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Are you sure your disc drive has stopped rotating, or are you just ignoring the messages?

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Please everybody report this post.

Slack to fend off the collaboration competition with... a new logo

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Re: One good thing about it

I'm British. I have strong views on the subject of whether/how we should leave the EU.

I have even stronger views on people who think it is necessary to post political bollocks in a non-politics thread. People who think that, I know, people will really appreciate a Brexit/Trump joke on this thread. Bastards, every man Jack of them.

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Re: One good thing about it

Hey look! Some cockwomble has forced Brexit into the discussion.

Who'd have imagined that would happen.

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Re: Proprietary private newsgroups

Bonus points for abolishing file shares and sharing internal documents through multipart RAR archive and PAR files.

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File transfers on IRC are shit.

IRC doesn't have VOIP built in.

You can't add people to a group chat in IRC.

IRC doesn't have a NAZI duck logo.

IRC doesn't support inline images.

And most important of all:


Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach

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Re: explanation

Yes, that's the one I've had. manutd is one of my passwords that I only use in places I really don't care about, don't trust and expect to get hacked. My email is mail@domain, which explains the first part of the subject:

Subject: mail : manutd


I am aware manutd is your pass words. Lets get straight to the point. Not one person has compensated me to check you. You don't know me and you're most likely thinking why you are getting this email?

actually, i placed a malware on the X video clips (porno) site and do you know what, you visited this website to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were watching videos, your browser began functioning as a Remote control Desktop with a key logger which provided me with access to your display screen as well as web cam. immediately after that, my software obtained all your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, as well as e-mailaccount. after that i created a double-screen video. 1st part displays the video you were viewing (you've got a good taste lmao), and next part shows the view of your web cam, & its you.

You have got only 2 solutions. Lets read up on these types of choices in details:

Very first alternative is to ignore this e-mail. in that case, i most certainly will send your tape to all of your contacts and just think regarding the disgrace you experience. and as a consequence if you happen to be in a romantic relationship, just how it will affect?

Number two alternative should be to give me $887. Lets describe it as a donation. in this scenario, i most certainly will instantaneously eliminate your video footage. You could resume everyday life like this never occurred and you will not hear back again from me.

You will make the payment through Bi‌tco‌in (if you do not know this, search 'how to buy b‌itcoi‌n' in Google).

B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss: [redacted]

[CaSe-sensitive copy & paste it]

if you have been making plans for going to the cop, well, this message cannot be traced back to me. I have taken care of my steps. i am also not attempting to ask you for a huge amount, i simply want to be rewarded. e mail if i do not receive the ‌bi‌tco‌in‌, i definitely will send your video recording to all of your contacts including membe rs of your family, colleagues, and so forth. However, if i receive the payment, i will destroy the video immediately. If you really want evidence, reply Yes then i definitely will send your video to your 10 contacts. This is a non-negotiable offer that being said please do not waste my personal time & yours by replying to this e-mail.

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This explains the email's that started showing up in my spam folder a couple of months ago with the subject set to a password I've used and the body threatening to do something I can't remember if I didn't send some bitcoins to somebody.

China's really cotton'd on to this whole Moon exploration thing: First seed sprouts in lunar lander biosphere

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Re: Life Imitates Art?

'... admittedly I may have dozed off part way through'

Oh, SSH, IT please see this: Malicious servers can fsck with your PC's files during scp slurps

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Re: Is SCP still a thing?

scp server:/what/I/want /where/I/want/it

It is the most convenient way to do simple file transfers by a distance.

Goddamn the Pusher man: Nominet kicks out domain name hijack bid

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Re: lesson ?

Check your emails more than once a year.

Germany has a problem with the entire point of Amazon's daft Dash buttons – and bans them

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Come mobile users, gather round and learn how to add up

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Paris Hilton

I do what could have been possibly achieved by performing the calculation for 2+2.

Paris because she's confused too.

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Re: Half of them thought it was fake news.

Please, on behalf of every commentard, I beg of you, please, take your political nonsense and sod off to somewhere other than here.

Computing boffins strip the fun out of satirical headlines

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To automate comedy it would be sensible to start at where comedy is at its most mechanical: BBC's comedy panel show output.

Alternatively the Jack Whitehall school of "Oops, I accidentally fell over." 'comedy' might be something possible for a machine to implement.

