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Slashing regulations literally more important than saving American lives to Donald Trump


The car deaths I mentioned are terrible stuff. Doesn't seem one seatbelt is ever enough. You must vote for my act so that fewer will cry. Unless of course you just want people to die!

Sorry, but those huge walls of terms and conditions you never read are legally binding


yeah OK, but it wouldn't have happened under Hillary's administration, or a 3rd Obama term if that had been possible. Nobody cares about you.

The future of Python: Concurrency devoured, Node.js next on menu


>JavaScript has a better back-end story than Python has a front-end story right now

That's obviously true because Python's frontend is virtually non-existant. html and Google & Apple's native languages are the ones that will hold the frontend spotlight for the foreseeable future.

Frontend python will never be popular. That does not, in any way, indicate that server-side javascript will ever be popular.

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter


Re: Unwise decision?

"It's pretty much the same situation if you could press a button to let someone live. If you decline to press it, knowing full well the outcome of your inaction, it's just as bad as if you pressed the button to kill them instead."

That may be true on a moral level, but on a legal level in the US you have no obligation to help anyone. You are well within your rights to do nothing.

Now, actively making the situation worse as she did, is a completely different matter.

Haven't deleted your Yahoo account yet? Reminder: Hackers forged login cookies


"We're! not! even! bothering! with! exclamation! mark! this! time!"

god bless you, The Register

Totally not-crazy billionaire Elon Musk: All of us – yes, even you – must become cyborgs


It's tough to not reply with cynicism. So I will not.

Sony takes $1bn writedown: Streaming has killed the DVD star


Pretty soon (if not already) the key demographic for physical media is people without a reliable internet connection. Which is a lot of people, to be sure. But it's certainly not a growth market. I wouldn't invest in it.

MicroServices-friendly Java lands on Eclipse


more like the apache license is "leech friendly"

Cloud! IoT! APIs! Collect all the data! Samsung wins today's tech bingo


The headline lead me to believe this had something to do with Yahoo!

Wikipedia’s biggest scandal: Industrial-scale blackmail


Re: @ Lost all faith...

are we deciding most influential, or most influence per dollar?

The Raspberry Pi is succeeding in ways its makers almost imagined


I wonder what tools or languages are these children using to build these things. It says the 11-year-olds used php, but what about the other projects? And isn't this the kind of thing Scratch was made for?

Would YOU make 400 people homeless for an extra $16m? Decision time in Silicon Valley


If the guy feels that he has a moral obligation to help out his tenants, he should take the higher sum, and use the $16M difference to build a better trailer park in a nearby area.

Linux turns 23 and Linus Torvalds celebrates as only he can


Re: 23 Years

> Over 85% of smartphones sold in the last quarter are running (a kernel which was forked from) Linux.

What's that? A PHP SPECIFICATION? Surely you're joking, Facebook


Re: In my experience...

"...which is utterly irrelevant if you're surrounded by crap developers."

Crap developers and great developers aren't the ones we should cater to. Statistically speaking, most of us are average. So to me, the test of a programming language is whether average devs can create safe, working code, and whether their eventual replacements (who are also average) can maintain and extend that codebase.

For my money, PHP* passes this test, provided that the devs religiously use unit testing, continuous integration, etc.

* and this applies to every language, really.

Surfing the web from Android? We KNEW it – sorry, iOS fanbois


Re: Title seems misleading

Today's headline in Forbes: "iOS Users Seven Times More Active Than Android Users, Suggests Net Applications." In a way, both headlines are right.

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