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Burned by a MacBook

Douglas Carroll

So..what company is perfect then?

Sorry you had problems, but what company is supposed to be better? Dell? IBM? HP? EVERY company has it's share of problems, and after you complained to Apple on the phone you got upgraded to a MUCH more expensive computer for free. The time you lost because of the problem is part of the price of doing business...if you NEED a tool for your business to operate then it's up to you to have a backup solution in case of emergencies, instead of bitching about your lost productivity. I also own a business and if any of my critical business tools fail, I arrange a replacement and life goes on. ALSO, when I purchase my Apple computers that I need for my business, I purchase the Applecare so I don't have to worry about it....it's the price of doing business. If this had been another computer manufacturer how do you think it would have been different? Dell would have kissed your ass and given you a bunch of free crap to make you feel better? Get real. Yes, you unfortunately ended up with a LEMON laptop, but sometimes that kind of stuff happens REGARDLESS of manufacturer...deal with it and get on with your life..or if you HATE Apple so much now, sell someone your new Mac PRO at a HUGE profit over what you originally paid for the Macbook and buy a Windows laptop...somehow I kind of doubt that you will do that though.......

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