The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-adored Linux toolkit

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Re: Never trusted SystemD

Warstall repeated that rarely seen phrase just before the parent poster did. That's why I said "or coincidence".

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Re: Never trusted SystemD

Someone else here still reads Warstall I see ( or your post was a coincidence ).

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Re: what?

Allegedly PulseAudio got a bad reputation because distros set it up badly early on.

If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home

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Re: Ding!

Liar! It wasn't even written until next Tuesday.

Who cracked El Chapo's encrypted chats and brought down the Mexican drug kingpin? Er, his IT manager

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Surely working for organised crime isn't a crime in itself. Otherwise the guy who mows El Chapo's lawn is fair game too.

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Why did he help the police?

Did they have something on him or did he grow a conscience ?

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Re: Collateral damage

I watched that film a few weeks ago, you're right. It's the entire premise of why Willis is with that kid.

( Yes it's terrible but I was doing all the Die Hards for Christmas. No I couldn't be bothered watching the Russian one )

Drone goal! Quadcopter menace alert freezes flights from London Heathrow Airport

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Re: "environmental terrorists"

Not follow the money, follow the benefit: Who benefits?

Eco lunatics benefit. As potentially do security contractors, as potentially a kid having a laugh ( the fun being the benefit ).

But it was obviously eco lunatics.

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Re: "environmental terrorists"

Terrorism could reasonably be described as causing damage for political goals.

These eco terrorists are intentionally costing the airlines a great deal of money as well as intentionally costing a great number of travellers their holidays.

I would be perfectly content to see them sent to Guantanamo.

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Re: "environmental terrorists"

It's a sad indictment of the lowered standards of El Reg commentards that you have to date received 24 upvotes for this nonsense.

Amazon exec tells UK peers: No, we don't want to be dominant. Also, we don't fancy being taxed on revenues

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Re: "Change the law so the international arm of a... title too long

I don't quite know what you think VAT is, but it's certainly not what it actually is.

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Re: Nowt to do with Amazon

Change the law so you pay corporation tax if you fail to make a profit due to investing in growing the business ( insane )?

Change the law so you pay higher business rates if you use low value land for a warehouse in an industrial estate than if you use highly sought after land in the town centre ( daft )?

Change the law so you can't shop VAT rates around the EU ( sensible but that depends on, shall we say, other events, we'll see )?

Change the law so you pay a tax on revenue ( ie: increase VAT )? People weren't chuffed about the 17.5% > 20% increase. Why would they be happy about increasing that further ( are we going to pretend that a tax on revenue isn't basically just increasing VAT ? )

Change the law so the international arm of a company ( ie: UK arm ) can't buy goods and services from other arms of the same firm ( batshit crazy )?

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Non Issue

Not to mention no tears were shed for the remaining credibility of the .EU TLD. If your fellow countrymen vote to leave, you lose your domain. That's the end of anybody sensible anywhere in Europe using .EU as their primary domain.

Not this this will happen, this is just literalist nonsense.

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Re: Simple solution: e-residency

Given the proximity to an aggressive Russia, it wouldn't be outrageous to assume that all that E100 bought him was to make him a potential conscript.

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And there goes the credibility of the .EU TLD.

If you are starting a business in France, Italy, Spain and are planning on using el-company.eu then you are a fool.

Fake 'U's! Phishing creeps use homebrew fonts as message ciphers to evade filters

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Re: From bitter experience I must disagree

The BBC complaint response was likely so they could categorise your complaint in a way that was less tangental to reality but more convenient to them.

I once complained about the football scores being shown on the news directly before match of the day so if you recorded it, you stood a good chance of accidentally seeing the scores you'd managed to avoid all day, leading to having to start the programme but with your hand obscuring all of the screen and hoping you could tell whether MOTD had started from the colour of the corner.

Their response: sod off.

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Re: People stil falling for the fake email.

I got a fantastic letter from Barclays the other day - their logo looked like it had been photocopied, badly, telling me about how my application for credit was successful, call 03XX to query.

I was so sure it was a scam by that point that I was slightly impressed they had bothered to get hold of an 03 number.

Then I remembered that I had taken out "partner credit" with Barclays when buying a sofa.

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

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Re: How hard is the approximate localization of a 2.4GHz sender operating in or near an airport?

