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McDonald's sues Italian city for $20m after being burger-blocked

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Re: The real reason

I saw a sign in a back street in Andorra once, entitled "Top Totty".

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Re: The real reason

Surely they could have planning restrictions on maintaining the look of the building ( no giant yellow M, for example ), rather than just saying "no".

Siri, clone yourself and dive into this Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

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Re: Are these people clueless?

OK Google is pretty useful to set reminders, although that's mostly because I haven't worked out how to do it with the UI yet ( or whether you even can ).

It's also useful with the bluetooth connection to the car radio ( ok google, phone whoever )

We're going to have to start making changes or the adults will do it for us

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For the first order of business, I propose we rename the campaign to the Campaign for those United behind the Normalisation of Tabs

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Re: Ok, so...

Four. Obviously.

And if you aren't lining things up for aesthetic reasons, people can set their own tab width.

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In my experience, heathens who use camel case also like to write sentences as their variable names, eg:


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Tabs vs spaces is fairly important. It should be part of the coding standards at a company. Which is chosen doesn't particularly matter, but that one is chosen is.

So is variable naming, function naming, class naming. All personal preferences, but if there isn't a system, it's chaos.

( I prefer tabs, because I'm normal, but if I worked somewhere that mandated spaces, then fine )

UK prison reform report wants hard-coded no-fly zones in drones to keep them out of jail

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With phones, I wonder why they don't collect the IMSI's and monitor the calls. Could collar a few more crims that way.

If they just confiscate the phones, they aren't catching the people on the outside conspiring to smuggle contraband in.

Dark matter? More like diet matter: Super-light axions may solve universe's mass riddle

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Re: To paraphrase Red Dwarf

You can get downvotes round here now for stating that the cloudless daytime sky is blue. I assume it's lunatics who hold a grudge against your previous comments because you disagree with them.

Brexit may not mean Brexit at all: UK.gov loses Article 50 lawsuit

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And the 20% or whatever it was that didn't vote were happy to go with the result of the referendum.

Therefore ~70% of the population are happy to leave.

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

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Whatever it is, it should be modified to sound like a Vulcan bomber.

Hm, is that a minefield? Let me just throw my magic bomb-sniffing spinach over there

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Re: Real life usefulness

I'm curious why that's better than a metal detector on the end of a long stick?

EU €120m Wi-Fi spend explained, but not excused

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Re: "Dupuy admitted that Spain was a problem"

The bloody French are the biggest problem.

Oh sorry, we're talking about municipal wifi.

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Re: 4G

"Please enter your name, address, email address and mobile number in this form that is bizarrely not designed to fit on a mobile phone's screen"

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Re: why not...

In my opinion, it's not about making Junker popular, it's about making the EU popular with the proles.

Just like the roads that were built in Spain with big signs saying "The lovely EU paid for this", I'm sure these Wifi hotspots will have an interstitial page or something telling people about how great the EU is for giving them "free" wifi.

UK.gov's pricey Five Year Plan to see off cyber thugs still in place

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Other than improving education, I'm curious of what the government can actually achieve here.

Anybody care to wildly speculate?

MPs want Blighty to enforce domestic roaming to fix 'not spots'

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Re: Stupid

Perhaps the solution is mandatory roaming, with legally set prices and a large tax on those prices.

That will focus the minds of everybody because they're not just paying each other making it an almost zero sum game - they're also paying a large proportion of that fee to the government.

Queen Lizzie awarded good behaviour medal

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Re: republicans

Wasn't there talk about France joining the Commonwealth in the 50's?

I doubt they'd have taken our monarch as HoS though. That's another reason to hate the French.

Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians

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Re: Hoodies playing chicken...?

My car locks the doors as soon as you put it in 'drive' and stays locked until you pull the door handle from the inside.

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So the solution will be to ban jaywalking.

Today is the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar

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Re: 1805: British fleet manned by migrants!

I'd also be curious to know how many of those "22 nationalities" were from the British Empire?

Burgundian iPhone wrecker hit with damages, suspended sentence

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This is the funniest article I have read for a long time. Long may it continue ( or start ).

Coming soon to smart home devices? Best Before labels – with patch cut-off dates

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Re: IoT seems to be one Big Fail


Unless the devices are already compromised ( in which case you're buggered anyway ), they won't open ports. As they only communicate through the hub and the hub only makes outbound connections, they're safe.

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Re: You can always unplug it, you know?

They don't disable the HDMI inputs and DVB tuner, do they? That's all a non-smart TV does anyway.

I'd imagine the chip count is the same, just with a more powerful general purpose processor for the smart TV.

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Re: IoT seems to be one Big Fail

I do wonder why they really need patching.

If they all talk, behind a NAT, to a controller and that controller only makes outbound connections ( over TLS or similar ), then only the controller may ever need to be patched. Even then, only if the TLS is broken.

That's how they work already, isn't it?

( First person to say that NAT isn't a firewall gets a punch to the groin )

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Re: "stop connecting everything to the internet & spend more time doing better systems engineering"

Why would you buy a non-smart TV anyway?

The economies of scale are with making one standard chipset and software. Non-smart TV's need chipsets and software too. Making it smart surely doesn't add enough cost per device to offset the mass manufacturing benefits.

I mean, I bought a 48" UHD Samsung smart TV for about £650 6 months ago. How much cheaper do you think it would be if it wasn't smart? They're practically giving them away already.

You can always unplug it, you know?

