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Windows is now built on Git, but Microsoft has found some bottlenecks

Jeremy Lloyd

Re: SourceSafe

Plastic SCM's Semantic Merge: http://semanticmerge.com/

Windows 10 Mobile bug fixes come thick and fast as official upgrade nears

Jeremy Lloyd

Windows 10 Mobile... actually it's ok

I've had many different Windows Phones, and now have a Lumia 950XL. Initially I thought W10 was a backwards step, but now I've got used to it, it's absolutely fine. There are many great improvements (e.g. Mail client, multiple OneDrive accounts).

Yes, it crashes/reboots far more than it should. Yes, Windows Hello on the phone seems hopeless (magic on the SP4). Yes, I wish more apps worked with Continuum (which is awesome BTW).

But, all in all, I think W10 is a step forwards, not backwards.

Pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface? So SORRY it's late, have a voucher

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My 64gb surface arrived on friday

It's worth the wait. Other than iplayer all the apps I need are already in the store. The iPad will go back in the pool. No 3g but using the WiFi hotspot on my Nokia 800 works a treat. 3g on the iPad wasn't great anyway.

Parallels: Bare-metal hypervisor in the works

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We're an SMB software company and use Virtuozzo Containers, and we think it's the d.b.'s!!!

BT feels the need for 50Mb speed

Jeremy Lloyd

What about us poor mugs in the country?

I live 3 miles from a good-sized city (Chichester) but can't get more than 512kbps. My other phone line, nothing at all.



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