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Seven all-in-ones that aren't the Apple iMac - and one that is

Dave Barnhart

TOuch screens are useless

I'm sitting here at my desk. My large flat screen display is a full 40 inches away from my face. Why would I want to pay for something with a touch screen when it is out of reach? stupid designers.

Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix

Dave Barnhart


I still have the original "The C Programming Language: by Kernighan and Richie on my shelf. And you'll have to be a total geek to remember and appreciate "Why Pascal Is Not My Favorite Programming Language" written by Brian Kernighan.

This Dianamania is a slur on Jobs

Dave Barnhart

Jobs' greatest achievements

Steve Jobs' second greatest achievement is transforming Apple from a company - in 1997 - that was on its last legs and considered irrelevant by almost everyone into the powerhouse and leader that it is today.

The final chapter in Jobs' legacy is yet to be written however. Hopefully in five or ten years we'll be able to say that Steve's greatest achievement was building a 'system' at Apple that was able to continue to lead and innovate after his death.

Life-size Lego assault rifle really works

Dave Barnhart

Different definition

I guess your definition of "really works" is different from mine.

GM OnStar cars will upload all data unless owners opt out

Dave Barnhart

I wonder if there is an easily accessible SIM card or something that contains the vehicle's identification. If so think of the mischief-making!

Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations

Dave Barnhart

You missed it

It is true that Apollo 17 was on a secret mission and found something undisclosed to the public. It was the Nazi's secret moon base.

Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters

Dave Barnhart

So Now

Can we have our light bulbs back now?

How bin Laden thwarted US electronic surveillance

Dave Barnhart

Thwarted? um,no

Thwarted? Ummmmm...... No. Intelligence agencies tracked people for hundreds of years before there was an internet.

Steve Woz: From wooden Apples to iPhone love

Dave Barnhart

What I remember the most is

What I remember most about the Apple II was The Red Book. In it was the assembly language programming of the Apple II's ROMS. I studied those pages for hours, marveling at how much functionality Woz was able to pack into so few bytes of code. The ROM in the floppy disk controller was all of just 256 BYTES of code. Utterly amazing. The man is a genius.

No Jobs, Schmidt deleted: Microsoft can't fail, can it?

Dave Barnhart

Microsoft has always been slow on the uptick

Microsoft has always been slow to catch on to big changes. I remember being at a conference where BillGates spoke. It was about 1994 and everyone was shifting gears to embrace the Internet. Everyone except Microsoft. When his Bill-ness spoke it was about ...... cable tv set-top boxes.

Verizon backpedals on unlimited iPhone data

Dave Barnhart

Verizon's Customer Service, on the other hnd

I caution anyone considering a move to Verizon to think twice. Expect to be lied to in the Verizon store - It happened to me twice. They will say anything and do anything to make the sale. Ask me about the time Verizon store staff fraudulently opened eleven accounts in my name.

When you go into a Verizon store to sign up I strongly suggest you videotape the whole thing.

Apple’s iPad lead will face pressure from Google and Nokia

Dave Barnhart

The Honeymoon is Over for the iPhone???

The real test of whether-or-not the iPhone's honeymoon is over will arrive when there is version offered by Verizon. If any of the other cellphone vendors survive then yes, the honeymoon is over.

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

Dave Barnhart

Then I guess we can't use 'App' either

If we can't use Apple's trademarks 'in part' then I guess we can't use 'App' since it is a part of 'Apple'

Did the Vatican suppress hidden 'Galileo Cryptogram'?

Dave Barnhart

A MOvie

Indiana Jones and the Cryptogram Conspiracy

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims

Dave Barnhart

Remember the Clipper Chip?

None of this is new news. The government has ALWAYS felt that it's citizens have no right to privacy.

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings

Dave Barnhart

Reg Gives Up on Reporting, Enters Fiction Market

If the moon landings were fake, please explain how the laser reflector (installed on the lunar surface by Apollo 11) got there and allows students in universities all over the world to bounce lasers off it.

and GPS?

Perhaps I should move the Register to my folder of 'Fiction/Stories' bookmarks and stop relying upon it for news.

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