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Chap tames Slack by piping it into Emacs


Re: EMACS. Is there anything it cannot do?

I stopped using emacs when I found myself using another editor to fix the problems in the lisp configuration files of emacs.

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff


Re: more needed than ever

Well, I like a flat UI. I hate transparent windows, window stripes, round 3d bubbly buttons as well as square glossy ones. I hate visual elements that have nothing to do with functionality.

Unfortunately, Flat UI themes seem to have degenerated to hard to interpret interfaces, with overuse of padding, low contrasting elements, and almost no information visible. You can extrapolate that it will all become a white page with a grey icon in 3 years time.

Firefox is riding this trend at full speed, not only in it's increasingly minimal useless interface, but also in its minimal features that have to be supplemented with a bag full of extensions to actually make it work as expected, thus no longer being extensions, but requirements.

Thunderbid is in a more advanced stage of this disease.

The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors


Consider the nonsense of buying a desktop for your home

Let us do the mental experiment of thinking that mobile internet is cheap and that games, messaging, E-Mail, telephone, video and internet access are all available in a portable device in your pocket, wherever you are and whenever you need.

Why would any sensible consumer in that case invest in a device that mostly sits at home and relies on a physical cable for internet connection? Why would one even need a print-out? Other than home professionals or hobbyists, I cannot imagine a future for the home pc.

Even for companies it's the applications that are keeping PCs alive and I would expect that the applications will also shift to a more platform-agnostic paradigm, eventually.

Supermicro's ability to enable should worry IBM and Lenovo


The killer features supermicro has for us is customization and affordability.

Being a small IT department with a small budget and rather specific needs, we do not fit the ideal costumer profile of mainstream vendors. Looking at the entry and mid-level server lines of HP and DELL, there are very have few choices of configurations and very little flexibility to fit 3rd party components.

Hardware and construction quality is relative to experience. For example, in the last batch of HP servers we got, they came with damaged USB cables to the front panel, which was rather fun to figure out.

Scientists love MacBooks (true) – but what about you?


Windows is too restricted

I have done science in the past and have been IT-curious for some time. Windows is very good for office and IT policy enforcement, for everything else is is either the same as other platforms or simply too restrictive. The only people I know who put up with windows are the administrative staff who basically run excel, accounting software, send mails and browse the internet.

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'


Re: As hammarbtyp says: He could even...

Well, regarding giving it time to catch up with word, this feature request has been pending more than 10 years:


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