You would think that anybody shouting well above the maximum transmit power at 2.4GHz would stand out like a sore thumb.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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Re: optional title is optional

Three heavy set Russian operators with weapons are no match for an insurance company trying to get out of paying out.

We should have insured our ships in WW2, the u-boat menace would have miraculously disappeared.

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I did wonder what rubber bullets, that Italian police used to be fond of using on English football fans would do to A: the drone, B: whatever they hit when they missed.

Presumably they are non-lethal but would they cause enough damage to the drone.

I would also assume that military helicopter pilots would be fine with the risk of having a drone flying at them - considering they've been intentionally used to trick missiles into flying at them rather than aircraft carriers.

Error pop-up? Don't worry, let's just get this migration done... BTW it's my day off tomorrow

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At a small firm I worked for, it seemed that the best way to get something to expire or need to unexpectedly buy more capacity in something was to have the boss go away on a business trip, taking the only company card with him.

Has El Reg been hacked?

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I use a unique email address for El Reg and haven't had any spam to that account ( unlike Gardens4you, Garraways and William Hill ).

Introducing 'Happy Quit', where Chinese smokers are text-spammed into nicotine abstinence

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Re: Not much to brag about

I did the same about three years ago.

I decided to quit those too and I'm currently in week 9 of 6 in using patches which I'm still having to supplement with lozenges.

Quitting nicotine is hard. Somebody should have mentioned it.

Brexit-dodging SCISYS Brits find Galileo joy in Dublin

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Re: Meanwhile Mayhem in still playing chicken with the British economy

They haven't left. They've paid a lawyer a small fee to be their registered office.

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Re: Why Dublin?

Presumably because it's a 30 minute flight from where their actual offices are.

Dev's telnet tinkering lands him on out-of-hour conference call with CEO, CTO, MD

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Re: Telnet access

I once worked with an unnamed yet completely vital system which outputted its log over a network connection similar to syslog but not.

We often ran the log viewer app on our workstations over a VPN as it was very useful for development.

After a while we started getting very strange errors on this critical system that we couldn't diagnose - random and long, noticeable delays in execution of the time critical code.

We reported to the manufacturer who spent quite a while looking into this problem.

It turned out that the network part of the log output code ran in the main thread, so our office's dodgy Internet were causing the whole system to hang.

Astroboffins spy a rare exoplanet evaporating before their eyes

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To me ten thousand tons per second sounds a hell of a lot more than a billion grams per second or whatever the article said.

LG's beer-making bot singlehandedly sucks all fun, boffinry from home brewing

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Re: Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell

A friend makes whisky from own brand cornflakes for something like 20p/litre. It's surprisingly tolerable. As he drinks his whisky with coke anyway it's perfectly good for the job.

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For beginners, still wine kits are the best bet.

The quality is very high for the price ( £45 for 30 bottles worth, plus probably £20 or £30 for equipment ) producing very quaffable fluids.

Wine is also preferable if bottling because you aren't going to go through more than three a night whereas with bottled beer you're forever sanitising.

Kegging is the way forward for beer but the cheap plastic kegs with the sodastream Co2 are shit and if you're going to do it properly it costs more and takes up more space ( ~ £100 for a cornie keg, plus an under counter fridge, plumbing, Co2 tank, Co2 pressure regulator, etc ).

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

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Christ. The PewDiePie mongs haven't left yet.

Peak tech! Bacon vending machine signals apex of human invention

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Finally, the Industrial Revolution pays off.

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Re: Strangely enough ...

If you're going to augment bacon, it should be done with fried eggs and black pudding. Barmcake optional.

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Re: Which is better?

Almost a downvote for having bacon on anything other than either a (large) plate or a barmcake.

Giraffe hacks printers worldwide to promote God-awful YouTuber. Did we read that one right?

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Re: Get me a babysitter

Can I suggest, fellow commentards, that we all create YouTube accounts and subscribe to the T-Whatever Bollywood thing.

No? Ok, fair enough.

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Paris Hilton

Oh my god, there's retards ( well, one retard with many names ) everywhere.

Paris because, well, why not.

Bedroom design outfit slapped with £160k fine for 1.6 million spam calls

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Re: Not the real problem anyway

I used to say "oh, double glazing? That's interesting. Give me a moment to go somewhere quiet". Then press mute and put the phone on the table.

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