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Apple had more CVEs than any single MS product in 2015, but it doesn't really matter


And the winna . . .

Okay, people, double-check the math and we'll declare a winner. Let's say, by January 10. That way it's super fair. OS X (10!) and Windows 10. Or maybe we should use Windows 8.1 to be extra fair. Problem is that 10-8.1=1.9, and that's not an integer. We'd have to rectify that with the CVEs which are integers only IIRC.

Gimme a minnit to get my popcorn. This is gonna be good! :)

I'm predicting that Windows 8.1 will tie with OS X and Windows 10 will break the tie. Final score: 1.9. But, come on. Was there really any doubt?


iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?


Apple Grub Mobe Micro-Slabs Get the Chips, But Not the Blips

Apple never did have a huge lead in the US. When "pundits" state this "fact," they forget that Blackberry was dominant at one time. Apple never, ever had a huge majority of the US market. They just had (and have) most of the $$$. Android makers: "Oi! $$$$ is overrated."

Android cos win by losing $ and winning in volume. And still losing money. (Except S. Korea's Prodigal Sons)


Re: Hold the Phablet!

Not wanting to pick on you, Mate, but you can't say that Apple makes overpriced garbage and then end by saying their kit are reliable! Garbage aint reliable.


Re: Desirability and ecosystem

I live next to Posh Pete, and I hate to tell you but he runs Windows Phone! Why? Beats me.

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