Spoiler alert: We'll bet boffins still haven't spotted aliens

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Re: 234

Unless their magical future tech can tell that we're a planet that may one day produce complex life and they've been shouting at us occasionally to see if we're advanced enough to recognise it yet.

Bloody unlikely, of course.

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Re: As a transmitter, it is certainly powerful enough.

Maybe it's a non-directional laser ( you know, the kind they use to light up shops so bright it burns your retinas. I assume they must use some sort of laser technology, that intense light can't come from ordinary light bulbs, can it? )

Accountant falls for sexy Nigerian email scammer, gives her £150k he cheated out of pal

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Re: Does he really deserve jail?

If a friend of yours says "Can I borrow 30k to send to Nigeria for something that I'll explain to sound a lot like a scam", would your reaction be "Sure mate?"

Sure he said he'd met her, but come on. Really.

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Re: Half of me wants to @ Just Enough

Unless he'd already sent over shedloads of his own cash first ( or perhaps that 30k was to top-up his own money ).

Bloody robots! 860k public sector jobs to be automated by 2030, say researchers

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Great news, but what's the betting that these people will be "redeployed'?

UK fintech firm reaches for Ireland Brexit escape hatch

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Re: Boo hoo

In actual numbers, there are ~701k people working in and around finance in the City of London. There are ~698k people living in Frankfurt - Germany's financial centre.

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Re: @johnaaronrose

Even the most pessimistic report possible from the Treasury said that the worst case scenario is that GDP will be smaller by ~4.5% than it would otherwise have been by 2030. IE: Growth will be marginally slower. The economy will still be larger than it is now.

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Re: @johnaaronrose

Article 50 is incredibly short and easy to read. I suggest you have a google and give it a read.

It doesn't allow for any provision of "cancelling" the invocation, although I'm sure it could be arranged with unanimous support from the remaining 27.

Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media

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Ultrafast broadband? Has nobody learned from USB naming scheme ( full speed, high speed, ludicrous speed )?

What happens when we run out of adjectives?

Despite best efforts, fewer and fewer women are working in tech

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So, to paraphrase: "If women don't want to do IT, trick them into it. It's for their own good, the poor darlings".

Dynamic IP addresses are your personal property, CJEU rules

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Re: Not unusual

...and sorry that we plastered your private data all over the internet

'Doubly unacceptable' Swiss vegan forces his way into the army

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Re: I'm confused.

It depends. If he's a PETA type, he'd be perfectly happy killing humans (or cats and dogs en masse, for that matter).

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Just what Europe needs – another bungled exit: Mars lander goes AWOL

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Re: There shouldn't have been a KaBoom!

The Royal yacht is for diplomacy. Not so the Queen can go on her jollies.

Get over it.

Hard-up Brits 'should get subsidy for 10Mbps'

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I'm on BT and get 80mbps with FTTC.

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Can't you get (not great but still ) broadband for free when you get your phone service from TalkTalk, paying for just the line rental?

I do wonder whether this is really necessary. If it is, then surely the solution is to force BT to give free internet away with line rental ( capped at the minimum legal speed and download limited, obviously ).

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Re: Is it me

Not only that, before a few months ago, the occasional political comments were from a broad spectrum of political views, now it's all moved tediously to the left.

The same happened on The Times comment section too. It really is bizarre.

Skin tattoo will tell your phone when you've had a skinful

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The only way to be absolutely sure is to wait another day. That's most likely completely unnecessary. I've previously tried to buy a breathalyser for this occasional situation, but I couldn't.

There's a difference between breaking the speed limit and driving like a maniac. The speed limits *are* arbitrary. There are loads of side roads that aren't really save to be doing 30mph down, but there are a lot of main roads that are safe for 40mph or even 50mph that are limited to 30mph.

I don't advocate driving at a hundred miles an hour round blind bends, but I also don't stick to speed limits when they are clearly unnecessary.

If the green party takes over your council and reduces all the roads to 20mph, will they still be correct? Would they previously have been wrong? What if somebody sensible raises those main roads to 40mph?

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Re: Selfish

Having a skinfull and driving is different to being borderline. Am I ok to drive, I'm not sure.

It's especially true the day after you leave your car in a pub carpark. Can I pick it up yet, or am I still over the limit? Who knows? Nobody will sell me a breathalyser that will actually work.

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This tattoo is for more nuanced cases than those who drive after a skinful.

So you have a good few pints one night, leave your car in the pub carpark. You don't drive the next morning because you're not a moron, but you've got to get the car at some point. Are you ok in the afternoon?

There's no way to know, which results in people just winging it.

Also, lumping in people who exceed the arbitrary speed limits with intentional drink drivers is a bit sanctimonious, don't you think?

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda

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If they're from a country like France, then fine.

The problem is that people are being imported from countries so poor that they will accept way below the (previous) market rate for their labour.

If we could have free movement with the EU as it was in, say, 1990, then that wouldn't remotely be a problem.

Pound falling, Marmite off the shelves – what the UK needs right now is ... an AI ethics board

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Re: If Bees make honey...

The sugar comes from the grains. The hops only add flavour and bitterness to beer ( basically any flavour that isn't malty ). Think citrus, etc.

Oracle DB admins urged to swap their gas guzzler for an electric car

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So the metaphor is: Use our database. It'll become usable with future updates?

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I thought that too. Don't these California types realise that not everybody aspires to drive a milk float? In the analogy, the large bore V8 would be the preferred database.

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