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Apple's iPhone X won't experience the joy of 6...

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Re: Numbers

Except, BMW don't use Dacia components, unless you meant:

Apple = Dacia


Samsung = BMW

Which would make more sense.

My name is Bill Gates and I am an Android user

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Re: Too late

Your Lumia is far more functional than an iPhone, i'd even rather use a Blackberry than an iPhone.

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Considering the choice of OS's out there, i think he made the most logical decision.

Same as the rest of the worlds 83.4% smartphone OS users out there.

That's nothing to be regretful or shameful of.

Common sense prevails.

Equifax CEO falls on his sword weeks after credit biz admits mega-breach

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I hope Equifax has some kind of rating and i'd like to see it adjusted accordingly!

Massive iPhone X leak trashes Apple's 10th anniversary circus

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Re: Meh




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Re: I want my headphone jack back

"I trusted Apple"

That's where you went wrong.

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Re: £1,000 for a phone

"It probably won't be a complete Samsung copy"

You could be right, it may not be a copy at all, looking at it's components, i wouldn't at all be surprised if it was more a Samsung manufactured device than an Apple manufactured device.

Finally proof that Apple copies Samsung: iPhone 7 Plus halts, catches fire like a Galaxy Note 7

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Re: Finally?

Up vote / Down vote 16 / 4

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Re: Statistically speaking

"Apple is probably treating this with due respect"

What does that mean ?, are Apple handing out condoms ?

Or telling teenagers to make use of the free condoms they're able to acquire ?

The sound of silence: One excited atom is so quiet that the human ear cannot detect it

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Do you mean the word doesn't do them any justice and there should be a better word ?

First Irish boy band U2. Now Apple pushes ANOTHER thing into iPhones, iPods, iPads

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Re: Doesn't matter if the features have been available for years...

No, Apple will just tell everybody "Don't hold it that way"


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