of fossil occurrences for the remaining 19 genera from this time interval is the result of sampling error or temporally staggered extinctions is unclear. Analysis of the chronology of extinctions suggests that sampling error can explain the absence of terminal Pleistocene last appearance dates for the remaining 19 genera. The extinction chronology of North American Pleistocene mammals therefore can be characterized as a synchronous event that took place 12,000–10,000 radiocarbon years B.P. Results favor an extinction mechanism that is capable of wiping out up to 35 genera across a continent in a geologic instant."
Emphasis mine.

Synchronous extinction of North America's Pleistocene mammals

A lot more than "just a guess".

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law gets six months for hacking sweary super-chef's computer

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"Is there a more irregular language than English? I say "more irregular" rather than "less regular" as English seems to be aggressively so rather than having occasional lapses of judgement."
I think you will find that the common verbs in all languages are irregular since they will have been in use longest. Esperanto excepted, but I never came across anyone who spoke it.

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Re: not with read or lead

"not with lead, as Pb? seriously, how do you say that word?"

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Re: @Pompous Git

"Obviously, your superpower is: Impervious to Puns!"
I don't know where the idea I possess superpowers comes from, but you are correct. I missed the pun and that makes me somewhat Mellon Collie...

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"Stop dreaming, you can't elope with her."
Who'd want to? With somebody who thinks baked beans on toast is a "celebrity chef" recipe? [Shudder...]

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"The word is "pleaded" not "pled""
From the OED:

"Forms: α. 3–4 plaide(n, plaid-i, 3–6 playde, 4 plede(n, 4–7 plede (5 pledde, plide, 5–7 pled), 6 pleade (pleed), 6–7 Sc. pleid, 6– plead. pa. tense and pple. pleaded: contracted 5 pladde, (9 dial. plad), 5– pled (orig. Sc. and dial.), 7–9 plead. β. 4 pleit-y, pleyte, playt-y, playte, pleten, -yn, 4–6 plete, 5–6 pleete, 6 pleate. "

I rest my case as it were...

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My in-laws made an outlaw out of me

Hank Penny: King of Hillbilly Bebop

Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF

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Re: So... we should do the opposite...

"One option is to go to the casino and put your assets on red or black once or twice. If it works out you don't need the state pension. If it doesn't you get a better state pension. Simples."
I have an even better plan. Once the farm sells, we will build a really nice comfortable low maintenance home in town using up most of the assets.

The internet may well be the root cause of today's problems… but not in the way you think

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Re: Good and clever, until you stumble upon something..

"There are large groups of people in the United States who believe a range of views that are clearly and obviously wrong: dinosaurs existed at the same time as Jesus; "
Looking out the window at my feathery dinosaurs. They aren't laying at the moment, but hopefully will start again in spring...

Downsized Dinosaurs: The Evolutionary Transition to Modern Birds

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Re: Where's the upvote button?

"According to some accounts, some religious adherents simply refused to see the evidence even when looking directly through Galileo's telescope."
Careful... Galileo was a religious adherent too and rather more famous for his sermons than his science in his day. His telescope was rather primitive and other astronomers (Jesuits) were rightly sceptical and thought that what was being seen were artefacts in the telescope's lenses.

Three drawings of Saturn by Galileo

Today we know that Saturn doesn't have ears.

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