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Samsung loses against Apple ... this time in SOUTH KOREA

Tony Martin

Re: Now there's a surprise (not)

Apple was the first to put a track pad in front of the keyboard. The industry followed suite.

Don't PANIC, but these SMARTWATCH-stuffed boxes are going NOWHERE

Tony Martin

History repeating - as was the case with tablets. They were around for 10 years and no one was interested until Apple got into it and showed how it was done. The same thing happening again.

Trekkie wants to build USS Enterprise … in twenty years

Tony Martin

Re: Space Elevator

Then we'd be still waiting after 2000 years!

Facebook needs Opera - to rescue it from dependence on Apple

Tony Martin

Other iOS browsers

I hav Opera on my iPad but I never use it, because I don't like the way it works. I do have these other alternative browsers: Terra, PerfectBrowser, and Mercury.

So if there are numerous web browsers on iOS, and there are not rendering the way Opera is, then why no Firefox of Chrome yet?

Chinese to burn iPads in upcoming celebrations

Tony Martin

Re: Voodoo its all voodoo

It's not voodoo. It's only symbolic in nature, no one really takes it literally. Paying respects for ones ancestors helps shape who you are today and in the future. That is the way of Taoism.

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security

Tony Martin

Maybe late, but always seems to be better

Mac OS X may have been late to the 'party' for 64-bit, but in good Apple fashion, it was done right. Windows 7 supports up to 198GB memory. Why the artificial limitation? If it is truely 64-bit great as you think, it should be like Apple's Snow Leopard. which supported 16TB memory. Now we have Lion, with better security to finish off what is truely the worlds most advanced OS.

Apple Mac OS X: ten years old today

Tony Martin

Openstep was agnostic

Openstep was created platform agnostic. I believe it was able to run on 68000, the predecessor of PPC, and later adopted Intel.

Android bites big chunk out of Apple iPad market share

Tony Martin

No sales were lost

The people who buy Galaxy are the same one's who say 'anything but Apple products' - so these are the people that are not in Apple's radar - no sales were lost.

Apple inks Ping trademark deal with golf gear maker

Tony Martin

Bing a foolish name

Ping is synonymous with networking. Where does the word Bing come from? Bing Crosby? Totally stupid.

Apple bans competing ads from the iPhone

Tony Martin

Not a monopoly

Well, Apple has zero percent of the Android market, so how can they be a monopoly. Because they have 100% of iPhone? Oh, I see...

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test

Tony Martin

Safari is very stable without Flash

I installed ClicktoFlash, and now all my pages load much quicker, and Safari never crashes. Unbelievable!

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

Tony Martin

They will get sued

There is a chinese tablet maker that will sue those guys. It even runs Windows XP, like the chinese one. I bet it also has 1.5 hours battery life. LOL

Macs not all that for reliability

Tony Martin

For safety of data - Macs win out

If they did a study on which laptops you are less likely to lose your data, my guess is the Apple laptops will come out on top. PC's are vulnerable to viruses that attack the data. Also, all Apple laptops have motion detection to disconnect the head from the drive in the event of an abrupt jerk or falling motion - this prevents data loss or corruption of the drive. Also, the Apple laptops power cord has a magnetic lock which disconnects if someone trips over it.

iPhone finally gets Skype

Tony Martin

Fring supports Skype on iPod

I've used Fring to use my Skype account on my iPod touch. Works nice, but I'm looking forward to using the Skype app, as Skype on Fring was buggy (to dial a local number I had to pretend it was out of country by dialing 011 then the number.

Skype 'coming to iPhone soon'

Tony Martin

I use Skype already

I already use Skype on my iPod touch via Fring, a free app in the iTunes store.

Apple 2G iPod Touch

Tony Martin

Sound is great

I read the c|net review and the iPod comes up in the top three players. The sound is decent enough. If you don't like it, then don't buy one. Isn't that simple?

Apple's MobileMe plays into hands of spammers

Tony Martin

spam filter

The .mac mail service has always had a good built-in anti spam filter, though now and then I do get the occasional spam. Maybe Apple is counting on this to keep users safe?

Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'

Tony Martin

Proprietary nonsense

"Only one thing worse than rubbish dell non standard systems... is buying an even more proprietary system like a Mac. Even worse."

Makes me wonder what kind of car this guy drives? Maybe a Ford, the replacement parts are still the easiest to get, right?

Does he only use Linux and free stuff on his pc? The Mac OS is far more open and friendlier to open standards than is Windows.

Worm eats music on infected PCs

Tony Martin


"Hey, if we're taking facetious suspects, I'd put forward Apple and Microsoft, both of whom would prefer you stop using the elderly .mp3 format and moved to their ones instead"

Dunno about Microsoft, but the iTunes software from Apple supports MP3, you have a choice.

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Tony Martin

Operator costs?

What's the point of stating "$2000 operating costs" as if that is something unique to an iPhone? Other smart phones will be just as much operating costs over a two year period - most will have more. If you have a gripe about being locked into a two year contract, then just say it - don't beat about the bush with hyperbole.


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