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The Windows 8 dilemma: Win 8 or wait for 9?


Re: "Windows 7 isn't easy to purchase anymore, if at all."

Retail versions are a thing of the past because of the Windows store. The new model will have all upgrades being available on the store and the old fixes and small updates that were service packs will be delivered through updates. New installs will be available as OEM through system builder and personal usage licensing.


Well there are more and more professional apps being developed as cleints for their desktops versions that can utilize mobility and GPS type applcations. Window 8.1 doesn't force anyone to use a desktop or Metro mode. It does allow the user the choice. It departments can lock the desktop down in the business environment. Most people's jobs aren'tr dependent on the OS but they are dependent on the software they use to do their job. Training is minimal sind the desktop will be configured with all the same apps that the used under XP but the 64 bit versions.


Re: Boring

No Microsoft upgrade to keep up with the hardware technology changes somewhat. XP is 32 bit almost exclusiviely. MS releases products based on the industry as a whole. MS doesn't make touch screens, graphics cards, Hard drives, Motherboards, printers or processors. They just make an OS that runs those things. Like someoneposted Intel has been making 64 bit processors for 10 year and AMD even longer. yet you want to stick will a 32 bit OS? The whole industry evolves with new technologies. Soon we will have 128 bit hardware.


Re: Actually, the last Windows OS that was probably justified by new features was Windows 95

I would say Windows 7 justified new features as we moved from a 32 bit to 64 bit environment. Soon the hardware will be 128 bit and I expect the software to evolve maybe 3 to 5 years later.

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